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to new into the month of me, the victims hope they don't pause and so that they can get on with that lives. and without your thoughts, you've got this unix 100 and go, you're up to date, i'm number such as falls. thank you so much for being with us. the cream was like sticking points, you know, time what you into that warranty wants to finish your studies. now you have a significant from the train. you can choose to go back or somewhere else. currently, more people than ever on the world wide in such a base in life categories. something that is common very, very sense. and yeah, can we learn more about or know when a story info, migraines, a man turns people's thinking upside down, his profession philosopher, his name and my new account, his motto, dare to know. that was pretty bold for back then. come to was born 300 years ago in

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what was then called clinic static. but what he thought is, at least as relevant today as it was in his day, he was not just a c river road arm chair philosopher. he was very curious about the world's car was the 1st person to really work out of you say we should be connected with each other content. so in the sense that in justice happening in one place on the planet is felt every way. and that's exactly why come to so important today the model accounts developed his ideas into europe, dominated by absolutist rulers in that atmosphere. he demanded, we should think for ourselves. that's one message, the conscious sending be less afraid,

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have some courage that was easier said than done one wrong word set against those in power could have drastic consequences. nothing. and comes early life would suggest that he would become one of the most important thinkers in history, or that his ideas would change philosophy forever. he had humble beginnings, born to a craftsman father and a mother who never attended school. and model was the force of 11 children soon demonstrated how intelligent he was, which was his opportunity to get ahead of the game. interestingly, social advancement through talent was always possible. but you had to be brilliant and one bedroom, but the, the countries through both school and university for awhile. he paid for his education

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that has, among other things, a successful billiards player. but he was especially interested in philosophy, metaphysics, mathematics, natural history, and astronomy. a real poly mass in his studies, comfortable light on the power of thought and reason. and he firmly believes this, different people can enlighten themselves together as a society them, conan and come stay clinics. back was part of the kingdom of prussia with berlin as the capital today, it's called coming in god. and as in the russian federation, country of lee left his hometown, but as a baltic trading port, it was well connected with the wide world beyond counts meteoric, rise to intellectual, start and began late. at the age of 57, he published his magnum, opus the critique of pure reason. it was followed by one best seller after another, making him quite rich and allowing him to move in the highest circles of society.

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probably no other philosopher has shapes modern thought as much as he has standing only 1.57 meters tall. this little man from clinics back is an intellectual giant to many philosophers today. i'll be at county into the rest of my life. incidentally, some of his contemporaries thought content was kind of quirky. he was someone who woke every morning at a quarter to 5 drink 2 cups of tea and smoked the pipe. todd from 7 to 9 and thought from 9 to a quarter to one. then he wrote and went for a walk in the afternoon, all at precisely the same time. every day. during comes lifetime, people were surrounded by authorities, the king, the military, the church. most people did what they were told, partially out of fear. people were threatened with execution,

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people was threatened with exile, the people was thrown into prison. i mean this, this happened over france in many places in germany and many places in england. there were just many things that were a lot worse than a twitter storm. so then come to came along and miss authoritarian world in turn human thinking on its head, what he demanded is actually simple but courageous and productive. he said people should use their own minds instead of following instructions separate out a day or 2. no, does the same thing thinking for ourselves as also suppose to get us out of certain comfort zones. we were not allowed to make things easier for ourselves. nice and many things require us to be discrimination for self critical and for and tumble,

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to teach at for the team on the that according to con, thinking for one self also means debate, discussion and confrontation with other opinions. now i can tell him about this. i can be taking a closer look at what it actually means to think for ourselves is um and it means examining along with others, whether what we think is right is also tenable. and that is what he means by intel conferences, enlightenment is man's emergence from his self imposed, immature take it maturity, sure. the lie self imposed is partly our own fault. but the howard is, is certainly furthered by the ruling powers. also the church,

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of course. um and he says the so called guardians, treat the people like the house fee, dumb animals, okay? and dumb animals are tame and they're much easier to control. and that's, of course, a really radical message. the, the world con, lived in, was deeply shaken in 1789 by the french revolution in paris, some 1700 kilometers away from clinic's back. the best steve was stormed and heads rolled, literally in a quest for liberty and a better life. what did come to make of it all kinds, type conscious ideals, the fuel, the french revolution, the idea of a quantity of equal freedoms. the idea of republicanism, the people should also be politically mature and capable of governing themselves, said phil again. even though count rejected, uprising central votes,

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he now bluntly criticized the privileges of the nobility. the paternalism of the church and colonialism. a fair world seemed possible and con, wanted his philosophy to have a practical effect, leading to a better life and freedom. the political consequences can still be observed today. i actually sings the cons. philosophy is the only basis for a living liberal left the values that we desperately need. today, we're all there in conte on the task. the. this is an incredibly demanding, like to see which if we are honest, maybe also shames this because in many ways we do not live up to this standard. do some unfortunately get us together. that's especially the case in regard to global justice. when it comes to this, i just think the group,

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the groups suppose these out of injustice is the visit or for issues that come from international financial institutions that i've introduced a notary rosemary, norfolk and in your voicemail countries, i was led to, to breed the line to grab being corruption and so on. so this is, i mean, just is con, told you that this is a violation of these categorical imperative. very few people demonstrating for peace today are likely to know they owe a debt to count who was passionate about preventing war. he was over 70 when he formulated his thoughts on the subject in his as a perpetual piece. the ideas in it were radically modern for 1795. a time when war was the order of the dead. count experience 3 wars in his lifetime and the

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russian occupation of couldn't expound. he knew what more meant or the cold as most radical about his rising of the demands. the teacher arrives from this ideal of world peace. and from today's point of view, these demands are just as unfulfilled as they were back then that states trust each other to such an extent that they no longer maintain standing armies considered a threat to others. so these are still utopian ideas. today we're probably sure forced in wars have certainly taken place in the years since constance. yet his ideas found almost likely how to guide for establishing the united nations 150 years after his peace proposal. a serious set, at least partially successful, attempt to ensure peace in the world. the, the comes may have lived in the age of enlightenment. but as he recognized it was not an enlightened age. and

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he himself was not an enlightened person either as modern as many of his ideas seem to us now. he was blatantly wrong on other points. humanity has its highest degree of perfection in the white race. especially disturbing is that in his theory of the alleged human races, cancelling external characteristics with intellectual and moral qualities for him. they, american indians which represents the so called lead race or in cable culture, that means the, the basically cannot even leave the state of nature. the and then the black race are capable of only camacho slate slavery member. the cannot, you know, of as to more advanced a culture and that's a yellow race represented by east indians and chinese, among others cannot engage in more advanced the culture. cox thinks that only

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western europeans can have all the talents and drives to keep going, add realizing humanity with respect to, to it's more destiny today. that way of thinking is completely unacceptable. and it would seem to totally contradict, comes idea of universalism. the idea of the human dignity is derived from our ability to reason, to his racist statements. erase comes philosophy and his thinking on justice. we will go to see the closest as of the future according to many country and schools. so these are the ideas about 2, this is not quite the better for the waiting look at this. so the course was always for level. so we also assume busy wonder core medical assistance, so he's just model that is it's a matter of physics. in fact, in his later work, conte advocated equal rights for all people. so did he recount his earlier racist

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statements that hotly debated among come scholars. it is clear that comes opinions in this matter were firmly rooted in the thinking of his time. that also applies to his anti semitism and his disregard for when still as an old man come to meet a radical demand, calling for a right of world citizenship, a global right of visitation for all people above, all refugees should not be turned away from tech that most men time contest saw something that unfortunately was no longer accepted as a matter of course, in the 20th century, if even namely that every citizen must be allowed to leave their country and seek shelter somewhere else, if they are accepted. not been monday, it would be great if the world would remember that these are things that are actually self evident perspective. that's utopian, is comes ideas of perpetual peace, global citizenship, and just

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a sound. he was certainly not a dream. on the contrary, he looked very soberly at reality, but he did believe in hope. so the question is, how called understood hope. he didn't understand it as a feeling or emotion. he understood it as a moral obligation and the kind of practical reason in that if we want to survive and keep going, we need hope. even if sometimes there is nothing to support or twist, i mean the worst will happen if we give up hope. hope is precisely something that you need when you are feeling close to despair. let's summarize it like this. as long as we don't know that everything is meaningless, like our efforts for justice and peace, we must keep trying according to con sale. that sounds like a pretty good idea the what do you think the counsellor deals have any relevance to you?

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let us know when the com, the more and more children and young people who has been diagnosed with cancer are surviving it. according to the world health organization, for out of 5 children cannot be cured. a lot of current research is trying to home in on whites down to therapies don't helps them care. and why they don't respond to 1st line treatment. at a pediatric kansas center and southern germany, experts are working on new ways to help pick exactly the right medication for their young patients. that story and much more this week on dw science program. welcome to tomorrow today.

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