Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (2024)

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    Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (1)


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    Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (3)


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Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (15)

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    Princess wedding dress with long sleeves


    Sleeveless princess-cut wedding dress with V-neck


    Princess-cut wedding dress with high neck and long sleeves


    Princess-cut wedding dress with crossover back and sweetheart neckline


    Princess Mikado wedding dress with V-neck and long sleeves


    Princess-cut wedding dress with V-neck and crossover back

  7. JENNY

    A-line crepe wedding dress

  8. LISE

    Strapless mermaid wedding dress with lace and open back


    Princess-cut wedding dress with short sleeves


    Strapless princess-cut wedding dress with long sleeves


    Strapless princess-cut wedding dress with long sleeves and crossover back

  12. RONNIE

    Fit & flare tulle wedding dress

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Elegant Bridal Dresses

Modern wedding dresses in elegant silhouettes

Discover the gown of your dreams by selecting a design that best complements your figure. Highlight your natural curves with our mermaid wedding dresses, opting for a flared skirt, achieving a dramatic effect. For those who prefer a bold entrance, walk down the aisle in our princess gowns, complete with a fitted bodice and a full skirt for a striking contrast. Wanting a simple, classic look? Emphasize your silhouette with our contemporary A-line wedding dresses.

Luxury wedding gowns in various necklines

Uncover a dress suited to your taste by exploring our array of bridal gowns with elegant necklines. Choose one of our sweetheart designs for a romantic look that frames your décolletage. For brides who prefer modern wedding dresses, consider our square-neck gowns. Searching for a bolder style? Walk down the aisle in our plunging V-neck bridal wedding dress to elongate your torso and create an unforgettable entrance.

Bridal dresses suited to every wedding

Pick out one of our breathtaking designer wedding dresses that best suits your ceremony’s atmosphere on your special day. Arrive at your modern civil nuptials in our high-low avant-garde wedding dress for an unconventional ensemble. For outdoor garden ceremonies, consider one of our minimalist bridal gowns for a simple yet sophisticated style. Alternatively, for more coverage, slip on our long-sleeved wedding dress for a conservative yet modern look.

Modern wedding dresses in premium fabrics

Select a bridal gown in a material that best showcases your taste. Incorporate a subtle shine by choosing a style in Mikado for a timeless, polished look. For brides searching for a vintage-inspired design, uncover our lace wedding dresses with intricate floral motifs. Prefer a gown with more volume? Browse our tulle wedding dresses that gently sway as you dance the night away. Sort through our array of elegant wedding dresses to create an ethereal look tailored to you.

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  3. Silhouette / Cut: A-line 4items
  4. Silhouette / Cut: Princess 21items
  5. Silhouette / Cut: Column 6items

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  2. Back neckline: Crossed 10items
  3. Back neckline: Square 1item
  4. Back neckline: Open 15items
  5. Back neckline: Low 1item
  6. Back neckline: V-back 10items
  7. Back neckline: Scoop 4items
  8. Back neckline: Illusion 1item
  9. Back neckline: Bateau 1item
  10. Back neckline: Asymmetrical 4items
  11. Back neckline: Off-the-shoulder 1item
  12. Back neckline: Crew 6items
  13. Back neckline: Strapless 11items
  14. Back neckline: Low 5items


  1. Neckline: Asymmetrical 4items
  2. Neckline: Bateau 2items
  3. Neckline: Crew 6items
  4. Neckline: Sweetheart 21items
  5. Neckline: Off-the-shoulder 1item
  6. Neckline: Halter 5items
  7. Neckline: V-neck 12items
  8. Neckline: Square 3items
  9. Neckline: High 1item
  10. Neckline: Illusion 1item
  11. Neckline: Strapless 18items
  12. Neckline: Corset 1item


  1. Fabrics: Lace 4items
  2. Fabrics: Tulle 10items
  3. Fabrics: Chiffon 2items
  4. Fabrics: Mikado 16items
  5. Fabrics: Organza 3items
  6. Fabrics: Beading 4items
  7. Fabrics: Guipure 2items
  8. Fabrics: Embroidered 1item
  9. Fabrics: Chantilly 10items
  10. Fabrics: Crepe 6items
  11. Fabrics: Georgette 3items
  12. Fabrics: Jaquard 5items
  13. Fabrics: Stretch Lamé 9items


  1. Sleeves: Short 1item
  2. Sleeves: Long 20items
  3. Sleeves: Sleeveless 23items
  4. Sleeves: Spaghetti Strap 1item
  5. Sleeves: Three-quarter 1item
  6. Sleeves: Puffed sleeves 1item

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Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (28)

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Luxury Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides | Vera Wang Bride (2024)


Why is Vera Wang so popular? ›

She became known for using sheer fabric in her designs. Wang gained a wider audience in 1992 and 1994, when figure skater Nancy Kerrigan wore her designs at the Winter Olympics.

Who designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress? ›

The wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and paid tribute to the United Kingdom through its lace embroidery. It later broke royal records when it was displayed at Buckingham Palace.

Where are Vera Wang dresses made? ›

Vera Wang collaborates with leading global partners, directly employs more than 200 people and manufactures the majority of its bridal collection in company-owned workrooms in the United States.

How old was Vera Wang when she made her first wedding dress? ›

Sophie Miller on LinkedIn: Vera Wang designed her first dress at 40.

Is Vera Wang Chinese or Japanese? ›

Early life. Vera Ellen Wang was born June 27, 1949, in New York City to Chinese parents who immigrated to the United States in the mid-1940s.

Is $3000 a lot for a wedding dress? ›

According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding gown is $2,000. While, of course, off-the-rack gowns may be priced lower, more luxurious gowns can sometimes fall in the $3,000 to $8,000 range. Customized dresses can even cost as much as $10,000.

How much did Meghan Markle's wedding dress cost? ›

Meghan Markle's wedding dress back was just as simple as the front and was covered by her 25-foot lace-lined veil. Meghan Markle's wedding dress was estimated to cost about $265,000, which the bride paid for herself.

Is $1000 a lot for a wedding dress? ›

There are plenty of stunning wedding dresses under $1000 in every style, so you can find the perfect dress and still have money left in your budget for the shoes, jewelry, and other bridal accessories to complete your look.

Who designed Meghan Markle's wedding? ›

Clare Waight Keller is reflecting on the experience of designing Meghan Markle's wedding gown. On Tuesday, the British designer participated in a panel at the 2023 Bazaar At Work Summit in London where she opened up on what it was like preparing the former Suits star for her big day.

What color was Meghan Markle's wedding dress? ›

Meghan Markle's wedding dress was an exercise in simplicity, devoid of embellishment and crafted in white silk with precise seam-work that helped create a fluted shape as she walked up the aisle.

Who paid for Kate's wedding dress? ›

It was also reported that Middleton's parents paid for the bridal gown. The ivory satin bodice was padded slightly at the hips and narrowed at the waist, and was inspired by the Victorian tradition of corsetry that is a particular Alexander McQueen hallmark.

What is Vera Wang's signature style? ›

Her signature, haute couture bridal collection is known for sophisticated drama, feminine detailing, and a modern approach to bridal design.

What celebrity wore Vera Wang's wedding dress? ›

From timeless Hollywood starlets like Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham to modern A-listers like Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber, check out the 14 best Vera Wang celebrity wedding dresses of all time.

Who designed Kim Kardashian's wedding dress? ›

Every year Kim Kardashian West celebrates her wedding anniversary by looking back at the most magical moment of the whole three-day affair — her dress fitting with then-Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

What was the impact of Vera Wang? ›

Over the course of her career, Vera Wang has grown a single bridal boutique into a fashion and lifestyle empire that spans a wide range of countries and product categories — from engagement rings and ready-to-wear to dinner plates and cosmetics — at a variety of price points from luxury to mass market.

What are three interesting facts about Vera Wang? ›

Wang herself was an elite skater and competed in the 1968 National Figure Skating Finals. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and the Sorbonne. Before she struck out on her own in 1990 as a designer, Wang worked for 16 years as an editor at Vogue and for two years as a design director for Ralph Lauren.

What is Vera Wang target market? ›

Women between the ages of 25-40, who have an interests for fashion and need a wedding dress for their special day. Vera has wedding dresses that are affordable for the upper and middle class. Though high fashion designers do a lot of advertising; with advertising consumers will see that there is something for them.

What can we learn from Vera Wang? ›

Six Lessons from Fashion Mogul Vera Wang on Her Birthday
  • 1) Study Your Industry and Its Stars.
  • 2) Do Look for Spaces Where There Are Opportunities.
  • 3) Do Understand Your Business (Even if You Are on theCreative Side)
  • 4) Always Think of Who You Are Designing For.


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