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A unit of measure which describes the amount of buildup a turbothrust converter coil can maintain.(CFG)

This model of landspeeder was produced by Ubrikkian Industries.(GMS)

A massive transport ship.(TME)

Z-10 Seeker
A Starfeld Industries starship design, the Z-10 Seeker was originally targetted for use by scouts and traders. The Z-10 never gained a foothold in that market, however, and Starfeld began selling it in other markets. It was designed to be fast and maneuverable, and many of its systems were poorly adapted for combat use when modified. A sleek ship, the Z-10 had a pair of cargo pods slung below its central fuselage. Measuring 20.3 meters in length, the ship required a pilot to operate and could transport two passengers and up to 45 metric tons of cargo. It was armed with a front-mounted Prm-3 autoblaster which was hardwired into the sensor package, making it difficult to fire manually in an emergency.(SS, A)

This was the model number of one of Aratech's Cargo Master speeder trucks. Designed for military use, this 20-meter-long repulsor-truck could carry and pilot and gunner, as well as up to 24 troops. It was armed with a single, turret-mounted heavy blaster cannon.(TTSB)

This cobbled-together droid served as Countess Rajine's chief aide, during the final decades of the Clone Wars. Z-18 was once owned by the Jedi Knight Samuro, who gave his life to capture and secure Rajine in her fortress-like prison. Rajine survived for centuries on Samuro's life energy, all the while forcing Z-18 to carry out her dirty work. Thus, Z-18 was the first thing Jedi Master Mace Windu discovered when he arrived at Rajine's fortress in search of the Alpha-2 Squad of clone troopers, during the Clone Wars. Rather than allow Rajine to kill Master Windu, Z-18 helped the struggling Jedi Master escape. He also turned over Samuro's holocron, which contained two messages. The first was for any Jedi who was captured by the energy vampire, while the second was for Rajine herself. When Countess Rajine learned of Z-18's actions, she cut the droid in half with Master Windu's lightsaber. However, Rajine was eventually killed by the zombies she created, thanks to the efforts of Samuro. Thus, Z-18 was finally freed from its servitude.(CWA9)

This was a model of stun baton produced by Merr-Sonn. It was used by both the Empire and the New Republic Security Force.(HR, AIR)

This 2-1B series medical droid was one of the few examples of its kind to go rogue, adopting an independent agenda that it set out to accomplish on its own. Known as "The Doctor" by its creations, Z2-1B was once a regular medical droid, until sometime during the New Order, when a lethal plague wiped out the entire population of the planet on which it was working. Z2-1B continued to investigate a possible cure for the plague for many months after the deaths of its human companions, before realizing that it needed help to complete its mission. Lacking organic resources, Z2-1b began to create droids to serve as its assistants. Over time, Z2-1B came to realize that organic life was fragile at best, and that its droids would serve another set of organic masters until they died as well, leaving the droids behind once again. With this realization, Z2-1B suddenly found that it believed humans to be inferior to droids. With this realization came the drive for independence, and Z2-1B set out to develop what it considered the "perfect" droid, using his existing creations as a baseline for his work.(UA, WOTC)

This was the designation of Seinar Fleet Systems' heat dissipation unit, used to reduce the operating temperature of large repulsorcraft and AT-AT walkers.(CCG9)

This was the designation of Aratech's heavy Cargo Master speeder truck. It measured thirty meters in length, and required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. It coud carry up to fourteen passengers and seven metric tons of cargo.(SWJ6)

Z2-9 Hover Vid-Cam
This was a type of droid developed for use by investigative reporters. It can a number of recording facilities, including holographic video and full-spectrum sound.(HR)

This Imperial hover-probe droid was assigned to Major Stipling during his search for a source of doonium. The droid was destroyed by Limna Yith, during Black Sun's attempt to retake possession of the Yen-2 mining operation.(SSR)

Z3-NO Mark II
This series of landscaping droids was developed for sale to wealthy landowners who were too lazy or distracted to do their own landscaping. The Mark II eventually found its way into the usage of planetary terraformers. The Z3-NO had a round, turtle-shapped body supported by four legs. The front two legs have digging implements, while the rear two support the body when digging.(GF)

A group of Muurian transports destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.(XWN)

This was the designation of an advanced jet pack system manufactured by Mitrinomon. It had maneuverable exhaust nozzles that helped the user change direction in mid-flight, and it had built-in gyrostabilizers to counteract gravity during landings. It was believed that Boba Fett used a modified version of the Z-6 during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Because the Z-6 relied on an ambient oxygen supply to develop its propulsion, it could not be used in the vaccum of space or underwater. It also had the annoying tendency to fire when hit hard.(CCG7, GFT, AEG, WOTC)

Z-6 Blaster Cannon
This was another name for the Z-6 Rotary Blaster.(CWTV01)

Z-6 Rotary Blaster
This rotary blaster cannon was developed for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars by Merr-Sonn. It was designed as a rapid-fire weapon, capable of producing a devastating spray of blaster bolts from its rotating barrel. However, the galven circuitry of the main weapon required dedicated recharge time, which limited the Z-6's ability to actually "spray" a target with energy. Any attempt to overfire the Z-6 led to excessive overheating and the possibility of explosion. Thus, its regular use in the combat of the Clone Wars meant that most Z-6s in use required regular maintenance, and those that were used most often were prone to breakdowns. Despite these problems, the Z-6 could still fire more than 160 rounds per second, earning the nickname of "chaingun." This ability to lay down a wide spray of fire made the Z-6 the perfect weapon for defending a landing zone, but many clone troopers claimed that it was too bulky to be carried around. Thus, the Z-6 was relegated to special tactial missions where it didn't require regular maintenance and transport.(SWDB, CWC3)

Z66 Patrol Droid
This was a form of humanoid combat droid that was produced during the decades that followed the Alliance-Confederation War.(WOTC)

This model of Sirplex shield projector system was used on the A-Wing starfighter during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SCRE, TSC)

This exceptionally powerful, experimental starship weapons capacitor system was under development by Deepwell Capacitors, during the height of the New Order.(SWG2P)

Z-95 AF3
This was one of the early modifications SubPro made to the basic Z-95 Headhunter, giving the ship enhanced weapons and shielding to withstand more firepower. The AF3 - with the AF standing for Assault Fighter - was developed some three years prior to the Battle of Naboo.(SFT, SWDB)

Z-95 Headhunter
This snub fighter was the last ship which was built by Incom Corporation in cooperation with Subpro Industries. The two corporations severed their relationship just before the onset of the Clone Wars, a few years before Incom began production on the X-Wing. One of the key designers of the ship was Seti Ashgad. The Z-95 Headhunter measured 11.8 meters in length, and was equipped with twin engines, forked tails, and bomb pylons. These fighters were famous for how much punishment they could take in battle, as well as the adaptability of the basic fighter design to other mission profiles.

Each Headhunter was equipped with up to 3 blaster cannons on each wing, a concussion missile launcher, and a unique bubble canopy that allowed its pilot an almost 360-degree view of the sky around him. They employed a holographic, heads-up display that made the bubble canopy even more effective. However, the Z-95 lacked a hyperdrive in its stock form, and had to be deployed from a bsae ship. With the advent of the X-wing, the Z-95 became relegated to smugglers' armies and backwater usage, but still maintained a great following due to their toughness. During the era of the New Order, Jessa and Doc had six of them in their defense system, while Talon Kaarde even had a few of them in his fleet during the early years of the New Republic. They have been clocked at 1,150 kilometers per hour in an atmosphere, and can generate sublight speeds of 85 MGLT.

The Z-95 Headhunter was equipped with the following shipboard components:

  • Novaldex O3-R Cryogenic Power Cells and Ionization Reactor
  • 4 Incom 2a Ion Fission Engines
  • Vudyne CF-30 Flight Control Avionics Package
  • Narmox Zr-390 NavComp Unit
  • Incom Gbk-435 Hyperdrive Motivator
  • Fabritech ANs-5c Sensor Package
  • Long-range Phased Tachyon Detection Array model# PA-9r
  • Short-range Primary Threat Analysis Grid model# PG-7u
  • Fabritech ANq 2.4 Tracking Computer
  • SI 5g8 "Quickscan" Vector Imaging System
  • 2 Taim & Bak KX5 Laser Cannons
  • 2 Krupx MG5 Concussion Missile Launchers (4 missile each)
  • XoLyyn Front/Rear Projection shields (rated at 20 SBD), Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 15 RU)

Z-95 I3
This was the designation of the "Improved Model 3" version of the Z-95 Headhunter starfighter. It was armedwith a pair of triple blasters, and was generally considered the most popular of the Headhunters.(PG1)

Z-95 Mark I
Considered to be the original model, this early version of the Z-95 Headhunter had a swing-wing design. It was armed with a pair of triple blasters and a concussion missile launcher.(EGV, PG1)

This was the common designation of the basic Z-95 Assault Fighter 4, a heavier version of the modified Z-95 AF3 Headhunter.(EGV, SFT)

An ground-support version of the Z-95 Headhunter, it had bombing capabilities.(SWSB)

An extended-range version of the Z-95 Headhunter.(SWSB)

This was another designation of the original Z-95 Mark I Headhunter.(PG1)

A missile-launching version of the Z-95 Headhunter.(SWSB)

This modified Z-95 Headhunter was originally designed by Adar Tallon, and was generally considered the first variant of the Headhunter to employ a hyperdrive system.(SWDB)

This was the designation of a two-seat version of the Z-95 Headhunter used for training new pilots. The Z-95XT lacked the basic Z-95's concussion missiles.(RASB)

This Defel Prince was a member of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council,primarily because his family controlled several key hyperspace trade routes. He was also a puppet of Norym Kim, and was paid by Kim to be the first to nominate Xandel Carivus to succeed Nolyds as the Council's leader.(CE2, HCE)

This was the Imperial code phrase used in several transmissions regarding Jenna Zan Arbor, during the early months of the New Order.(LJ7)

Za, Ampotem
This Shimholt rose to power on the planet Mandalore, during the height of the New Order, although few beings know about his true origins. Many rumors held that he was a member of a fire-breathing race of reptilian beings from the Unknown Regions, while others claimed that he was the result of an Imperial experiment in crossing several species to create a single race., the towering reptilian Imperial officer known as the Suprema was an enigma whose origins were shrouded in myriad and inventive rumors. Like all good villains, Ampotem Za did little to dispel these rumors, using their variety and fantasy to bolster his own image and instill fear in his enemies.

The reality was that Ampotem Za was captured and shipping offworld by the forces of Stafuv Rahz. Although Za managed to escape, he was exiled by his people for being taken offplanet. Za then turned himself in to Rahz, and was transported to Coruscant as a prisoner of war. Emperor Palpatine took an interest in him, and had Za trained in Trandoshan slaving techniques. Za adopted the title of Suprema, and was sent to enslave the planet Mandalore.

Za was quite successful in this endeavor, capturing Tobbi Dala and nearly apprehending Fenn Shysa. However, just beyond Za's scope, Leia Organa had made contact with Fenn Shysa, and was leading an underground mission to free the slaves. When they invaded his office, Za shot Tobbi Dala in the fight. This enraged Shysa, who attacked Za and beat him to death. When the rebels escaped the compound, the dying Tobbi Dala remained behind. He pulled his Mandalorian armor back on and, true to his role as a Mandalorian Protector, did what he had to do to ensure the freedom of his people. As the Imperials launched their ships to apprehend the rebels, Dala managed to shut the hangar doors just as the Imperials tried to leave. The Suprema and his entire squad of Imperial henchmen were killed in the explosion that was caused by the Imperial speeders crashing into the hangar doors..(OWS, LTA4, MC69)

This New Republic Intelligence datafile contained information on the re-instatement of Lando Calrissian to an acting officer of the New Republic military, during the hunt for the Teljkon vagabond. Much of the datafile was conjecture, as it was never determined which office actually re-instated Calrissian.(CTD)

This seemingly unimportant planet, located in the Outer Rim, was the site of a ferocious battle some eighteen months after the Battle of Geonosis. The Separatists had established a droid manufacturing facility on Zaadja, but it was discovered by the Old Republic. Despite the planet's cold ecosystem, the Geonosians who traveled to work at the manufacturing facility found sufficient ores and materials to erect huge spires that resembled their homeworld.(RFY)

This Wookiee left his homeworld of Kashyyyk many years before the onset of the Great Sith War, and settled on the planet Taris. His reasons for leaving Kashyyyk were a closely-guarded secret, since the memories of his old life were quite painful to recall. The truth was that it had been Zaalbar's own brother, Chuundar, who had sold his people into enslavement by allowing Czerka Corporation to infiltrate Kashyyyk and install huge manufacturing facilities. After learning of Chuundar's part in Czerka's actions, and after hearing Chuundar denounce their own father Freyyr as a senile old fool, Zaalbar became enraged at attacked his brother. While the fight might have ended honorably, Zaalbar's anger led him to bear his climbing claws in combat, an action which was forbidden by Wookie law. Zaalbar was branded a "madclaw" and forced into exile. He ended up on Taris, after travelling through several star systems looking for work. While many beings simply regarded him as an unintelligent brute who was good for nothing more than a gang enforcer, Zaalbar worked hard to eke out a legitimate living on the planet. Quite by accident, he met up with Mission Vao in the Lower City, and the pair forged a quick and lasting relationship. Mission Vao's knack for locating food and shelter, Zaalbar's intimidating form usually kept them well-protected. When Zaalbar - who Mission Vao always called "Big Z" - was captured by a group of Gamorrean thugs, Mission found herself turning to a group of Old Republic heroes to rescue him. Among her newfound friends were Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi, and the group quickly became good friends after Zaalbar's escape. Mission and Zaalbar played key roles in the search for Darth Malak, helping to repay the debt for Zaalbar's release. Zaalbar eventually returned to Kashyyyk, and helped his fellow Wookiees throw off the yoke of slavery by defeating Chuundar and breaking Czerka's hold on the planet.(KOTOR, SWDB)

This was a common name used by the Qwohog race.(UANT)

Zaan, Dyani
This was the name of a distinguished Togruta individual.(UANT)

Zaarin, Demetrius
Zaarin was an Imperial Admiral in service during the Galactic Civil War. He was placed in charge of the research and development of new TIE Fighter models, including the the TIE Advanced and TIE Defender, by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. In order to ensure that the Imperial fighters could operate without support, Zaarin negotiated with the Habeen to obtain TIE hyperdrive technology. While he openly supported the Emperor's plans to capture Admiral Harkov following the defection of his fleet, Zaarin was plotting to move his fleet to Coruscant to kill Palpatine. He chose to make his move shortly after the death of Prince Xizor, when Lord Vader had been dispatched to clean up the remnants of Black Sun. Using the cover of Imperial fighters, he outraced Imperial pursuit in the Glory and reached Coruscant ahead of Vader, but was unable to secure Palpatine's shuttle. Vice Admiral Thrawn arrived in the Vanguard and chased Zaarin into hyperspace, ensuring that Palpatine would be able to safely return to Coruscant. Zaarin later re-appeared, and tried to steal the prototype hibridium-based cloaking device design from Thrawn. Zaarin nearly succeeded, capturing the CR90 corvette Vorknkx, which had been equipped with a cloaking device from the research lab in the Iast System. However, Zaarin attempted to flee into hyperspace with the ship cloaked. The cloaking device had not yet been perfected for use in hyperspace, and the device exploded. The corvette and her crew, including Zaarin, were destroyed upon entering hyperspace.(TIE, RESB, SWI66, TIEP)

Zaariq, Keelin
This female Devaronian was one of the Padawans learners who were being trained as a Jedi Knight at the Almas Academy, during the final years of the Old Republic. Keelin and Jan-Ira Toru were dispatched by Master Devan For'deschel to locate a group of freelance agents to locate Vhiin Thorla, shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars.(TS)

Zabian System
Lando Calrissian was headed to this star system, after losing Cloud City to Zorba the Hutt, during the months that followed the Battle of Endor.(ZHR)

This female Kubaz was the Queen of the Zabin Hive, controlling the area around the Silver Forest of Dreams during the height of the New Order. Queen Zabin was easily distinguished from other Kubaz by the blue tattoos on her face and snout, as well as the diamond rings that adorned her trunk. When Alliance agents arrived on Kubindi with Han Solo, on a mission to rescue Grubba the Hutt, Queen Zabin demanded they they cook her a human meal in order to win her trust. If the meal pleased her and her collection of chefs, then they could have Grubba. Although the meal met with the Queen's tastes, Grubba was taken into custody by Imperial forces on Kubindi. Although Solo and his companions were set free, they were forced to pursue the bounty hunters and the Imperials in order to locate Grubba.(MIS6)

Zabin Hive
This was one of the poorer hives of Kubaz, native to the Silver Forest of Dreams on their homeworld of Kubindi.(MIS6)

This was the native language of the Zabrak people, originating from the planet Iridonia.(WOTC)

This near-human species had several sub-species, each of which was distinguishable by the vestigial horns which ringed their heads. As a result of their evolution on the harsh world of Iridonia, the Zabrak were known for their ability to withstand great amounts of pain. As a people, the Zabrak races discovered the ability to travel through space early in the history of the Old Republic. They quickly set out to colonize more hospitable worlds, after a group of Duros explorers provided them with the knowledge of spaceflight. The strong will and self-confidence of the Zabrak led them to establish colonies on eight Mid Rim worlds, each as loyal to its colony as to their homeworld. Other largest settlements of Zabrak were located on the planets Talus and Corellia.

Among the unique aspects of the Zabrak physiology was the presence of a secondary heart. Both pulmonary muscles worked together to supply blood to an individual's limbs and organs, and had to work in synchronization in order to ensure proper bloodflow. Any arrhythmia in one heart could cause both to start fibrillating, which swiftly led to death if not corrected, because the bloodflow would be essentially stopped as the two hearts worked against each other. The Zabrak were distingiushed by the set of short horns that grew from their skulls. The exact number and pattern of these horns seemed to indicate which race of Zabrak and individual was from, although the presence of the horns was also tied to hair growth. Zabraks were further differentiated from humans by the ritual tattoos that were painted on their faces. Appearing to be little more than interconnected lines, these tattoos symbolized family heritage, one's homeworld, or simply a personal form of identification.

As a race, the Zabrak were known to be among the galaxy's best explorers and warriors, but they were rarely boastful or overbearing when in the company of other races. Among themselves, however, Zabraks remained prideful of their colony, and often identified themselves by their homeworld. During the height of the New Order, the Zabrak race was one of a very small group of non-Humans who were allowed to move throughout the Empire with relative immunity. With the end of the Galactic Civil War, the Zabraks quickly joined the New Republic, vowing that they would never submit to thye oppression of their race again.(IG1, SWK, WOTC, UANT, MBS, SWI83, SWG2P, NEGA)

Zabrak Battle Cannon
This large blaster rifle was produced by the Zabrak race on Iridonia, during the era of the Great Sith War. Many weapons experts and military officials believed that the battle cannon crossed the line between a handheld weapon and light artillery, since it was capable of piercing armor plating from across large distances.(KOTOR)

Zabrak Desert Mat
This woven mat was made by Zabrak travelers, who used it as a place to sit when traveling through the shiftings sands of the deserts on their homeworld of Iridonia. The durable mats were eventually discovered by martial arts experts, who used them in their training facilities to sofen the blow of a fall during training.(LFCW)

Zabrak Diaspora Music
This was a form of musical style that was developed by the Zabrak race, created in response to the race's colonization of worlds beyond Iridonia. Much of the music was celebratory in nature, proclaiming the ingenuity and bravery of the Zabrak explorers.(MBS)

Zabrak Disruptor Cannon
This large disruptor weapon was developed by the Zabrak race on their homeworld of Iridonia, more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.(KOTOR)

Zabrak Ferment
This Iridonian beer was noted for being as tasty as Corellian ale.(DSTR)

This was another name for the Zabrak language.(SWGAL)

This young boy was one member of a class of Jedi students who had been expelled from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for a variety or reasons, during the era of the Clone Wars. These students were transported to a remote planet, where they were allowed to come to terms with their problems while still learning about the Force in a more natural environment. Zac had a knack for understanding animals and beasts, and he could even communicate with them on a certain level. Thus, when a group of Separatist battle droids landed on the planet and threatened their school, Wass convinced Zac to call upon a herd of horned grazers to trample the battle droids before they could attack. After surviving another wave of battle droids, the students were able to board a transport and return to Coruscant, hopefully to rejoin their fellow Jedi students.(CWA10)

This predator, which was native to the planet M'haeli, was known to consume the dool bug as its favorite prey.(ROC)

This man served as an Imperial stormtrooper, and was stationed aboard the first Death Star during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Zack was on duty when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker rescued Princess Leia Organa from Detention Block AA-23, and he was ordered to join his Sergeant, Nova Stihl, to apprehend the rebels before they could escape.(DSTR)

Zack 1
This Imperial transport vessel was part of the task force that was sent to eliminate the Lulsla, during the weeks that followed the Battle of Hoth.(TIEP)

This man served as a security guard at the Senate Rotunda on Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic. He retained his position after the formation of the Empire, and was on duty when Curran Caladian and Keets Freely managed to break into the offices of Senator Sano Sauro. Although he managed to take them into custody, Keets and Curran managed to download most of Senator Sauro's files and transmitted them to Solace.(LJ5)

This was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names.(GCG)

Zad, Rova
This was the name of a noted Iotran individual.(UANT)

This Dug was a member of Sebolto's gang during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Zadalgo worked as a dealer of death sticks during his employment with Sebolto, and was considered an all-around hooligan and trouble-maker. The Pixelito Grand Council issued a bounty for his capture in connection with several crimes, a bounty that was later claimed by Jango Fett during his attempt to meet with Sebolto.(BH)

Zadarian Brandy
This was a type of smooth, fermented alcohol.(TFE)

Carnor Jax sought to find Kir Kanos on this remote world, but his troops were defeated by a trap set by Kanos. Zaddja was located in the Trilon Sector of space.(CE)

This long, reed-like plant was native to the swamps of the planet Naboo. Its strong, pliable stalks were really branches that extend upward from a stump-like trunk, and were used by the Gungans to form gulliball mallets and other tools.(GF)

This female Twi'lek was a member of the Hidden Beks, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. She served as Gadon Thek's bodyguard during this time. Zaerdra was distinguished by her unusual skin color, which ranged from green to purple to blue.(KOTOR, KOR7)

This female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names.(GCG)

Zaff Jendinpurg
This Nebulon-B escort frigate was assigned to protect the Star Galleon Emperor's Will, during its regular taxation runs. The two ships were ambushed by the Far Orbit near Esseles, and the Zaff Jendinpurg was severely damaged in the attack.(FOP)

Zaffa Oil
This flavorful cooking oil was used in the preparation of many strong-tasting meats, since its own flavor can augment that of the meat.(SESB)

This clone commando was one of the members of Aiwha Squad, serving under jedi Master Tra'avis during the final months of the Clone Wars.(CWA4)

Zaga, Gorto
Vilmarh Grarhk tried to smuggle weapons to this Aqualish crimelord, who was imprisoned on the planet Kiffex, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. After Volfe Karkko was re-awakened by Aayla Secura, Gorto Zaga armed the criminals under his command and charged them with protecting his compound against invasion by the feral Anzati. Note that this character was also referred to as Great Yaga on the official Star Wars website, as as Gorto Draga and Yaga in the comic series Star Wars: Darkness.(DRKN, OWS)

This being was the leader of the Neo-Fundamentalist Phlangites, during the height of the New Order. He was captured by bounty hunter Valken Gresh, which prompted other NFP leaders to kidnap Cyrstas Eloinie and hold her for ransom.(GG10)

This noted Columi archaeologist believed that he had discovered the burial ground used by the Star Dragons, somewhere in the Xuaquarres System. He hired a group of freelance scouts to take him there, but they discovered an Imperial weapons storehouse instead of Star Dragons on the system's fourth planet. Zagsm'ith was undaunted, though, and found that the planet was riddled with cave and caverns, and stumbled upon the remains of a Star Dragon. His discovery caused another Dragon to rouse from his lair and travel to Xuaquarres in order to determine what was happening. The Dragon killed the Imperials and allowed Zagsm'ith and the scouts to leave. However, upon emerging from hyperspace, they all discovered that there was no reference to Xuaquarres in the ship's logs and that they couldn't remember what had happened over the last several days.(GMS)

This modified CR-90 corvette was captured by the noted pirate Venslas Beeli. It was named for a legendary Rodian monster. It was armed with 4 double turbolaser cannons and a pair of tractor beam projectors. The Zahtjav was originally an Old Republic scout craft that was decommissioned at the onset of the New Order and used as a cargo ship. Beeli and his pirates captured it after bribing the chief engineer into cutting out the power to the hyperdrive at a specific time. Beeli elected not to pay the engineer, and set him adrift in an escape pod.(FOP)

This was a legendary Rodian monster.(FOP)

Zairana Ale
A brew favored by the Azzameen family.(XWA)

This was one of the most common names given to male Corellians.(GMR9)

This name, which meant "spear for catching fish", was common among Gungan males.(GCG)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

Zak, Noro
This Jedi Knight was a member of the Baxthrax species. He was selected to accompany Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Esseles, to locate Adi Gallia, shortly before the Battle of Naboo.(E1A1)

This Imperial General was placed in command of the military garrison on Garos IV during the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ3)

This was one of the larger creatures that inhabited the jungles of Dxun, during the era of the Great Sith War.(KOTOR2)

This was a common name among the Noehon race.(UANT)

This Sanyassan Marauder succeeded his father, Terak, in ruling the band of Marauders that lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. Zakul's reign occurred during the early years of the New Republic, and was no less vicious or cruel than that of his father.(GORW)

This Barabel was one of three youngsters who were trained by Saba Sebatyne to serve as pilots in the Wild Knights squadron of Force-sensitive pilots, during the era of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Years later, Zal and his friends, Dordi and Wilyem, were planning to start their own nest with Tesar Sebatyne, in an attempt to rebuild the Barabel population. The three Barabels agreed to serve as gunners aboard the Millennium Falcon when Han and Leia Solo transported several ailing Jedi to Shedu Maad, during the years that followed the end of the Second Galactic Civil War.(FJ3)
This unusual alloy was created by the Verpine race, and was used during the era of the Great Sith War to produce a mesh that could be used in the creation of body armor.(KOTOR)

Zal, Devron
This man was a junior executive with Radell Mining during the height of the Galactic Civil War. His role was the hiring of temporary and contract employees, and devoted his career to ensuring that Imperial Mining Corporation never gained more market share than Radell. He disapproved of any employee who didn't dedicate his or her career to Radell.(PG3)

Zal, Eorin
This was the name of a distinguished Kel Dor individual.(UANT)

This large, omnivorous reptile was native to the planet Naboo. They were swift-moving and intelligent, and were fierce predators. Despite their habit of living in the uplands of the planet, zalaacas were excellent swimmers. Little was known about the zalaaca, but they strongly resembled sando aqua monsters. The front feet of the zalaaca were studded with claws, and the rear feet were protected by thick spikes on their fetlocks. Gungans considered the capture of a wild zalaaca foal to be a right of passage, and the successful capture and training of a zalaaca meant the Gungan obtained a loyal war mount.(WSW)

Zalaster, Dorok
This heavily-tattooed pirate worked in the Elrood Sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War. His bald pate was covered with swirling designs, and his moustache was braided with beads and hung down on either side of his chin. He was known to the various criminals and law officers of the time as a dirty, cruel, and opportunistic fighter who cared little for galactic politics. He established a base on operations on the planet Lanthrym, and eventually bribed his way into a position of power.(PG3)

This Dathomiran Witch was the matriarch of her clan, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was the former wife of a Jedi Knight, and she used his own powers to augment her own Dark Side connection. When she was strong enough, she killed her husband and set out to raise her daugther, Ros Lai, as a Witch. However, Ros Lai seemed to be deformed, and Zalem ignored her while allowing her sister Witches to torture the young woman. Over time, Zalem's power grew on its own, and when the Witches discovered the Star Chamber on Dathomir, she knew that the time had come to assert her power. Zalem dedicated huge amounts of resources to unlocking the secrets of the Star Chamber in order to gain access to the Infinite Gates. However, her eagerness caused a failsafe in the Gate to be overlooked, and the resulting effect caused the destruction of the planet Ova. This attracted the attention of Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin of the Jedi Council, who sent Quinlan Vos to put a stop to Zalem's machinations. However, Quin was unable to stop Zalem from unleashing an Infinity Wave at Coruscant. However, Ros Lai confronted her mother shortly afterward, and Ros Lai executed Zalem in an act meant to avenge the death of her father.(SWIE)

This was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "weaponsmith".(GCG)

This Vratix served as the Senator from Thyferra, representing his homeworld to the Galactic Alliance, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Senator Zalk't was on Coruscant when the Colony staged a military coup on Thyferra, capturing Zalxuc City and taking control of the planet's bacta supplies.(DN3)

This was a common name among adult Codru-Ji.(UANT)

This was a common name used by the Omwati people.(UANT)

Zalorian Rock-lion
Ths creature was native to the planet Zaloriis, where it lived at the base of the leeward side of the Fantain Mountains.(GB, NEGD)

This was the sentient race which was native to the planet Zaloriis. Innately skittish and fearful, the Zaloriians spent much of their history living in small towns, away from each other and the settlements which sprang up on the planet over the centuries. They avoided the open desert, fearful of "dune ghosts" and other scary creatures.(GB)

This wind-swept planet was covered in desolate, sandy wastes, which made it inhospitable at best. This was the primary reason that the Empire chose Zaloriis as one of the primary manufacturing locations for All-Terrain Armored Transports (AT-ATs) during the height of the New Order. The native Zaloriians tended to stay well away from the Imperial facilities, living in small outposts on the outskirts of most cities.(GB)

Zaloriis City
This was the capital city of the planet Zaloriis.(GB)

This powerful drug was used at many detention and prison facilities to keep dangerous criminals from causing harm to guards or other inmates.(RC66)

This planet was located in the Jendar Sector.(AIR, SWJ4)

Zaltin Corporation
One of the two major pro-human producers of bacta on the planet Thyferra, the Zaltin faction was brought into the Bacta Cartel as the "competition" to Xucphra. Zaltin benefitted greatly from Emperor Palpatine's reign, as did Xucphra, after Palpatine decreed that all bacta would be produced by the two groups, and it would be produced for military use only. This eliminated smaller competitors while creating higher profits. It didn't remove the Ashern faction, but viewed them as terrorists. The employees and officers of the Zalton Corporation had a corporate culture that was very different from that of Xucphra, although both employed nearly 300 Vratix worker for each human manager. When Zaltin's leaders realized that the Empire was doomed, they worked on two fronts to take control of bacta production from Xucphra. First, they promoted Bror Jace for pilot's status with Rogue Squadron, in an effort to gain ties to the New Republic. Second, they began supplying the Ashern with money and weapons, hoping to gain support from the native Vratix who actually produced the bacta. With the New Republic's support, the Zaltin faction was able to defeat the Xucphra and was given control of the bacta production on Thyferra. Zaltin Corporation remained the pre-eminent supplier of bacta for many years, and eventually established a remote headquarters on the planet Coruscant. Further cementing their ties to the government, Zaltin hired former pilot Derek "Hobbie" Klivian as its Coruscant-based spokesbeing.(XWN, KT, BW, FJ1)

Zaltin Premier
This was one of the most advanced bacta tanks produced by the Zaltin corporation of Thyferra, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong War.(MF)

This was the title given to the heir of a Coynite Ag'Tra.(PG3)

Zalxuc City
The site of Thyferra's primary starport, Zalxuc City was established at the height of the New Order to house the human population of the planet. They were responsible almost solely for the production of bacta, but numbered just 10,000. When Ysanne Isard took control of Xucphra and bacta production, many Zaltin families fled the planet. The city was then renamed Xucphra City, although it remained known as Zalxuc by most of the galaxy. During the height of the Swarm War, Zalxuc City was overrun by military forces of the Colony, as part of a plan to overthrow the governments of several planets, in an effort to destabilize the Galactic Alliance. Although the Killik forces were successful on Thyferra, their coups were thwarted on many other worlds. However, for the duration of the conflict, the Galactic Alliance was cut off from its primary source of bacta.(BW, DN3)

Zamael Archipelago
This region of space was located in the Deep Core of the galaxy.(MF)

Zaman, Grillo
This male Aqualish was a pirate of some renown during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He worked briefly with Meeko Ghintee before the Muttani was arrested, and later worked with Quallung Tula, Sabo Leeda, Bado Karpa, and Tuba Acho to steal fuel cells from the Outland Transit Station during Ghintee's escape from Oovo IV. However, a bounty was placed on all their heads by Rozatta, and Grillo Zaman was captured by Jango Fett shortly afterward.(BH)

Zan, Almera
A young, inexperienced Alliance agent, Almera was part of the team that tried to rescue Enid Vahr from the Demophon System. Her beautiful appearance belied her lack of self-confidence, and she was extermely short-tempered in a firefight. She was a native of the planet Jaxus.(SN)

Zan, Zueb
This Sullustan pilot served the Galactic Alliance naval forces during the years following the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. Zan was one of the early test pilots who tried out the Aleph-class starfighter, and was assigned weapons duty with Syal Antilles, after her alias of Lysa Dunter was exposed at Corellia. In addition to his skills as a pilot and gunner, Zueb Zan was known among the officers for his ability to brew a mean cup of caf.(LF1, LF7)

Zan Arbor, Jenna
A native of the planet Ventrux, this noted transgenic scientist earned fame early in her career by creating a vaccine to a space virus which threatened an entire planet. Note that Last of the Jedi: Reckoning indicates that Jenna Zan Arbor was born on Moseum. She then devoted her career to helping low-technology planets like Melasaton overcome their difficulties. Jenna was also a good friend of the Belascan Senator, Uta S'orn.

About twelve years before the Battle of Naboo, she reserved Didi Oddo's café for a dinner party on an anonymous tip from Fligh. However, she didn't like the atmosphere and claimed the food was too cold, and swept out of the café with her entourage. It was during this party that the Sorrusian bounty hunter, Ona Nobis, who had been tracking Didi, sneaked into the café and laid a trap for the Oddos. Meanwhile, Jenna took the opportunity to capture Qui-Gon Jinn and transport him to Simpla-12, where she had been conducting experiments into the nature of the Force. Jenna revealed that many of her magnanimous actions in saving dying worlds were engineered by her own hand, as a way to earn the credits necessary to fund her private experiments.

On worlds such as Belasco and Mindemir, she had purposely poisoned the water supply with bacteria she herself had engineered, then played the part of savior when she suddenly "discovered" the antidote. The unsuspecting planetary governments paid large sums of credits to have the bacteria neutralized. Many of the actions on these planets were ratified by the Old Republic Senate, although it was later revealed that Senator S'orn had falsified the voting in order to ensure Arbor Industries was given the chance to "solve" the problems. Zan Arbor claimed that her experiments were simply helping evolution along, culling the weak and allowing the strong to survive. She had started experiementing into the nature of the Force on Ren S'orn, but found that a Jedi Master would be a better subject.

She kept Qui-Gon in a specialized chamber, connected to several implants which could detect his connection to the Force. She knew that the Force was attuned to the body's chemical makeup, and traced its basis to the blood, but couldn't determine the exact connection. Her plans began to fall apart after she captured Qui-Gon, when the Jedi began to try and capture her.

She fled Simpla-12 for Belasco, hoping to take another favor from Uta S'orn and draw out the Jedi. Despite her subterfuge and guile, Zan Arbor was captured by Qui-Gon and later exiled on a penal colony for her actions. However, she managed to make her way offworld and arrived on Vanqor several years before the Battle of Geonosis, where she began working on the drug known as the Zone of Self-Containment. She was forced to flee Vanqor when her lab was discovered by Obi-Wan and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, so Zan Arbor set up a base on Romin. On Romin, Obi-Wan discovered that she had established a relationship with Granta Omega, who agreed to fund her latest project. However, she was forced to go into hiding when Roy Teda was overthrown.

This nearly turned out to be a profitable experience when the disguises of Obi-Wan and Anakin were exposed by the real Slam and his gang. It was then that Mace Windu and a group of Jedi reinforcements arrived on Romin and quickly took them prisoner. However, Zan Arbor had actually been working with Joylin the entire time, and through his deceit she was able to flee Romin with the real Slams, but not before the Jedi attached a tracking device to their ship. She and her cohorts traveled to Falleen, and hid in the Blackwater Systems facility to work on delivery mechanisms for the Zone. The Jedi discovered the facility, forcing Jenna and Roy Teda to destroy it and flee to Coruscant.

She then accompanied Granta Omega to Korriban, where they planned to meet their Sith benefactor and finally gain true power. The barren, desolate environment of Korriban was tough for her to handle, as she had become used to the trappings of wealth. When the pair was finally caught by the Jedi Knights, she found herself separated from Omega. After he was killed while trying to destroy Obi-Wan, Jenna fled once again, and was not seen again for many years, until she resurfaced as a scientist working for the Galactic Empire.

Her work involved the manipulation of the brain and its memory centers, as part of an effort to extract certain pieces of information from an individual's mind. Darth Vader took special notice of the project, hoping to excise his memories of Padme' Amidala. The goal of Zan Arbor's project was the production of a drug that could be administered to a patient, which would erase some of all of their memories. In order to assist her, Zan Arbor kidnapped Linna Naltree, and put her to work on the drug. However, Zan Arbor was unaware that knowledge of her work had reached the ears of the Jedi Master Ry-Gaul, who had been in contact with Naltree's husband, Tobin Gantor. Ry-Gaul and Trever Flume infiltrated Zan Arbor's Coruscant residence, and planned to grab Naltree from a turbolift.

The rescue attempt was nearly bungled when Trever tripped over Zan Arbor's cape, forcing Ry-Gaul to draw his lightsaber and defend them. As he deflected blaster fire from Zan Arbor, Naltree injected Zan Arbor with the memory drug she had been developing, utterly erasing all knowledge of the drug from her mind. The group returned Zan Arbor to her apartments and left her alone, and Darth Vader later discovered her there, muttering about her lost memories.

Note that Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard names this character as Janna Zan Arbor.(DH, EVE, TDR, JQ7, JQ8, JQ9, JQ10, LJ8, LJ9, LJ10)

Zan Zentis, Jilka
This woman worked for the Old Republic's Corporate Tax Enforcement agency, during the era of the Clone Wars. A friend of Besany Wennen, Jilka was a bit surprised to find out that Besany was dating a soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic. Besany later asked Jilka to help her research a corporation called Dhannut Logistics, which had appeared in a series of transactions that Besany had been tracing during her research into clone support following the war. Dhannut Logistics did not appear in any public databases, leaving the women with something of a mystery. Jilka continued her regular work schedule for several months, until she was suddenly detained by a security team for unlawfully using her computer terminal to access the Republic's databanks. The illegal access was traced back to her investigation with Wennen into Dhannut Logistics, and Zan Zentis was taken away for interrogation. Besany was devastated when she learned that her own investigations had gotten Jilka into trouble, but Kal Skirata did his best to explain that Jilka had to be sacrificed in order to ensure the secrecy of his work. Besany later discovered that the Gurlanin spy known as Valaqil had been behind Jilka's capture, which was part of a plan to give Besany and Ordo some time to escape from Coruscant. Eventually, however, Skirata and his comrades found a way to rescue Jilka, although she was unsure about their loyalties. Ordo explained that they were not Separatists, but that the distinction between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems was getting blurry over time. When Jilka was reunited with Besany, their greeting was anything by friendly, since she had endured prison time in order to for Besany to remain free. However, in the chaos that followed the execution of Order 66, Jilka came to realize that she had been rescued by a tightly-knit family that had endured a lot of pain and suffering. On Mandalore, she began working with the other woman to coordinate meals for Skirata's comrades, hoping that the work would take her mind off the events of the past weeks. He kept hidden the fact that she was now a wanted criminal, both to protect her from the local bounty hunter population, and to prevent her from learning how dangerous her life had become.(RCTC, RC66)

A native of Belderone, this woman was Flint's mother. She was, at one time, married to a Jedi Knight, who fathered Flint. She worked evenings in a local cantina, trying to make enough credits to support herself and her son. Zana was killed when Darth Vader ordered the complete subjugation of Belderone, and a squad of AT-Ats leveled her village.(LTA1, MCA3)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

This small corporation manufactured molecular stilettos and other unique weapons, during the early years of the New Republic.(SOP)

Zanales, Scorch
This chubby, equine Daimlo was one of the galaxy's best podracers, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. He survivied for many years, and later participated in the illegal races heldon Euceron during the Galactic Games.(RACR, JQ3)

This was the name used to describe the order of priest-prophets of the Cosmic Balance religion. Originally founded by Dif Istuvi, the Zanazi believed that their name was formed from the letters in the Basic alphabet, referring to the alphabet's first and last letters surrounding the middle letter. The Zanazi taught the way of the Cosmic Balance in public, overseeing Simple Homes to promote the religion's ideals.(TBSB, GORW)

This tree was native to the planet Dorin, and was harvested for use in creating building materials.(GCG)

This was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. It referred to a tree that was native to Dorin, and was used for building materials.(GCG)

This small manufacturer produced a variety of personal conveyance devices, such as the DSP-5 personal rocket pack.(GFT)

This was a species of steel-blue-skinned humanoid mercenaries who worked for Grappa the Hutt. Native to the plane Xo, they resembled tall, walking skeletons, and ritually performed ceremonies which required blood sacrifices. Grappa often provided them with their victims, whenever a being displeased the Hutt. The victims were often brought back their homeworld of Xo for sacrifice.(CE2)

Callandri, Zayl Braith, and the Granse Confederacy tried to waylay a pair of Alliance agents at this establishment on Draria, during a meeting to obtain datafiles on Imperial fleet movements. The datafiles were being held by a group of Duros smugglers, who planned to sell the data to the Alliance.(AIR)

This Bocce word translated into Basic as "thank you".(GPB)

Zann, Tyber
This man was a noted criminal who rose to power as the leader of the Zann Consortium, during the height of the New Order. After being sent to prison on a series of trumped-up charges concocted by Jabba the Hutt, Zann made a daring escape and set out to exact revenge against Jabba. Zann made sure to go out of his way to make Jabba pay for his trouble. Much of the damage Zann inflicted on Jabba's organization caused collateral damage to Imperial facilities and personnel, making him a target of the Imperial Forensic Intelligence team. It was Lieutenant Izbela Saarrj who discovered that Zann had infiltrated Imperial records and stolen information on the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer during its early phases of development, prompting a galaxy-wide alert for his presence at shipyards and other construction facilities. Rather than building the massive ship himself, however, Zann set in motion a grand plan to steal the actual Eclipse for himself.(SWI89, OWS, LAWS)

Zann Consortium
This was the name of the criminal empire that was formed by Tyber Zann, during the height of the New Order. The Zann Consortium amassed a wealth of power during the Galactic Civil War, as neither the Empire nor the Alliance had the resources to spare to combat Zann's growing strength. This was exactly how Zann planned it, as he hoped to use the cover of galactic chaos to exact revenge against Jabba the Hutt.(LAWS)

This was the given name of the young girl known as Rain, who was discovered by the Jedi Knights who were part of the Army of Light, during the final years of the New Sith Wars. During the Battle of Ruusan, Rain was believed to have died in a fall from the transport that was carrying the Jedi to Ruusan, but she mnaged to save herself by instinctively calling on the Force. She was later discovered by Darth Bane, after the Sith Lords had set off the thought bomb that wiped out all other Force-sensitive beings in the vicinity. Recognizing the girl's powerful connection to the Force, Bane offered her the chance to become his apprentice. Rain also recognized the power of the Force in Bane, and agreed to serve him. She also dropped the name Rain, and returned to using her given name of Zannah.

Before leaving Ruusan and setting out for Dxun, Darth Bane took her to the site of the thought bomb that had been used to end the battle, in order to show her lengths that he would go to restore the Sith to power. While in the cave, they encountered Zannah's brother, Darovit, who tried to stop Bane from taking her away. When the Sith Lord moved to destroy Darovit, Zannah intervened. Using her connection to the Dark Side of the Force, she maimed Darovit enough to stop him from attacking. In this way, she allowed Darovit to live, but she then abandoned her brother and left the cave with Darth Bane.

When Darth Bane left Ruusan to seek out the tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, he left Zannah behind, telling her that she needed make her own escape from Ruusan as part of her training. He explained that the process of finding her own way off Ruusan would teach her about oivercoming hardships. Bane went on to explain that he expected her to one day surpass him in terms of power and skill, and eventually destroy him to take his place as the one Sith Master. While Zannah was unsure of how she would make her way to Onderon to meet him, she knew that Bane's explanation held the truth for the Sith. Zannah wandered for several hours before encountering the crew of the Star-Wake, who thought she was an orphan and took her in. She was befriended by Bordon and his son, Wend, but knew that they would never willingly take her to Onderon. Locating a blaster in the ship's cargo holds, Zannah shot and killed everyone onboard, waiting to kill the pilot, Irtanna, until she had laid in a course for Onderon.

Although she felt guilty and remorseful for killing the ship's crew, Zannah knew that their deaths had been necessary for her to achieve her goal. The ship's autonav helped her reach Onderon, but she was forced to land in a remote field. She was confronted by the warriors of the Skelda clan, and might have been overpowered if Darth Bane hadn't arrived to defeat the warriors. Bane and Zannah then set out for Ambria, where they spent the next ten years training and putting their plans for secretly gathering power into motion. While Bane remained on Ambria in an effort to construct a holocron, Zannah was setn away on a variety of missions. Most times, she was merely seeking information about the political and emotional state of the galaxy. Other times, such as her mission to Serenno to incite Kelad'den and the Anti-Republic Liberation Front, she fomented unrest in the galaxy, forcing the Galactic Senate to send the Jedi Order on peacekeeping missions that spread their numbers thin. Although she regretted having to sacrifice Kelad'dan, she understood that Bane's plans were necessary to weaken the Jedi and bring about the downfall of the Republic.

When she was alone and able to concentrate on her place in the galaxy, Zannah realized that she was no match for her Master, at least in his present condition. She realized that she would someday have to eliminate the orbalisks that covered his body, since they formed an impenetrable layer that protected him as it drove him mad. After Kelad'dan's death, Zannah was brought before Hetton, whom she discovered was also a student of the Dark Side of the Force. Hetton's skills were minimal compared to her own, but Zannah was amazed at the wealth of Sith lore and artifacts he had accumulated in his life. Seeing a chance to both further her own growth and to assist her Master, Zannah agreed to take Hetton as her apprentice, provided that he give her access to his information. Using his collection, Zannah learned of Belia Darzu's hidden fortress on Tython, then agreed to take his loyal Umbaran Shadow Assassins to confront Darth Bane. Hetton was completely unaware that Zannah planned to betray him, although she made their return to Ambria appear as if she had betrayed Bane. Bane cut Hetton down in short order, then confronted Zannah. She then provided him with the information on Tython, once again earning his trust.

Zannah adopted the alias of Nalia Adollu and traveled to Coruscant to infiltrate the Jedi Archives and locate information on removing the orbalisks that covered her Master's body. She was surprised to find her cousin, Tomcat, in the Archives. When she explained that she had become Zannah, Tomcat revealed that he had also returned to his given name of Darovit. Rather than allow him to reveal her presence, Zannah took Darovit with her to Tython, much to the chagrin of her Master. Adding to Bane's problems was the fact that they were followed to Tython by a group of Jedi, including Masters Valenthyne Farfalla and Worror.

Readying themselves in Belia Darzu's fortress, Bane and Zannah confronted the Jedi. While Bane dealt with the Jedi Masters, Zannah was attacked by Johon Othone and Sarro Xaj. When Othone was called to assist the Masters, Zannah used her skills with her two-bladed lightsaber to overcome Xaj's strength, and finally killed him in combat. When she tried to help her Master, she was alarmed to see Master Worror trap him in a bubble of Force energy, just as Bane was about to unleash his own Force lightning. Trapped in the bubble, Bane's body was ravaged by the lightning, which killed most of the orbalisks but left him unable to combat the toxins they released into his bloodstream. Knowing that there was no way for her to pick up the many threads of her Master's plans, Zannah implored Darovit to help heal Bane, but the task was beyond Darovit's skills.

She took Darovit and Bane's body and returned to Ambria, where she tried to convince the healer known as Caleb to help Bane. Caleb refused, having already healed Bane once and not wanting to give the Sith another chance to gain power in the galaxy. Darovit intervened, and convince Caleb to heal Darth Bane in exchange for Zannah stranding herself on Ambria and alerting the Jedi to her presence there. She was forced to agree to this deal, but remembered the eraly teachings of her Master. Rather than allowing them to be captured by the Jedi who were arriving on Ambria, Zannah savagely killed Caleb with her lightsaber, scattering parts of his body all around his camp. She then turned on Darovit, using the Dark Side of the Force to flood his mind with terrifying and horrific visions. She drove Darovit insane, leaving him a raving madman before taking Bane's body and hiding in Caleb's cellar. When the Jedi arrived, Zannah cloaked her presence in the Force, and allowed the Jedi to reach the inevitable but incorrect assumption that it was Darovit who was the Sith Lord who had killed Caleb. The Jedi then cut Darovit down, believing that they had finally destroyed the Sith.

After the Jedi left Ambria, Zannah emerged and repaired her starship, then loaded Darth Bane into its medical station to help speed up his healing. The Sith Lord was proud of Zannah's scheming, and was even prouder when she calmly told that she would one day surpass him. Until that point, she would keep him alive in order to learn everything she could about the Dark Side of the Force. It was during this discussion that Darth Bane first bestowed the title of Darth Zannah on her. Little was known about Zannah's whereabouts in the years that followed. Rumors held that she returned to Ruusan to confront her cousin Darovit, who had also grown strong with the Dark Side of the Force, and that both of them were killed in the fiery confrontation.(JVS, PJSB, WOTC, DBRT)

Zannah, Darth
This Sith Lord was once known as Zannah, a young girl from the planet Somov Rit who was known as Rain as a child. She was taken from her guardian, Root, by the Jedi of the Army of Light, in the hope of training her during the effort to defeat the Brotherhood of Darkness. She was stranded on Ruusan when she fell from the transport that carried her to the planet, but managed to survive the fall. In the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, Zannah found Darth Bane wandering the ruined landscape of Ruusan, and recognized that he had a connection to the Force like she did. Her power was easily noticed by Bane, who took her as his apprentice.

She was trained on Ambria for more than ten years, studying under Bane's tutelage while her Master became more and more powerful. Note that The New Essential Chronology indicates that Zannah was trained on Onderon, not Ambria. She created a two-bladed lightsaber as her primary weapon, although the blades on her lightsaber were shorter than those on a traditional weapon. Because of her smaller size, Darth Zannah decided to use weapon that more closely matched her abilities. This allowed her to use the weapon in a pattern of whirling spins and curves, providing a defensive wave of light that protected her while she probed for her opponent's weaknesses. As long as she kept the lightsaber moving, the weapon's momentum allowed her to ward off attacks, and her own attacks could then come from a sudden change in tactics that would keep her opponent off-guard.

While Darth Bane spent much of his time controlling the orbalisks that covered his body and searching for information on the construction of a holocron, Darth Zannah delved into the more arcane of the Sith arts. She learned how to pull images from the mind of her opponents and twist them into horrible visions that could drive an opponent insane.

She didn't use the title of Darth Zannah until she was approached by her cousin, Darovit, in the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. When he argued that she was still same little girl he had once known as Rain, Zannah shot back that she no longer acknowledged the girl who had been Rain, and was not Darth Zannah. Darth Bane did not bestow the title upon her until after he had emerged from his orbalisk armor on Ambria, several weeks later.(NECH, WOTC, DBRT)

Zantay Hills
This collection of low mountains was located near Kibo Lake, on the planet Ord Cestus. They were found just below the Yal-Noy peak in the Dashta Mountains, and benefitted from the snowmelt each spring. This runoff gave the Zantay area an abundant water supply, allowing the settlers there to have some of the greenest lands on all of Ord Cestus. Many of the planet's independent farmers lived in the Zantay area, growing primarily fungus and other hardy plants.(TCD)

Zanti, Nim
This woman was the chief representative of Ororo Transportation at Vergesso Base, a coveted position because of its proximity to the corporation's headquarters. A stern woman, Zanti was known to become the "mother" to the operational staff workign for her, and her approach helped her increased unit productivity by ten percent during her tenure. She was a practical woman, but had few moral scruples to stop her from getting her way. She was sympathetic to the Alliance because her director told her to be.(SPG)

This was a common name among the Temolak race.(UANT)

This Veknoid Jedi Master, who was blind and unable to see, was known for his love of food. He was one of the many Jedi who decided not to work on specific missions for the Jedi Council, but instead traveled the galaxy at the will and whim of the Force. Because of this, Master Zao ended up as the head chef for the Aqualish crimelord Gorto Zaga, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. In this way, Master Zao was on the planet Kiffex when Quinlan Vos and Master Tholme arrived on the planet to investigate the re-awakening of Volfe Karkko. It was Master Zao who convinced Quinlan Vos to let the Force be his guide, and simply move about the galaxy at the command of the Force. During the Clone Wars, Master Zao moved about the Outer Rim, and was believed to have been killed until Master Tholme found him on Saleucami. As the struggle against the Separatists ground on, Master Zao was one of many Jedi who openly questioned the need to continue the war. The Jedi Order, he explained to Tholme, was charged with serving the Force. Zao agreed that the Jedi Order was sworn to uphold the principles of the Old Republic, but feared that the Republic itself no longer held to the old ideals. He continued to use food analogies to describe his position, often questioning Tholme about the state of the galaxy by serving him food and asking about the taste. Depending on Tholme's response, Master Zao would then ask him if the food had changed, or the taster. In this way, Zao questioned whether or not the Jedi Order, the Republic, and the galaxy were changing in fundamental ways.(DRKN, OWS, ROP, RT, RSOS)

Zap Gang
This was the term used on the planet Coruscant to describe the small gangs of youths that terrorized other beings by holding them at blaster-point and threatening to zap them unless they turned over their valuables, or performed some humiliating act.(LF3)

Zapalo, Graf
This man, a native of the planet Naboo, served on Queen Amidala's Advisory Council as the minister of sciences during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo.(IG1, CVD)

This was the term used to describe any member of a zap gang.(LF3)

Zaprid's Caravan
This group of freighters and star yachts travels throughout the backwater worlds of the Tion Hegemony. Akin to a galactic circus, Zaprid's was most famous for its ability to separate unwitting peasants and hustlers from their credits. During the period of the New Order, they were also adept at steering clear of Imperial space.(GG6)

This Dug pirate was one of the many members of his species who worked for the crimelord Sebolto during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Zap'Ulga also dabbled in the poaching of nexu for a variety of uses, many of them less than humane. A bounty for his capture was issued by Senator Ask Aak, in connection with raids of several Old Republic freighters which were transporting supplies to Malastare. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty during his attempt to locate Sebolto on Malastare.(BH)

This was Lando Calrissian's command phrase, used to activate the electrical-discharge module that he installed in his walking cane, during the years following the Swarm War. He was forced to use the codephrase aboard the Errant Venture, during the Corellia-GA War, when he was attacked by Alema Rar. The sudden discharge of electrical energy stunned the Dark Jedi enough to allow Lando a chance to escape and warn his friends.(LF4)

Zar, Drezzim
This was a noted individual from Anomid history.(UANT)

Zar, Entora
This homely Hapan woman worked as a murg handler at Villa Solis, the Galney family's estate on the planet Terephon, during the years following the Swarm War. Despite her position in the armed forces, Entora claimed to be accomplished pilot, having trained for many years on a various starfighters. When pressed by Zekk and Jaina Solo about her experience, however, Entora revealed that she had done all of her flying on a holosimulator. All in all, she still managed to earn a flight instructor's certification. After her retirement from the military, she went to work for the Galney family, maintaining the hunting murgs that Ducha Galney preferred to use when hunting in the bogs surrounding the estate.

Some ten years after the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, Entora greeted Jaina Solo and Zekk when they arrived at the estate to question the Ducha about an assassination attempt on the life of Tenel Ka. Entora's evasive answers led the Jedi to realize that the Ducha was part of the group that staged the assassination attempt. As she talked with the Jedi, two of the YVH-series combat droids owned by the Galney family targeted the Jedi as enemies, and opened fire. Although Jaina and Zekk managed to avoid the droids' blasterfire, Entora was not so lucky. Her body was pierced by the intense firepower of YVH-220, and she died almost instantly. In the chaos that followed, her body was consumed by one of the murgs she had cared for.(LF3)

Zar, Fang
This grizzled, old man represented his homeworld of Sern Prime as a Senator to the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. He was distinguished by his long, gray beard and his natty hair, which was collected in a topknot that was common among the males of the Sern Sector of the galaxy. An outspoken supporter of the Old Republic, Senator Zar maintained residences on Coruscant and Ghorman, as well as his homeworld. When the planet Duro fell to the Separatists, Fang Zar was among the first to support the actions of Corellia in retreating to defend its own borders, despite the public and political outcry at the loss of such a visible member of the Republic. Many believed that it was Zar's personal friendship with Senator Garm Bel Iblis that decided his loyalty, rather than political necessity. Senator Zar later became part of a small group that supported Bail Organa's pettion to ensure Chancellor Palpatine relinquished the unprecedented control he had been given during the Clone Wars, and was one of the original members of the Delegation of the Two Thousand. Unfortunately, Fang Zar was among the first Senators to be arrested for their part in the Petition, after Palpatine instituted the New Order and assumed the position of Emperor. Senator Zar was eventually released, but fled to Alderaan where he received political asylum. His presense on Alderaan put additional pressure on Bail Organa, who had already been connected with the Jedi Order and was one of the primary members of the Petiton of the Two Thousand. Events came to a head when Senator Zar attempted to return to his homeworld of Sern Prime. He contacted Cash Garrulan to arrange for passage offworld, and the crew of the Drunk Dancer took on the job. However, their rescue mission coincided with an anti-Imperial demonstration, and this combination of events attracted the attention of Darth Vader himself. Vader was briefly detained by former Jedi Master Roan Shryne, who was working as part of the Drunk Dancer's crew in the wake of the Clone Wars. Shryne confronted Vader, but was no match for the Dark Lord's command of the Force. During their battle, Vader threw his lightsaber into the air. Shryne watched helplessly as the blade slashed through Senator Zar's chest, then cut through the back of Jula Shryne. Nearly decapitated by the attack, Senator Zar quickly died from his injuries, despite the efforts of medics to repair his grievous wounds.(OWS, E3, SWI75, LEV, E3N, SWDB, RDV)

This planet was the site of Eloinie Petro-Munitions' corporate headquarters.(GG10)

This was a common name among the Temolak race.(UANT)

A tall, female human, Zardra had long dark hair. She carries a force pike and wears a flowing cloak. She was often recognized by the perfume she wears, which was an exotic Togorian belladonna. She was an exceptional bounty hunter, taking great pride and obtaining greater satisfaction from the hunt. She often worked with Jodo Kast and Puggles Trodd. Just before the Battle of Yavin, Zardra angered Jabba the Hutt when she killed Mageye the Hutt on Taboon. She interferred with the Thig Brothers, who were transporting stolen Imperial weapons for Jabba. Jabba, in turn, hired Gorm the Dissolver to hunt her down. She escaped, and reappeared when Captain Parlan offered the bounty for Adar Tallon. She joined Jodo Kast and Puggles Trodd again, but failed to reach Tallon before the Alliance could. She managed to survive the firefight on Tatooine, but she was blamed by many Imperials as the reason the mission to capture Tallon failed.Several factions even sent bounty hunters after her. Although she continued to work for Imperial commissions, she distrusted them at every turn. This distrust turned into hatred when her informant turned on her. The informant sold information to the Alliance, and she was captured by the agent she was pursuing. She was placed aboard the Celestial for transport to a penal colony, but was lost in Otherspace with the rest of her fellow convicts. Driven mad by the Charon red mist aboard the Desolate, Zardra survived a firefight with Alliance agents trying to rescue the crew of the Celestial. She escaped the mist and made her way bad to the Alliance agents' ship, where she helped them escape the Charon and flee back to realspace.(TM, TME, OS)

This high-ranking Yuuzhan Vong Prefect was one of many individuals singled out by Nom Anor for discrediting, during Anor's plans to gain power as Yu'shaa, the Prophet of the Jedi Heresy. Zareb was the leader of the Yuuzhan Vong forced which held the Numesh Sector of Coruscant, which had been reformed into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar. Acolytes of the religion were infiltrated into Zareb's household, where they were trained to speak against him in the event of his capture. Then, when the evidence seemed insurmountable, the Priestess Ngaaluh presented Zareb to Supreme Overlord Shimrra as a traitor. However, the acolytes who were placed in Zareb's home were later interrogated by Shimra himself, and revealed to the Supreme Overlord that it was Ngaaluh herself who placed them there.(FH3)

Zarfane, Jodd
This man was a native of the planet Anaxes, and was the last of a long line of distinguished officers in the galaxy's armed forces. A lifelong member of the Imperial armed forces, he held the rank of General at his death, which came at the hands of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. The Yuuzhan Vong then made contact with the New Republic, posing as Zarfane and offering the New Republic his assistance in staging attacks on the Yuuzhan Vong. His cover was blown when the New Republic delegation discovered that all of Zarfane's droid servants had been eliminated, and all other forms of technology had been removed from his estate.(CCW)

This female Rodian was a bounty hunter employed by Clezo of Black Sun. She was dispatched by Clezo after word was received that Marka Durn had discovered the lost treasure of Celis Mott, but Zarfeen was too late to recover the treasure.(IA)

This was a race of short, small amphibious beings resembling humanoid frogs. They were quite comical in appearance.(POC)

Zaric Sector
An area of the galaxy.(PP)

Zark Leader
This was Jagged Fel's callsign, during his tenure as the leader of Zark Squadron, at the Battle of Tenupe.(DN3)

Zark Squadron
This unit of Chiss clawcraft was led by Jagged Fel, and was sent into combat during the Battle of Tenupe, some five years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Zark Squadron was forced to try and shoot down the Millennium Falcon, when Han Solo refused to surrender to the Chiss when he arrived at Tenupe to locate his daughter, Jaina.(DN3)

Zark Two
This was the callsign of the female Chiss that served as a member of Zark Squadron, during the Battle of Tenupe.(DN3)

Zarkis System
A planetary system which houses a large, black-market weapons operation.(RPG)

This man was living on the planet Cularin, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was among the many who claimed to have witnessed a member of the Jedi Order performing illegals acts. However, when he was interviewed for details by Nek Lawsirk, Zarko could only retell the story in generalities.(FOC2)

This was a common name among the Kilmaulsi race.(GORW)

Zarracina III
This planet, the third world in the Zarracina System, was the homeworld of the Zarracine race. Some 11,660 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Zarracines were approached by representatives of the Galactic Republic. The Republic hoped to bring the Zarracines into the galactic community, which would allow the Republic to gain access to the hyperspace travel routes that were discovered near the system. The Zarracines refused, and the ruling council of Zarracina III committed suicide before being bullied into submission. This prompted the Republic's military advisor, Daymont Praji, to order the orbital bombardment of Zarracina III, leaving the planet a wasteland that was scoured by nuclear winter. A few Zarracines managed to escape the devastation of their homeworld, but held a deep hatred for the Galactic Republic that was passed down from generation to generation.(OWS)

Zarracina System
This star system was home to the Zarracine race. Some 11,660 years before the Battle of Yavin, a hyperspace route was discovered near the system, prompting the Galactic Republic to attempt to bring the system into the galactic community.(OWS)

This alien race was once native to the planet Zarracina III. Some 11,660 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Zarracines were approached by representatives of the Galactic Republic. The Republic hoped to bring the Zarracines into the galactic community, which would allow the Republic to gain access to the hyperspace travel routes that were discovered near the system. The Zarracines refused, and the ruling council of Zarracina III committed suicide before being bullied into submission. This prompted the Republic's military advisor, Daymont Praji, to order the orbital bombardment of Zarracina III, leaving the planet a wasteland that was scoured by nuclear winter. A few Zarracines managed to escape the devastation of their homeworld, but held a deep hatred for the Galactic Republic that was passed down from generation to generation. These survivors became nomads, moving from planet to planet in the hope of finding a new world to call their home.(OWS)

According to Ewok legend, this powerful shaman stole fire from the sun and gave it to the Ewoks.(GCG)

This was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology.(GCG)

This Ewok was Logray's first apprentice, many years before the Battle of Endor. Zarrak turned to the dark arts of magic, and was later banished from Bright Tree Village entirely.(SWDB)

A planet.(PG1)

This large, herding animal was common on the grasslands and plains of its homeworld. Easily distinguished by their height, zarymoks stood between three and four meters in height when fully grown. However, the configuration and musculature of their legs allowed them to crouch down low to ground to feed. The fur of a zarymok provided excellent camouflage, ranging in color from white to tan and broken by darker spots. This allowed a zarymok to blend into the savannas on which it roamed. The prehensile tongue of a zarymok measured up to a meter in length, and was used to tear up the grasses and other plant life it consumed for food. These creatures bore live young, which were raised by the herd. Each herd of zarymok consisted of individuals with specific roles. The oldest male was often the leader of the herd, the individual that determined where the herd would forage and when it would leave. Scouts patrolled the edges of the herd, using their incredible sense of smell to detect the approach of predators, as well as to seek out food and water. Caretakers tended to the infants and elderly, while guardians roamed the herd to protect it from attack. When a scout sensed an attacker, they used their trumpetting calls to signal to the guardians. Scouts could also signal the rest of the herd to indicate when food or water had been located. When spooked, a herd of zarymoks sometimes stampeded, creating a massive wall of flesh and bone that trampled all vegetation and animal life in its path.(UA)

This Force-sensitive Cerean woman turned to a life of crime after her sister, Anoura, was killed on a routine assignment for Elwis Bontraar. Zascha vowed to avenge Anoura's death, and kidnapped Jennalyn Bontraar during the last years of the Old Republic. In order to ensure her success, Zascha demanded that Jennalyn be exchanged for two million credits aboard the Masquerade, then told the Hutts that the freelance agents who were dispatched to rescue Jennalyn Bontraar were actually the kidnappers, hoping to disrupt the exchange long enough to exact her revenge. Her plans fell through, however, when the agents were able to defeat her Gamorrean bodyguards. Never one to fight, Zascha fled the Masquerade and went into hiding, plotting a new form of revenge for Elwis Bontraar.(WOA22)

Zash, Hutar
This elderly Lannik served as the chief military advisor to Prince R'cardo Sooflie IX, as well as Sooflie's father and grandfather before him. Even Piell even served alongside Hutar Zash, during the initial struggles against the Red Iaro. Hutar was one of a growing number of Lannik who disliked Prince Sooflie's methods of leadership, an opinion he openly voiced with Even Piell. Shortly afterward, Hutar revealed that he himself had joined the Red Iaro. Hutar's missionon Malastare was to kill as many of the Jedi Knights who were mediating the peace treaty as he could, to allow the Red Iaro to reclaim Lannik from Prince Sooflie. Note that this character was also referred to as Hurtar Zash.(ETM)

This free-born Chev served the Alliance as a Lieutenant in the Special Forces division. Zast was the coordinator of base operations for the Nishr Taskforce, serving under Major Fisk Csino at Nishr Base Seven.(ROE)

Zat x'ratch keezo bompaz ha sheep
This phrase from the Bocce language translated into Basic as "That scratch was there when I rented the ship", and was most often used when returning a rented starship.(GPB)

This lanky being was the grand vizier of the planet Tammuz-an during the early years of the Empire. He tried to steal the throne from Mon Julpa by taking away the prince's memory, then dumped the prince on the planet Tyne's Horky. To ensure that Mon Julpa never returned, Zatec-Cha employed IG-88 to guard against Mon Julpa's return. However, the droid was unable to prevent Jann Tosh and Jess Meade from discovering Mon Julpa's identity and returning him to Tammuz-an. Zatec-Cha then ordered the assassin droid to steal Mon Julpa's royal scepter, which identified him as the rightful ruler of the planet. IG-88 succeeded in this effort, and also managed to capture Mon Julpa, Zolag, and Jess Meade.(DCAR)

This ancient Quarren surname meant "first among healers". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan.(GCG)

Zatoq, Lyyr
This female Quarren joined the New Republic's Rogue Squadron shortly before the Battle of Bilbringi. She was killed during the attempt to gather data on the moon Distna. Ysanne Isard's clone had learned of the New Republic's attempt to locate Pulsar Station, and used the information in her bid to eliminate Rogue Squadron. She dispatched Prince-Admiral Krennel's forces to Corvis Minor Five, where they ambushed the reconnaissance team.(IR)

This gas giant was the fifth planet in the Zug System, orbiting just outside the asteroid belt known as the Coins of Gauha. It was orbited by at least 47 known moons.(PH)

This planet, covered with oceans of liquid methane, was the second worlds in the Zug System.(PH)

This man was one of the many miners who earned a living on the planet Vanquo, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars.(KOR2)

Zavict, Abram
This man was an independent trader who had befriended the Balinaka artist Vornest Dep-thesel Digarsarg several thousand years ago. After witnessing the wondrous effects of the artist's sculptures, Zavict decided to sell them to the galaxy in general. After securing the Balinaka's agreement, Zavict founded Galactic Crystal Creations to sell Garnib Crystals on other worlds.(PG1)

This man served as a trooper in the Galactic Alliance Guard, during the height of the Corellia-GA War. A hardened military man, Zavirk found himself liking Ben Skywalker as a commanding officer. He once compared Skywalker to a nek battle dog, claiming that Skywalker "smelled better and could do tricks."(LF5)

Zavlabar's Gentes Grill
This Ugnaught establishment was located in Ugnorgrad, on the floating facility known as the Ugnaught Surface, during the early years of the New Republic. It was believed to be the only Ugnaught restaurant that drew its clientele more from Bespin than from Gentes. The Grill was located in a building that once housed a luxury hotel and an ufflor's mansion.(PH)

Zavod, Nikk
This dashing man convinced the woman who was later known as Mala Mala to join him in a search for the Wookiee, Chewbacca. Mala Mala was taken by Zavod's handsome face and smooth personality, while Zavod simply wanted to steal her starship. After Mala Mala agreed to join him in the search, Zavod asked her to check out a problem with the ship's thrusters, claiming that there were Corellian limpets in the nacelles. When Mala Mala went to investigate, Zavod ignited the engines. Mala Mala was severely burned, and Zavod left her for dead.(C)

This Hutt, a member of the Besadii clan, controlled the spice and slave production on Ylesia. It was Zavval who chose the t'landa Til to orchestrate the setting of a religious colony, choosing his close associate Teroenza to become the High Preist. He was constantly at odds with Jabba and Jiliac, who supplied him with raw spice for processing. He discovered, after Han Solo was attacked by pirates, that Jabba and Jiliac were waylaying transport ships laden with processed spice. Posing as pirates, Jiliac's henchmen would steal the processed spice, obtaining sellable product at virtually no cost. This made Zavval angry, and he issued an ultimatum to Jiliac via a message conveyed by Han to Nal Hutta. This only enraged Jiliac, but Han was allowed to return to Ylesia. Later, during Han's escape, Zavval happened to be in Teroenza's palace when Bria and Han were stealing the t'landa Til's treasures. A firefight ensued, during which Han and Bria escaped. Zavval, however, was caught under a pile of rubble when the ceiling of the museum collapsed after his repulsorsled crashed into a support column. Zavval was crushed beneath the stone and killed. A bounty was put on Han's head for the death of Zavval.(TPS)

This rebellious, female Arkanian Offshoot greeted Jarael when she arrived on Arkania for the first time, during the height of the Mandalorian Wars. Zawadi was surprised to meet another Offshoot who had no idea of their origins, and took the opportunity to educate Jarael on the state of affairs on Arkania. Zawadi invited Jarael to join her family for a meal, in order to explain to Jarael the social and economic situation on Arkania. During the meal, Zawadu and her grandmother argued about the place of the Arkanian Offshoots in their society. Zawadi believed that Adascorp was purposely refusing to help the Offshoots, while her Perera claimed that the Adasca family was doing everything it could to make things better. Zawadi's father didn't intervene, but he chastised Zawadi for causing trouble.

In the wake of this argument, Zawadi agreed to help Jarael get into Adascorp's headquarters and have a sample of The Camper's blood analyzed, in an effort to save the old man from a slow death.(KOR5)

This Hutt worked in the Lower City of the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, matching bounties to prospective hunters. Zax the Hutt was known for his dislike of droids, and he was once quoted as saying, "An oil bath and a pat on the shiny head ought to do it for a droid!"(KOTOR, KOR6)

This was a name that was common among the Sanyassan race.(UANT)

This being was believed to be the only person in the galaxy who knew the history of the borcatu species. Zazu also knew how to eliminate them.(COG)

This was Commander Zalin Bey's personal authorization code, issued to her as required by the Senate Guard.(RHD)

This transmission frequency was used by the ancient Mandalorians for military communications, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. It was one of several military frequencies that were picked up by the helmets of the Neo-Crusaders. During the Mandalorian siege of the planet Zongorlu, Galactic Republic forces discovered a way to hack into the Z-band, and began transmitting a series of messages to the Mandalorians over the channel. Ostensibly coming from a commander named Captain Goodvalor, the transmissions urged the Mandalorians to abandon their attempt to capture Zongorlu. Much of Goodvalor's words were meant to disillusion the Mandalorians or break their will, and contained a good deal of propaganda and other chatter that seemed to go on endlessly.(OWS)

This was one of the Nebulon-B frigates commanded by Admiral Zaarin, and later destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

This was the designation of the datafile maintained by the computer system known as Mnemos, containing information on Luke Skywalker. It was one of the few datafiles located in the computer's memory banks which contained false or misleading data, as it named Luke's father as Tan Skywalker.(LAT1)

Zchtek Worlds
This group of planets, located in the galaxy's Mid Rim, comprised the homeworlds of the Jin race.(SWJ10)

An Imperial modular container group captured during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

This was a model of luxury liner produced on Corellia during the last years of the New Order. It measured 500 meters in length, and could accommodate 2,200 passengers and 20,000 metric tons of cargo. The ship's crew included 350 officers and deckhands.(PP)

This was the abbreviated name of Zone Defense Delta, a defensive starfighter array that was employed by the Imperial Navy.(DSTR)

This shellfish was native to several Outer Rim worlds. Its flesh was considered a delicacy by many chefs, as it was light and tender when cooked. However, zdrinbagh had to be shipped alive in order to maintain their freshness. This was often a dangerous proposition, since the zdrinbagh were also deadly predators. Most restaurants that served zdrinbagh maintained a staff of droid chefs, then used stun grenades to immobilize the zdrinbagh. The droids would then kill the creatures and begin preparing them for cooking. An average specimen stood just under a half-meter in height, and moved about on four spindly legs. These creatures also had four arms, each of which ended in a sharp claw.(SWJ11)

This surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "plasteel crafter" in the Sullustan language.(GCG)

This plump, humanoid youth attended the Leadership School on Andara, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Distinguished by close-set green eyes and a pair of thick ponytails, Ze was a scholarship student who never fit in with the more elitist students of the School. He enjoyed racing swoops, and his independent nature led him into a friendship with Gillam Tarturi. Ze joined Gillam's band of mercenary students as a communications expert, devising ways in which the small group could maintain contact during their missions. When Gillam's plan to fake his own death and blame it on his father was exposed by Anakin Skywalker and his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ze, Gillam, and the entire team were expelled from the Leadership School and transported to Coruscant for questioning.(JQ5)

Zealots of Psusan
This pseudo-religion sprang up among the nouveau riche of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was led for many years by Scri Oscuro, until he was captured by Kalyn Farnmir and Cian Shee.(IWE2, SWDB)

This independent scout, who was based out of Ryloth, was not adverse to using droids to assist in his work. He was known to have added tracking SkillWare, an automap, and a sensor package to a Guardian-class droid, and used the automaton as a scouting assistant.(SWJ14)

Zebb, Bynder
This Twi'lek was employed as a corporate scout by TaggeCo. during the last years of the New Order. He had extensive knowledge on the various creatures that inhabited the galaxy. Bynder also had no trust for droids, after a friend's M38 explorer droid rolled itself off a cliff.(MTSE)

Zebber, Drenn
This man was one of the many Alliance personnel who remainde behind on Yavin 4 in the wake of the Battle of Yavin.(SWG2P)

This was a common name among the Filordi race.(UANT)

Zebitrope IV
This planet was the primary world in the Zebitrope System, and was infamously known as the primary source of lesai. Many smugglers who completed the Kessel Run made their first stopover on this world, where they picked up cargoes of lesai to smuggle across the galaxy.(LCF, GMR5)

Zebitrope System
This system which contained the planet Zebitrobe IV.(LCF)

Zeboran Delta
This was a city-area located on the planet Shador. This might be an error in the adventure Scoundrels' Luck, since it was referred to as Zeboran Gamma for the rest of the adventure.(SL)

Zeboran Gamma
This was a city-area located on the planet Shador.(SL)

This was a Hyrotii short-range starfighter was armed with a pair of laser cannons.(RM, EGV)

Zebra-class Starfighter
This starfighter was used by the Qektoth Confederacy. It was based on the Hyrotii Zebra starfighter, and was armed with a bio-plasmatic gel launcher.(KR)

Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation
This corporation, which manufactured some of the the galaxy's faster landspeeders, was founded by Zebulon Dak during the early years of the New Order. Dak himself was paranoid of droids of any kind, and the speeders that his corporation built were constructed almost entirely by hand.(DCAR, TGD)

Zebulon-B Frigate
This large starship was designed and manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards during the last years of the New Order. Note that this could simply be a typographical error, and the author really meant Nebulon-B.(HM)

Zed, Akal
This Imperial Navy Captain commanded the Star Destroyer Stalker, and was assigned to Elrood Sector with Tanda Pryl and the Thunderflare to assist Moff Andal in eliminating piracy and rebellious natives. A big, hulking man, Zed was easily distinguished by his bald head and thick neck, and his face was formed into a perpetual scowl. Before his service in Elrood Sector, he was generally regarded as the hero of the Battle of Fleyars IV. During the battle, he took command of the Seswennan Nightcloak after his Captain had been fatally wounded. To call Captain Zed a cold-hearted disciplinarian was an understatement, and his adherence and devotion to the New Order bordered on fanaticism. After being stationed in Elrood Sector, Captain Zed found himself paired with Captain Pryl, whom he considered a spoiled, weak, incompetent officer.(OE, PG3)

Zed Block
This was one of the residential sectors of the city of Coronet, located on the planet Corellia.(LF1)

Zed Droid
see 501-Z(AEG)

Zee, Mawshunba
This Dug was implicated in a scheme to illegally breed wild nexu for illicit purposes by the Galactic Wildlife Liberation Front, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. The bounty was claimed shortly afterward by Jango Fett, who was on Malastare to obtain an audience with the Dug crimelord Sebolto.(BH)

Zee dopi peeza peeza
This phrase from the Bocce language was often heard from the mouths of beings who sat near first-time space travelers on passenger vessels. It translated into the Basic language as "My neighbor is spacesick."(GPB)

Ken's pet mooka.(LCJ)

This knobby-boned herbivore was native to the planet Yvara. Each zeebuck had four legs and three eyes, with a cinnamon-brown pelt and unusual sacs whch grow down the sides of their necks. These sacs were used to store food and nutrients during grazing, for later digestion. They were constantly moving in herds, looking for more food to eat. The Yvarema often tamed a herd of zeebuck in order to harvest the food sacs for their nutritional value.(KR)

Zeed, Hagrin
This man lived in the city of Dearic, on Talus, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Zeeda Throwing Knife
This well-balanced blade was one of the traditional Ubese hunting weapons.(AIR)

When translated into Basic, this Ewok word meant "in."(GPB)

Zee-gee Table
This recreational game was popular among Corellian spacers.(OS)

When translated into Basic, this Ewok word meant "safe."(GPB)

When translated into Basic, this Ewok word meant "safety."(GPB)

Zeel, Bataui
This Jedi Knight was one of the Shadow Agents who worked for the members of The Covenant, during the years following the Great Sith War.(KORV)

Zeelesi, Sobel
This male Rodian was a known arms smuggler during the years following the Battle of Naboo, and was wanted by the Republic Security Force for his part in the destuction of several RSF facilities. He was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett and brought in for the bounty on his head.(BH)

Zeemacht Cluster
This area of the galaxy experienced a great deal of political strife, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The Jedi Knights were asked to mediate the disputes.(PJSB)

This was a common name among the Saheelindeeli race.(GORW)

This security droid was owned by Rianna Saren, during the height of the New Order.(SWI90)

This clone trooper was a member of the 501st Torrent Company, part of the 501st Clone Trooper Battalion, during the height of the Clone Wars. Trained as a combat engineer and known for his wisecracking sense of humor, Zeer was a veteran of the Battle of Jabiim, and was later part of the team that accompanied Clone Commander Rex on a mission to recover Rotta the Huttlet from a Separatist base on the planet Teth. Zeer was one of six troopers, including Rex, who survived Asajj Ventress' attempt to capture and kill Anakin Skywalker. In order to help the survivors get past the remaining battle droids, Zeer rewired a super battle droid to walk into the midst of the other droids and explode when remotely detonated.(CWN)

This huge, giraffe-like beast was native to the plains of the planet Naboo.(GF)

This Coynite curse literally translated to "fear."(PG3)

Zeeto's Third-Hand Space Transports
This minor starship reseller specialized in the restoration and resale of large freighters and smaller transports.(WOTC)

This was one of the primary races that evolved on the planet Ord Cestus. Unlike the insectoid X'Ting race and the Spider People, the Zeetsa resembled swollen balls of a bluish substance. No arms or legs were immediately visible on their body, nor was their and evidence of a head. The skin of a Zeetsa was translucent, allowing a network of blue veins and internal organs to be seen beneath its surface. The flesh of the Zeetsa was unusual in that it could adjust its shape to mimic its surroundings, allowing a Zeetsa individual to attain the appearance of another being for a short period of time. This allowed Zeetsa to integrate with the X'Ting. In the early history of the planet, the X'Ting depended on the Zeetsa to produce the fluid known as Lifemilk. The Lifemilk sustained the X'Ting, which produced food for the Zeetsa. Over time, many Zeetsa became willful and stubborn, and chose to separate themselved from their relationship with the X'Ting. Many individuals chose to remain, however, ensuring that the two races were forever lined to one another.(HIV)

This was the name of the duuvhal which was kept as a pet by Valara Saar. She brought Zeev with her when she left Yashuvhu with the crew of the Pathfinder III, but Zeev was killed on the planet Aargau. It was often said that Zeev was the only specimen of duuvhal ever seen by the galaxy at large, due to the remote location of Yashuvhu.(WOTC)

When translated into Basic, this Bocce pronoun meant "we".(GPB)

Zeffla, Frona
This governmental functionary died at her desk, deep within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Because of the office's location within the Palace, her body wasn't discovered for more than a year.(TT)

This was the name given to the leaf-like aliens who were native to the planet Zeffliffl. These communal creatures lived in masses that floated in the planet's shallow southern oceans. They collected water in sacs for use when they were away from their native seas. They expelled the water in a short geyser, thoroughly wetting themselves to avoid dessication.(CS)

The fourth planet orbiting Markbee's Star, Zeffliffl was the homeworld a race of leaf-like creatures.(CS)

This city was the capital of the planet Melida/Daan. It was founded a millennium before the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine, but its borders were continually being redefinde during the civil war between the Melida and the Daan. There were records of more than twenty-one separate battles between the Melida and the Daan, dating back more than sixty years before the Battle of Naboo. The Tenth Battle of Zehava was considered the bloodiest war fought for control of the city. Shortly afterward, the city was divived into northern and southern regions, with the Daan controlling the northern-half the city and the Melida, the southern half. During the Eighteenth Battle, the Daan used the tunnels and drains under the city to secret gain access to Melida-held areas. Shortly before the Twenty-fifth Battle, Daan and Melida divided the city into sectors, and even lived side-by-side for a short time.(DOD)

This planet was the homeworld of the ZeHethbra species.(TTSB)

This was the native language of the ZeHethbra race, which was characterized by its snarls, shrieks, chitters, and growls.(UANT)

A race characterized by their black-and-white-striped mane, the ZeHethbra were tall humanoids which have at least 80 distinct cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. This variety of cultures came about because of the varied ecosystems found on the their homeworld of ZeHeth. Northern groups tend to be brown or red in color, while southern groups tends toward blue-white fur. All ZeHethbra have the black-and-white mane, which begins at the bridge of their nose and travels over their head and down to the small of their back. Females have wider stripes than males, and males tend to have branches of fur running out from the main stripe. As a people, the ZeHethbra were known for their short tempers and moody temperments, but were also fiercely loyal to their families and clans.(TLC, UANT)

When translated into Basic, this Ewok word meant "out."(GPB)

Zehow, Gidoo
This being was a noted doctor at the Rhinnal State Medical Academy, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Doctor Zehow was among a small group of physicians who refused to acknowledge the "medical benefits" of visiting the planet Columus, despite the marketing campaign initiated by the Columi.(HNN5)

Zehr Sea
This was an ocean found on the planet Delassin VI.(SWJ6)

Zeison Sha
This was an ancient philosophy of the Force, distinguished from that of the Jedi Knights and the Sith in its training methods and beliefs. The origins of the Zeison Sha can be traced back to the initial stages of the Light and Darkness War, some 2,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. A group of families who were fleeing the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith established a colony on Yanibar. Many of the members of these families had ties to the Jedi Order - more than a few were also quite sensitive to the Force - and so they fled into the Outer Rim to avoid becoming the targets of Sith attacks. A group of Jedi accompanied the families to Yanibar, but was later killed in battle, leaving the families stranded.

News of their deaths never reached the families, because their flight had been kept secret. So, the families took this to mean that the Jedi Order had abandoned them, and they set out to commune with the Force in other ways. Surviving the harsh environment of Yanibar gave the Zeison Sha a strong will to survive, and they tapped into the Force to assist in ensuring the survival of the colony. Over the centuries, the Zeison Sha philosophy coalesced around the ideals of self-reliance and independence.

Among the skills of the Zeison Sha were weapons skills designed for defense and for acquiring food. With the Force, the Zeison Sha could move objects without touching them, and could literally wrap themselves in the Force to protect themselves from harm. One of the most distinctive weapons of the Zeison Sha was the discblade, a weapon that could be thrown at a creature and would return to its thrower. The return was partly due to the discblade's shape, and partly to the Zeison Sha's own telekinetic skills. There were several times in the history of the Zeison Sha that the struggle for independence and self-sufficiency led an individual to become selfish, and many Zeison Sha were lost to the Dark Side of the Force.

After the Battle of Ruusan, a passing trader discovered the colony on Yanibar, and the Zeison Sha decided to revisit their former ties to the Jedi Order. When the Jedi began taking their children - often without permission - for training as Padawans, the Zeison Sha again chose to reject the ways of the Jedi and returned to Yanibar. This self-imposed isolation allowed the Zeison Sha to survive the Jedi Purge.(SWI68, HG, EGF)

This spotted grass was native to the plains of Ansion.(APS)

Zeka Quartz
This gemstone was mined on the planet Qiilura during the last decades of the Old Republic.(RCHC)

This young native of Ennth fled the planet following a natural disaster that devastated his colony, during the era of the Galactic Civil War. He escaped in a supply ship fleeing the planet, on which the captain tried to get him into an orphanage. Zekk fled this ship, and a few others, before he ended up on Peckhum's ship. Peckhum had taken Zekk in and cared for him, seeing Zekk's natural independence as a mirror of his own youth. The two finally stopped on Coruscant. There, he found refuge in the cityworld's subterranean environs. Later, he was befriended by Jaina and Jacen Solo.

He was a wiry youth with black hair and striking green eyes. It was Tamith Kai, scouring the underground levels of Coruscant, who discovered that Zekk had a large amount of Force sensitivity. He was brought to the Shadow Academy for training, and was taken under Brakiss's wing. Zekk's power grew swiftly, and so did the rivaly between he and Vilas, Tamith Kai's apprentice. The two were pitted against each other in a battle to the death for the position of Darkest Knight. Both Tamith Kai and Brakiss believed that the rivalry between the two would divide the Academy. In the battle, Zekk managed to dispatch Vilas. This victory made Zekk the Darkest Knight of the Shadow Academy, a position bestowed upon him by Brakiss, much to Tamith Kai's dismay.

As the Darkest Knight, Zekk was given command of the assault team sent to Kashyyyk to steal starship components for the Second Imperium's own ships. They infiltrated the planet holo-disguised as Wookiees, and successfully obtained a large amount of starship shielding and navigational equipment. When he suddenly found that his Imperial masters were defeated, Zekk tried to return to the Light Side of the Force, but found himself unable to concentrate and accomplish his goals.

He fled Yavin 4 and returned to Ennth, only to discover the planet in the throes of was worse devastation in recent record. He helped evacuate as many people as he could, but he still felt out of place. After the evacuation, he let himself drift through the Force, and decided to become a bounty hunter. He accepted the challenge of capturing Bornan Thul, hoping to use the little control he had of the Force to track him down before anyone could harm him. Like many others, he failed to find the Alderaanian, but was welcomed back into the fold of friends on Yavin 4. He later helped Raynar Thul search out Bornan, and was eventually allowed to join the Jedi Academy.

He continually worked to avoid the Dark Side, and actually used the Force to win the 93rd annual Blockade Runners Derby. After attaining the rank of Jedi Knight, Zekk was one of many individuals who were forced into battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. During the final stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, after the living planet Zonama Sekot agreed to help bring about an end to the conflict, Zekk was one of several Jedi Knights were bonded to seed-partners and provided with Sekotan starships.

Five years later, when UnuThul sent out his call for help, Zekk was among seven young Jedi who dropped whatever mission they were currently on and traveled to the Unknown Regions to answer the call. However, he questioned the Jedi's continued involvement with the Colony, since he was unable to fully comprehend if the conflict between the Kind and the Chiss was actually upsetting the balance of the Force. Because of his joining with the Unu hive, Zekk found himself suddenly sharing emotions with Jaina Solo, and the pair realized that there was a deep level of attraction between them. Although nothing came of their pairing following the Dance of Union, they discovered that their relationship had been moved to a much deeper level than ever before. Zekk and Jaina experienced a form of love that could only come as mind-mates, and their relationship continued to deepen as their connection to the Colony increased. It was deep enough that they were able to resist Master Skywalker's Force call to return to Ossus, when Luke was forced to accept the role of Grand Master of the Jedi.

They remained on Tenupe, where they aided the various Killik hives in their struggle against the Chiss. Zekk took control of the Colony's starfighters, leading a series of sorties against Chiss holdings in the mountains. In the wake of the Battle of Tenupe, both Zekk and Jaina agreed to go through the re-conditioning process developed by Cilghal to help return Joiners to normal society, although they retained a strong connection to each other. They went to great lengths to explain that they were just friends, a statement that was often questioned by friends and family, who saw them together more often than not.

During Thrackan Sal-Solo's bid for power some ten years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war, Zekk and Jaina were as confused as any being about the sudden changes in Jaina's brother, Jacen. When Jacen courtmartialed Jaina for refusing to fire on a helpless vessel, Zekk resigned his own commission with the Galactic Alliance's military, and returned to the new Jedi Order. He was reunited with Jaina, and they were dispatched on a reconnaissance mission to the Kiris Asteroid Cluster. Shortly after verifying the presence of the Kiris Shipyards, the Jedi tracked the Millennium Falcon leaving the Corellian System, and followed it to the Hapes Cluster. There, they learned of the possible roles playedby Jaina's parents in an assassination attempt on Tenel Ka's life. They followed one of the Falcon's possible escape vectors to Terephon, where they discovered that Ducha Galney was one of the main conspirators in the assassination.

After barely escaping Ducha Galney's attempt to kill them, Zekk and Jaina were rescued from Terephon by Ben Skywalker and the crew of the Rover, only to find themselves returning to Hapes in the midst of the Heritage Fleet's attack on the planet. They were able to get a warning off to the Fountain Palace before having to abandon the Rover, but were recovered by Jaina's parents, who were also trying to avoid the battle. In a bold move, Ben tried to arrest Han and Leia Solo as Corellian insurgents, then he drew his lightsaber on Jaina when she tried to help them repair the ship. Zekk tried to break up the confrontation, but took a lightsaber burn to his side. He was stabilized during the fighting, but had to spend several days in a Hapan hospital to recover from his injuries.

Upon returning to Coruscant, Zekk and Jaina were assigned by Grand Master Skywalker to the task force that was hunting down Alema Rar. Unfortunately for Jaina, the task force was being led by Jagged Fel, which put an odd strain on the group's dynamic. Although Jaina and Zekk had lost their connection as Joiners, they were still connected through the Force. The group briefly joined Han and Leia Solo on a mission to infiltrate the Anakin Solo, with Zekk and Jaina hiding the holds of the Love Commander with an ysalamiri, which helped hide their presence in the Force. Although the mission was ultimately unsuccessful, it gave them the knowledge that Jacen was not all-powerful.

Jagged, Zekk, and Jaina returned to their hunt for Alema Rar, hoping to use their knowledge of Force phantoms to weaken her enough for them to defeat her. They traveled aboard the Millennium Falcon to Alema's lair in the MZX32905 System, but then split up to divide Alema Rar's attention and cause her to expend more energy. Because Jagged, Jaina, and Zekk all took different paths to Alema's lair, she had to attack them with three Force phantoms. Zekk sustained broken ribs when he confronted one of the phantoms, but kept her busy while Jagged and Jaina set out to attack from other places. While moving through the asteroid, he later encountered the Sith meditation sphere that Alema had acquired when Lumiya was killed. He was able to commune with the sphere through the Force, and allowed himself to make contact with the Dark Side of the Force in order to convince the sphere that he was a Sith. In this way, he convinced the sphere - which was known simply as Ship - that it was no longer beholden to Alema Rar, and was free to return to Ziost. In this way, he was able to trap Alema Rar on the asteroid. However, he slipped dangerously close to falling completely to the Dark Side of the Force, and had to spend several minutes in deep meditation to prevent it.

He managed to regain his composure and made his way back to the Jaina's location, while dodging the explosions that had been laid by Jag. The pair managed to return to the Millennium Falcon before the asteroid shook itself apart, but they had to wait several agonizing moments before Jag reported that he had also escaped. Upon returning to the temporary Jedi outpost on the Forest Moon of Endor, Zekk submitted himself to the Jedi healers, hoping to repair the mental and physical injuries he had suffered on Alema's asteroid. When he had recovered, Zekk agreed to pilot a starfighter as Rakehell Ten, on a mission to disable Centerpoint Station and prevent it from falling into Jacen Solo's hands.

After Centerpoint was destroyed, Zekk assisted Master Skywalker in readying the Jedi Order to move from its temporary base on the Forest Moon of Endor, to a more permanent location on Shedu Maad. When Jaina returned from Mandalore and set out to bring her brother to justice, Zekk began to feel that the connection they shared in the Force was growing weak, but kept his feelings to himself. During the defense of the Shedu Maad base against an attack from Darth Caedus, Zekk served as Jaina's wingman on a mission to have Jaina infiltrate the Anakin Solo and confront her brother again. Their battle-meld took a little work, but they were soon working on concert, helping to draw Caedus' forces down The Throat and into a Jedi trap.

Once the Anakin Solo was deep enough into the trap, Jaina and Zekk set off in their StealthX fighters to bombard the ship with shadow bombs. They engaged in what was essentially a suicide run, once the Anakin Solo opened up with all her point-defense lasers. The gunners made no attempt to target the ship, but instead just filled the surrounding space with laser blasts and hoped that the fighters would be unable to avoid them. Both Zekk and Jaina were able to fly through this barrage and launch their shadow bombs, but Jaina found that she could no longer sense Zekk in the Force. She hadn't felt him die, but could not longer locate his presence. After she defeated her brother, Jaina asked Jagged Fel to search for his ejection capsule, but the Transitory Mists kept them from locating its rescue beacon.(LO, L, DK, SHA, TEP, ROM, UF, DN1, DN3, LF1, LF2, LF3, LF4, LF6, LF7, LF9)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

This alien race was native to the planet Zekulae.(DOH)

This planet was the homeworld of the Zeku race.(DOH)

This man was one of the leaders of the Freedom movement, serivng Malinza Thanas during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. When Malinza escaped from jail, with the help of Jaina Solo, it was Zel's hot temper that led him to accuse Jaina of betraying them. Only when a homing bacon was found sewn into the waistband of Malinza's pants did Zel relent. Unfortunately, Zel was shot and killed by the Bakuran police when the location of the Stack was revealed. The police raided the Stack, and Zel was shot while fleeing.(FH2)

A common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "traveler" or "explorer".(GCG)

This backwater planet was a haven for all sorts of criminals during the early years of the New Order.(DCAR)

This female Ishi Tib and her friend, Lyari, were among the many independent spacers who became Joiners during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Zelara who confronted Luke Skywalker when he arrived in the Unknown Regions in search of seven yougn Jedi who had joined the Colony, after the Ishi Tib sensed his presence in the Force.(DN1)

This barren ball of rock was the second planet in the Zel System. It was orbited by three moons.(PH)

This was a slender, lop-horned her animal that was native to the planet Dagro. The farmers of the planet managed to domesticate zeles for use as pack animals.(SWI76)

This imperial pilot served with Soontir Fel int he 37th Imperial Fighter Wing during the Reslian Purge.(MBF)

Zel'iphian Slave Traders
This group of slavers, led by Ith'ril Eventide, was based in the Dantooine System during the height of the New Order.(SWGAL)

This rotund alien, the Ambassador of the planet Majoor during the last years of the Old Republic, was one of C-3PO's owners before the droid was owned by Jord Dusat and Thall Joben. Ambassador Zell acquired the droids after they left the service of Lonn Idd and his children, Vik and Nikki, to serve as tutors and companions for his son Llez. However, he was unaware that his constant absence had turned Llez' attention to more devious pursuits. When Zell set out on a diplomatic mission to Armath, he found himself being pursued by the noted space pirate, Reddjak. Unknown to Zell, Llez had run away from home to set Reddjak free and join his pirate band. As Reddjak's forces closed in, Zell ordered his own security officers to turn the table on the pirate and board the attacking ship. Llez had realized that Reddjak wasn't a worthy hero, and helped his father bring the pirate to justice. It was then that Zell revealed he had once been a Space Ranger, earning more of Llez' admiration. In the wake of the incident, Zell resolved to spend more time with his son, and sent the droids back to the Intergalactic Droid Agency for reassignment.(MDCAR, NEGC)

Zellock, Kleb
A heavy-set individual, Kleb maintained a small criminal empire on the planet Tyne's Horky during the early years of the New Order. He was distinguished by the specialized visor he wore over his eyes, as well as his thick lips, which surrounded a mouth full of sharp teeth. Kleb operated Doodnik's Café as a front for many of his activities. He planned to make a fortune by mining Nergon-14 and then selling it to the highest bidder, and worked his miners hard to ensure a steady production of the explosive. When the time came, Zellock planned to simply leave Tyne's Horky with his fortune. He failed to anticipate the arrival of R2-D2 and C-3PO, who were trying to rescue Kez-Iban and return him to his homeworld. In the ensuing melee, a load of Nergon-14 was activated, and Zellock tried to flee. One of his closest lieutenants, Yorbo, realized that Zellock had betrayed him, and helped Jann Tosh render Zellock unconscious. As the group fled Zellock's mining base, the Nergon-14 exploded. It was believed that Zellock died in the explosion, but he was actually captured by Jann Tosh and turned over to the authorities.(DCAR, SWDB)

This gas giant was the fifth and outermost planet in the Zel System. It was orbited by seventeen moons.(PH)

This man served as a Grand Moff in the ancient Sith Empire, during the years leading up to the Sacking of Coruscant. Grand Moff Zellos was placed in command of the Sith forces that attacked the planet Bothawui, hoping to capture the planet and establish a Sith presence in the Mid Rim. However, the Republic's forces destroyed the first wave of attacks that the Sith had planned, forcing Zellos to retreat. Zellos then gathered warships from across the galaxy and launched a second wave of attacks on Bothawui, anticipating that the Republic had left only a token force behind. Zellos dispatched 50,000 troops to the planet's surface, where they were ordered to attack the Republic's positions in head-on assaults. This allowed Jedi Master Belth Allusis and the Republic's soldiers to cut down the Sith as they pressed forward, but they were vastly outnumbered. Allusis and his forces fought to the death, but Zellos and the Sith suffered tremendous losses. In the end, the Battle of Bothawui proved costly to both sides, and Grand Moff Zellos was once again forced to retreat and regroup.(SWORW)

This searing ball of rock, known for its active volcanoes, was the innermost planet of the Velm System.(WOTC)

This planet was the innermost world of the Zel System. Zeloa was unusual in that it was a gas giant located so close to its primary star. It was orbited by fourteen moons.(PH)

This gas giant was the fifth planet in the Velm System. It was orbited by eleven moons and a system of debris rings.(WOTC)

This man served as the Regent of the planet Velmor for twenty years, following the subjugation of the planet by the Empire. During this time, Zelor was one of Prince Anod's closest advisors, during his early political training on Velmor. He challenged Luke Skywalker, who was in the guise of Korl Marcus, to a duel, when Luke arrived on Velmor with Prince Denid. Rather than rely on Captain Traal's plans to have Marcus kill Denid, Zelor convinced Prince Anod to do it. Zelor then planned to execute Anod himself. However, in the attempt, Anod was shot and killed by Traal. Zelor himself set out to kill Luke, but was no match for the Jedi's strength and cunning. Zelor was killed in the struggle, shortly after Traal murdered Jedidiah. It was later revealed that Zelor had become greedy, and had set into motion his own plans to eliminate Anod and Denid, hoping to place his own family on the throne.(LTA2, WOTC, MC49)

This white star was the central point of the Zelos System. This system was anomalous because of the proximity of a large, stationary gravity well near the outermost world of Rymm. The planets and moons in the system were continually pulled toward Zelos and the gravity well, although they have never left their orbits around Zelos. Travel within the system was extremely hazardous if the proper routes were not followed.(PG2)

This world was the home planet of the Aga.(COJ)

Zelos II
This planet, the second world located in the Zelos System, was the homeworld of the Zelosians. It was a mountainous world with four moons. The Empire subjugated the planet in an effort to control the export of raw ores. In a marvel of subversion, it kept the Zelosians ignorant of the exact destination of the ores. The Zelosians were completely unaware that they were working to support the Imperial war machine. When the Battle of Endor signalled the end of the Empire, the Zelosians assumed the Empire had abandoned its base on Zelos II. However, the Imperials remained behind, hidden in the Valley of Umbra. The New Republic tried to infiltrate the base and eradicate the Imperial presence on Zelos II, which had been tipped off by a group of mercenaries. Unfortunately, the Republic's Red Team Five was nearly wiped out in the raid. The average day on Zelos II lasted 20 standard hours, and its year lasted 300 local days. It was rumored that the dead could come back to life if they made it to the Bare Forest, as several animated corpses were seen at different times of the year in several cities. It was later discovered that a species of wormlike creatures were scavenging on the dead bodies. Their feeding released chemicals that affected the nervous system of the bodies they consumed. In higher-order creatures like humans, which had been dead just a short while, this often fired the central nervous system into action. The result was that, for a short time, the muscles of the dead body were contracted automatically, sometimes resulting in enough motion to imitate walking.(PG2, TFNR)

This near-human race was native to the planet Zelos II. The Zelosians guarded a wonderful secret about their heritage, because they were descended from an intelligent race of plants, and had a liquid form of green chlorophyll for blood. The average Zelosian could not consume sugar, which acted like a powerful alcohol in their bloodstream. The eyes of every Zelosian were emerald green, and were incapable of seeing in the dark. This night-blindness had created a species-wide fear of the dark, and remain hidden indoors after the sun goes down. The average Zelosian was quite superstitious, with a variety of beliefs which would seem ridiculous to the modern being.(PG2, AE, DSTR)

Zelosian's Chine
Located deep in the heart of the Great Zelosi Sea, the Chine was a sharp-spired ridge of coralline mountains that was surrounded by deadly reefs. Legends persist of a vast treasure hidden in caves at the base of the Chine, but have never fully been proved true. The legend claims that a merchant prince was traveling in his starship during one of the Sepulchral Night eclipses. The ship was dragged down by Zelos' gravity well, and forced to crash in the ocean. It landed near the Chine, with most of its base revealed during the low tide. The prince was unaware of the unusual tides on Zelos II, and began directing his men to bury the treasure in the caves at the mountain's base. The tide began to roll in, swiftly engulfing the prince, his men, and his treasure. Melks supposedly consumed the prince and his crew, and the treasure was never seen again. The problem with finding the treasure was that the only way to get to the caves was to travel at the time of the lowest tides on Zelos II. These only occur during the Day of the Sepulchral Night, and every native Zelosian hides indoors on this day. Thus, explorers must have a good idea of where to go before the Day occurs. When fully exposed by low tides, the Chine resembles the skeletal remains of a huge, spiny-backed beast.(TFNR)

An Alliance transport ship captured during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

This near-human race was native to the planet Zeltros. The average Zeltron had the ability to project powerful pheromones at another individual, and their empathic abilities allowed them to sense the feelings of other beings. Many beings described these abilities as telepathy that utilized feelings instead of words. As a people, the Zeltrons cared little for military force or planetary defense, but they were continually in top physical condition. Individual Zeltrons were easily distinguished by their deep red skin and their black hair, and they were characterized by their love of gambling and their ability to love other beings unconditionally. When a Zeltron was deprived of the ability to love or gamble, they usually resorted to violence, and were known to be excellent warriors when they had no other way to channel their enthusiasm. The average Zeltron could consume a large amount of alcohol, since they had two livers and could process the alcohol much more efficiently.(EGA, MC70, MC96, CN2)

Zeltron Artistic Guild
This guild oversaw the export of Zeltron artwork to the rest of the galaxy, during the early years of the New Republic.(GMR1)

Zeltron Flute
This wind instrument was created by the mistrels and musicians of the planet Zeltros.(PH)

Zeltron Lead
This was the name given to a debate or discussion tactic in which one party made a rude or disparaging comment about an aspect under discussion, in an effort to lure the other party into providing more information than they were prepared to divulge.(DN3)

Zeltron Lute
This stringed instrument was created by the mistrels and musicians of the planet Zeltros.(PH)

Zeltronian Fun Dip
This was another name for the hallucinogenic drug known as dontworry.(OWS)

Zeltronian Spiced Wine
Dengar had drunk too much of this the night before Jabba died, and so he missed the trip to the Pit of Carkoon.(DESB)

This planet, the third world in the Zel System, was the homeworld of the Zeltrons. It was located in the Stenness Node, not far from Ambria and Amara. Sometime after the Battle of Endor, both the Hiromi and the Nagai tried to subjugate Zeltros for their own empires, but their attacks coincided with each other. This allowed the meager forces of the Alliance of Free Planets to defat both sides, maintaining Zetros' freedom. The planet was located on the edge of the Outer Rim, near the Unknown Regions. It was orbited by a pair of moons. It was said that "One Zeltron was the life of the party. On Zeltros, life was the party." Note that the Planet Hoppers entries for Zeltros claim that the planet was located in the Inner Rim.(MC73, MC104, UANT, PH, GMR1)

Zeltros Slider
This was one of the basic slider varieties that were available at Dex's Diner, during the final years of the Old Republic. The Zeltros Slider was considered quite spicy, since it was made with a Mongo Beefhead patty that was topped with pop-peppers from Zeltros. The sandwich also had magenta onions and pink lettuce, which added to its unusual reddish color, and the entire dish was served on medium-density food-board that was lavishly spread with Dex's special "pleasure planet sauce".(OWS)

This planet, covered woth frozen deserts, was the fourth planet in the Zel System. It was orbited by four moons.(PH)

This man was one of the many miners who earned a living on the planet Vanquo, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. Zem was on duty when Zayne Carrick and his band of mercenaries arrived on Vanquo in search of supplies. He was easily fooled when a transmission showed a Jedi Master being overrun near their mine, and he convinced his comrades that they needed to abandon the mine and escape from the marauding Mandalorians. Unknown to Zem, the "Jedi Master" was actually Jarael in disguise, a ruse to get the miners out of their compund so that Zayne and his companions to raid their stores.(KOR2)

This Imperial nerve agent was created in a laboratory on Coruscant during the last years of the New Order. The espionage droid known as the IT planned to use zemex to incapacitate the entire Senate of the fledgeling New Republic, as part of a plan to eliminate the Republic and reclaim Coruscant for the Empire.(AFA)

Zemphyr Defenders, Incorporated
This small corporation produced a number of anti-weapon devices, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(GFT)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

Zend, Salla
An old flame of Han Solo's during the early years of the New Order, Salla Zend worked long and hard as a tech on a corporate transport to save enough credits to float a loan from a Hutt to buy her own ship. She started out as a normal merchant aboard the Rimrunner, but somehow ended up as a sumggler. She often referred to her ship as "he", bucking the centuries-old tradition of naming ships after females. It was during her career as a smuggler that she met Han Solo and Shug Ninx. They made a number of runs together, smuggling spice to the Stenness System and trying to outdo each other on the Kessel Run. Then, during a routine solo run, the hyperdrive onboard the Rimrunner failed. She would have crashed into a neutron star if Solo hadn't saved her. However, her ship was lost. Note that Rebel Dawn indicates that Salla lost the Rimrunner after she attempted to beat Han during a Kessel Run. She attempted to microjump across the Maw, and fried her ship's systems upon re-entry. The experience left Salla deeply shaken, and she took Roa's advice and decided to settle down. She told everyone that she and Han were going to get married, and starting making plans. Solo didn't want to get married, however, and he left her on Nar Shaddaa. After that, she began working on her new ship, the Starlight Intruder, with Shug's help. When Han showed up on Nar Shaddaa following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Salla was pulled into the New Republic's web. She helped Solo escaped Boba Fett, and was again left waiting to see if Han would ever call back. As fate would have it, Solo did come back. However, she and Shug Ninx were forced to leave the spaceport after Han Solo destroyed one of their prized cruisers, and Zasm Katth and Baddon Fass ransack the garage. Because of the financial losses she suffered, Salla considered her debts to the New Republic repaid, and planned to return to Byss and recover the Starlight Intruder. Shortly after learning that the ship had been dismantled by Imperial technicians, Salla once again found herself helping the Republic. She was instrumental in getting her fellow smugglers to help cover the Republic's attack on Byss, and later helped defend the New Alderaan base from Imperial attack.(DE1, DESB, DE2, THG, RD, SWDB)

This was a common name among the Umbaran people.(UANT)

Zeneta, Dutra
This aging Jin served as the commander of several Alliance special agent teams, notably Scandium and Shroud Teams. He was one of the few survivors of the Wellte-ir Massacre, as well as the Vidicx and Loac Campaigns. After the deaths of his team in the Wellte-ir Massacre, Alliance Command was worried that he was suicidal. However, he requested and received permission to use Shroud Team as a foster agent group, and worked hard to make sure isolated agents made it home. His primary skills were in the areas of tactics and infiltration, and those agents that served under him did so with intense loyalty.(SWJ10)

This Falleen crimelord was active during the last decades of the Old Republic. He set up shop on The Wheel several months before the Battle of Geonosis, and managed to attract the attention of Korto Vos. At the same time, he came into possession of a datadisk which contained a message from Nute Gunray, describing an imminent attack on the planet Kamino by the Separatists. The disk was stolen by Khaleen and turned over to Korto Vos. Zenex, however, was unaware that Vos had the disk, and when Khaleen contacted him to negotiate a deal for its return, Zenex agreed. Unaware that a copy was on its way to the Jedi Knights, Zenex met with Khaleen and told that he wouldn't kill her for the theft. Instead, he used his pheromones to attract her and persuade her to shoot herself. Vos managed to intervene before she could pull the trigger, and Aayla Secura was able to confront Zenex. She gave him the impression that she was falling under his chemical spell, then ignited her lightsaber into his chest. Zenex died instantly, and Vos was forced to meet with his Neimoidian contact in order to complete the transfer. A nudge with the Force allowed the disk to continue its journey without any problems.(RS)

This man served as one of Orman Tagge's aides, during the early months of the New Order. When Tagge's eyes were burned from their sockets by Darth Vader, it was Zenfrei who went for help.(EAEG)

This mineral was mined on the prison world of Oovo IV, where prisoners were forced to labor in mines as part of their punishment. Like most other minerals, zenium could only be extracted from the surrounding rock through the use of a gasifier, which used electrical energy to convert the rock into plasma-like gas, which was then collected by vacuum hoses and passed through carbonite nano-fibers to collect any gasified zenium. Once the mineral was exposed, it fractured into hexagonal pieces that could be collected by hand. Any zenium dust that remained in the air was hazardous to the health of the miners who extracted it, because the zenium collected in the lungs and acted like a dry acid. It destroyed the fragile tissues of the lungs, eating away at the tissue until a being could no longer use their lungs to breath. This condition was known as pyroliosis, but the prisoners simply called it firelung. Zenium dust affected most humanoid races, and could also wreak havoc with the photoreceptor systems of most droids.(CN2)

Zenji Needles
These small, thin needles were ostensibly used to decorate elaborate hairstyles. They were beautifully lacquered in a multitude of colors. However, these apparently decorative devices were actually reinforced projectiles that became deadly weapons when used by trained beings. The use of Zenji needles came to be associated with the Mistryl Shadow Guard, who often used them on their missions.(SOP, GUN, HG, RF3)

Zenlav, Gustav
This man was a General in the Mandalorian Mercs, several centuries before the Galactic Civil War. Zenlav started out a a grunt shock trooper, but he quickly distinguished himself from the standard rank-and-file. He was known for his innovative designs for weaponry and armor, and was generally credited with the creation of MandalMotors and the development of the Wing-Blast jet pack.(SWI80)

This was the name of an infamous bounty hunter who was active during the era of the Galactic Civil War.(GMH)

Zenn Bien
This Sullustan phrase meant "tranquil breeze" when translated into Basic.(MF)

Zeno, Jacome
This swindler and conman worked on the planet Entralla, selling "atmosphere insurance" and other bogus commodities to unwitting natives.(SWJ4)

The second planet in the five-world Demophon System, Zenobah was destroyed when the system's primary star exploded as a supernova.(SN)

A huge boring device used by the Empire to drill for ore.(MMY)

Zenoti Arms
This weapons manufacturer was based on the planet Utapau, during the final years of the Old Republic.(VD3, CVD)

Zenox Star Cluster
This area of the galaxy supported the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.(CSWEA)

This term from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "sensors".(GPB)

Zent, Pettyr
This Imperial officer was in command of the garrison on Byblos, during the Galactic Civil War.(SWJ9)

This alien race was known for its technology.(MJH)

This Duinuogwuin Jedi was a Padawan who was chosen by B'dard Tone as an apprentice, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Unfortunately for Master Tone, Zephata'ru'tor was killed during the battle of Nadiem, when General Grievous fled the planet on his Belbullab-22 fighter.(SWI86)

This was a common name among the Duinuogwuin who had been encountered in the galaxy.(GORW)

This was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology.(GCG)

This small Ewok infant was a member of Bright Tree Village, during the years before the Battle of Endor.(DCAR)

According to Ewok legend, this wind spirit was known to warn Ewoks when a storm was coming.(GCG)

This model of swoop bike was produced by Mobquet some thirty years before the Battle of Naboo. It measured 3.68 meters in length, and was capable of achieved speeds in excess of 350 kilometers per hour. Designed for a single rider, the Zephyr-G could uncomfortably accommodate a passenger on the drive section. Despite their age, many Zephyr-G swoops remained in service during the Galactic Civil War, a testament to their original quality and their upgradability.(X2, SWI64, SWGAL)

This ancient slaver owned the starship Sickly Tremor, which he used to transport his slave cargoes during the years leading up to the Battle of Ruusan. During a stopover on Ovise III, Zephyrus claimed to have found a race of beings that could lift a speeder with one hand, and had his ship outfitted with huge cages in an attempt to capture and sell them to the highest bidder. Although Zephyrus and the Sickly Tremor were never seen again, records of his travels and his stories have led many xenobiologists to theorize that he was stranded on the Forest Moon of Endor, and that his cargo of slaves evolved into the Phlogs that lived on the moon.(OWS)

This was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XVT)

This Neimoidian word translated into Basic as "there."(GPB)

This was the twenty-sixth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "z".(SWM)

This Snivvian was the last of the truly evil leaders who were born from a twin-male birth. The breaking of the Blood Code gave him his evil tendencies. Zereldspidar was eventually defeated by Old Republic forces.(GG12)

Zerimar, Ram
This Mandalorian soldier was one of the best snipers of his generation. He agreed to meet with Boba Fett and Goran Beviin at Zerria's Bar, on Drall, to discuss Thrackan Sal-Solo's offer of employment, some ten years after the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. Sal-Solo wanted the Mandalorians to fight on the side of Corellia, if he was forced to go to war against the Galactic Alliance in order to ensure Corellia's independence. Zerimar was easily distinguished from other Mandalorians by the dark gray handprint of an infant that decorated his Mandalorian armor, as well as the Verpine sniper weapon that he carried over his shoulder. Like many other Mandalorians, Zerimar returned to Mandalore when Boba Fett became Mand'alor and requested that any expatriated soldiers return to help their homeworld restore itself to prominence. He was one of the many soldiers who agreed to carry out Fett's mission to support Admiral Daala's secret naval force, when the Imperial Remnant agreed to back up Jacen Solo's plans to capture Fondor.(LF2, LF8)

Zerk, Feinu
This being lived on the planet Talus during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Zerk, Palu
This being was living on Rori during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This tropical planet was continually wracked by typhoons and hurricanes until Renn Volz reclimatized it with his Ionic Ring. This first test of the ship's abilities was a resounding success, but attracted the attention of Captain Bzorn and the Empire.(CSWEA)

Zero Gravity Fizzyglug
This was one of the newer varieties of carbonated beverage that was produced by Fizzyglug. Zero Gravity Fizzyglug was first developed during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, and was created to provide the taste of Original Fizzyglug in a calorie-free beverage.(OWS)

Zero Leader
Klyn Shanga's callsign during the Renatasian attack on the Millennium Falcon during the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka.(LCS)

Zero Squadron
This was the designation used to describe the twenty-four Renatasian starfighters that were under the command of Klyn Shanga, after they joined the Imperial forces who were blockading the ThonBoka.(LCS)

Zero Zero Zero
This was the common street slang used to describe the planet Coruscant, referring to its coordinate designation as 0,0,0 on many star charts.(RCTZ)

This was the designation of the Q9-series astromech droid used by Kyp Durron, during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Zero-1 had once been owned by a Mon Calamari philosopher, and was purchased at auction when Kyp went on his own, independent crusade against the Yuuzhan Vong. Zero-1 never truly had its memory systems erased, and continued to respond to Kyp's queries with rhetorical questions and probing dialogue. Kyp later explained that the droid's name was a joke on the philosophical belief that all life can be reduced to the binary code of zeroes and ones.(DJ)

Zero-G Club
This was a dance hall located on Cloud City, during the height of the New Order.(GMR3)

Zero-G Troops
see Spacetroopers(SWSB)

Zero-G Zone
This localized area of zero gravity was terraformed on the planet OM813, also known as Thrantin, by Barosa Warren. Created by installing repulsorlifts and gravitic generators in the ground, this zone served as one of the many obstacles that had to be traversed by students of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.(AIR, OWS)

Zero-Gee Hall
Located aboard The Wheel, this gladiatorial arena pitted combatants against each other in an arena which resembled the deepest reaches of space. Gravity was turned off, as were the lights, to simulate deep space.(ND)

Zero-gee Massager
A device found in many spas and resorts, this device combined an invigorating massage with a complete lack of gravitational forces, allowing a being's body to be completely relaxed and rejuvenated.(HSL)

Zerot's Point
This rocky outcropping overlooked The Puddle, and served as base from which Tilossa the Gotal protected the oasis and its town. Three old laser batteries were placed on the Point.(HAS)

This was a common name among the Toydarian race.(WOTC, UANT)

Zerria's Bar
This tavern was located on the planet Drall, some ten years after the end of the galaxy's war with the Yuuzhan Vong. Boba Fett and a small group of his Mandalorian soldiers agreed to meet at the Zerria to discuss Thrackan Sal-Solo's offer to fight on the side of the Corellians, should he be forced to go to war with the Galactic Alliance to ensure Corellian independence.(LF2)

This element was used in the formation of dura-armor and durasteel. During the years following the Great Sith War, zersium was used to create blaster rifles. During the era of the new Order, Strephan I'att and Daye Azur-Jamin discovered that zersium flecks, imbedded in the black body glove worn by stormtroopers, helped amplify the energy dissipation field they created for I'att Armaments. It also provided additional insulation and helped reduce thermal discomfort when the field absorbed a blaster bolt.(SWSB, TFE, CTD, KOTOR2)

see Zerimar, Ram(LF8)

Zessek, Henk
This was a noted Besalisk individual, prominent in the history of the planet Ojom.(UANT)

This small species of insect was noted for its incredibly swift movements.(DBRT)

zet Berri, Kal
This Lorrdian youth was the son of Governor Zenobia le Ingiana of the Kinyov province. His father had been killed in a speeder accident, an accident that Kal somehow survived. A facial scar served as a constant reminder of the accident, which took place during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Kal was distinguished by his black hair and shabby clothing, and he was studying to train as a pilot at the Sebs Jemas Flight School when he befriended Tash and Zak Arranda. He was also a more than competent sabacc player, and had a talent for mimicking the voices of other beings. When the Alderaanian children arrived on Lorrd with their uncle, Mammon Hoole, Kal instantly knew that they shared a common bond because of their lost parents. Despite the fact that he was the Governor's son, Kal openly railed against Raygar and the Argazdans, and once sarcastically claimed that the slave pits were nothing more than poi ponds that the Argazdans were building. In private, he revealed the Tash that he had plans to join the Alliance after graduating from flight school. Kal later helped the Arrandas escape from the creature that Raygar released from the Great Slave Pit of Lorrd, then revealed that he was actually Garik Loran. He had adopted the alias of Kal zet Berri in order to avoid being discovered by Imperial forces, who believed that he was dead.(OWS)

zet Chatc, Pordi
This Lorrdian playwright was perhaps best-known for the tragedy Torphceris, which was written several centuries before the Battle of Yavin. Although the story of the play took place at the end of the Kanz Disorders, many modern theater-goers pointed out that there were many similarities to the situation that arose when the Galactic Empire was formed, and Emperor Palpatine was revealed to have been a Sith Lord who would do anything to remain in power.(OWS)

This was one of the common designations used by the targetting computers installed on Imperial warships to identify a group of Imperial bombers. Because most Imperial bombers, like TIE Bombers, were mass-manufactured, their transponders codes were often little more than a group of letters and numbers. In order to distinguish these ships from enemy vessels during a battle, Imperial targetting computers assigned all bombers in a given unit to a specific group, each with a specific designation. The first group discovered by the targetting computer was usually assigned to the Zeta group, and the ships within that group were also given a numerical identifier, such as Zeta 1. In situations where bombers from two or more base ships were participating in a battle, the designation Zeta was preceded by a character that was unique to the base ship.(TIEP)

Zeta 245698 Alpha
This was the access code required to enter the Sith enclave that was maintained on Manaan during the height of the Great Sith War.(KOTOR)

Zeta Five
This Cha'a drone ship was owned by Ssk Kahorr, and was used to ferry supplies to, and ores from, the mining colony on Goluud Minor. It was the first ship sent by Ssk Kahorr to Goluud Minor via the Goluud Corridor. Loaded with supplies for the colony, Zeta Five came through hyperspace too close to Primus Goluud. The unstable star's gravity pulled the ship in and destroyed it.(GAS)

Zeta Hangar
This was the name used by the Galactic Alliance's naval forces to describe the lowest of the many hangar areas on a capital ship. The Zeta Hangar was usually set aside for supply duty, allowing starfighters and other military vessels to move through the more accessible hangars.(LF5)

Zeta One
This ion cannon was developed by GenaTech, under the direction of the New Republic, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Despite its power, the Zeta One left behind a nano-scopic field of ionized particles, providing enemy sensors with a way to track the vessel what was firing the weapon.(SWJ6)

Zeta Squadron
The stormtrooper squadron sent to recover Jix for Darth Vader. Jix killed all but one member in a barroom firefight, and managed to knock the last member unconscious.(SST)

Zeta Squadron
This was the designation of the stormtrooper squadron that was sent to locate R2-D2 and C-3PO at all costs, after the droids escaped from the Tantive IV and landed on Tatooine. Davin Felth was a member of the squadron, which was under the command of Captain Mod Terrik. Zeta squadron destroyed the Jawa sandcrawler which had collected the droids, and razed the Lars homestead when it couldn't find the droids there. The final futility for Zeta squadron came when it failed to halt the launch of the Millennium Falcon. The firefight which ensued provided a cover under which Felth executed Captain Terrik.(TME, E4VG)

Zeta Zero Nine
This frigid water world was located in the Wastes. Much of the landmass of the planet was in the form of treacherous islands, most of which were surrounded by unnavigable seas. The seas were dangerous because of three things: the intense tidal forces inflicted on the planet by its wide orbital path, icebergs, and extremely cold temperature of the water. An intense magnetic field limits the use of sensors near the planet, and no lifeforms have been discovered on it. The planet's day lasted 25 standard hours, and its year lasted 403 local days. Zeta Zero Nine was the site of Imperial Moff Jesco Comark's secret base, from which he developed the Death-Hunter cyborg assassin.(SWJ9)

Zeta-class Shuttle
This form of long-range shuttle was developed by the Telgorn Corporation for use by the Old Republic, and were originally planned for deployment aboard Victory-class Star Destroyers. However, with the advent of the Empire and the introduction of the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, the Zeta-class shuttle was phased out in favor of the Lambda-class shuttle. The Zeta-class shuttle measured 35 meters in length, and was armed with a pair of front-mounted laser cannons. It was controlled by a pilot and co-pilot, and could transport up to ten troops and 25 metric tons of cargo. Because of their mission profile, Zeta-class shuttles were given Class One hyperdrives.(SWJ11)

This was a common name among the Chev race.(UANT)

Zethusian Plains
This area of the planet Kamori was devastated by a huge earthquake, sometime after the Battle of Yavin. The resulting tidal waves and destruction kiled hundreds of thousands of Kamorians and damaged several large cities.(SWJ5)

This Alliance MC40a was active during the Galactic Civil War.(XVT)

Zev, Lina
This woman was a friend of Jaina Solo, and often served as Jaina's double during the years following the Swarm War, in situations where Jaina needed to be somewhere other than in public view. Jaina referred to Lina by the codename Curved, which referred to the fact that she was like a fishing hook, having captured Jaina's appearance almost perfectly.(FJ2)
This was the Neimoidian word for the number 7.(GPB)

Zevanth Street
This was a busy thoroughfare found in Galactic City, on the planet Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(OWS)

This was the Bocce word for the number 7.(GPB)

This was one of the most common names given to male Corellians.(GMR9)

This Old Republic probe was dispatched from Elrood Sector to Cegul Sector, but was believed to have been destroyed while passing through the Kuras Asteroid Field.(PG3)

A large, humanoid alien race from the planet Prazhi, in the Expansion Region, these creatures had pointed heads which were covered in scales. Long, curved tusks extend from their mouths. Their violent nature made them a perfect addition to a mercenary squad or a protective guard, and they were often found working for Hutt crimelords.(TOJ, TOJC)

This given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy.(GCG)

Zey, Arligan
This Jedi Master assumed the role of an intelligence officer when the Clone Wars broke out. He was one of the early supporters of the clone trooper development program, stating publicly that "Intelligent humans don't need programming. That's why they'll always defeat droids." Zey was also one of the few individuals who knew about the Null-class ARC Troopers, and often used them on data-gathering missions deep in Separatist territory. He was part of the team that discovered the development of a nanovirus by Ovolot Qail Uthan, and led the planning effort for a mission to capture Uthan on Qiilura. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that Etain Tur-Mukan had survived the mission, and was also impressed with the fact that she had grown during the period into a strong leader. Following the successful mission, Master Zey and Padawan Tur-Mukan remained on Qiilura to help with the clean-up and to pave the wave for the Gurlanin to return to their homeworld as free beings. Later, Master Zey became aware of several discrepancies in the number of battle droids being produced for the Separatist armies. Although claims were made that the Separatists controlled more than a quadrillion droids in their armies, information gathered by the Null troopers led Zey to believe that the number was actually less than half a billion. This number, according to Kal Skirata and the Nulls, meant that a large-scale attack on the Separatists could cripple their armed forces, and bring the war to an end. Zey believed Skirata's assessment, but his recommendations were always shelved as "the uncesssary use of excessive force" by Chancellor Palpatine.

In the wake of the Qiilura actions, Zey was promoted to Director of Special Forces, a position that put him command of the Special Operations Brigade of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was also ordered by Chancellor Palpatine himself to locate Ko Sai, in order to help ensure that the Grand Army of the Republic had a ready supply of clones. Palpatine believed that the galactic populace would find conscription to be unacceptable, and stated that he would not accept failure in this mission. It was also during this time that Zey began to speak out about the fact that many Jedi Generals were developing close relationships with their clone commanders. He spoke about this concern with the Jedi Council, hoping to forestall any problems when clones died in combat. General Zey was eventually contacted by Chancellor Palpatine himself, and charged with locating Ko Sai and bringing the Kaminoan scientist into custody. He conscripted Delta Squad and Bardan Jusik to carry out the mission, but they were always a step behind another team. Unknown to Zey, this other team was being led by Kal Skirata, who wanted to capture Ko Sai in order to learn the secret of extending the life of the clone troopers. When Jusik and the Deltas tracked Ko Sai to Dorumaa, Zey approved any necessary funding required by Jusik to complete the mission, but they found no evidence of the Kaminoan. While the hunt for Ko Sai continued, Zey discovered that someone had hacked into the Republic's databases and added information that the clone commando Fi had died from injuries received in combat. No official record of Fi's death had ever been received, prompting Zey to confront Skirata with this information.

Skirata knew nothing of the change, since it had actually been Besany Wennen who altered Fi's records, but the confrontation gave Skirata a chance to question Zey about the Republic's use of clone agents to assassinate defectors from the GAR. It was then Zey's turn to claim that he had no knowledge of such actions, leading him to fear that there was something going on in the Republic that not even the Jedi Order was aware of. His concerns about the state of the war were pushed to the side when Bardan Jusik declared that he wished to sever his ties with the Jedi Order, during an interview Zey had with Jusik and Etain Tur-Mukan. Zey had planned to demand more information about their activities over the last few months, but Jusik's rationale for leaving touched on many of the concerns Zey himself had, and he was forced to agree to Jusik's departure. He let Etain off without much more than a reprimand, and set out to find a way to replace another Jusik. His mood was not much improved when clone commando Sev arrived with a cryoseal bag, in which he delivered the head of Ko Sai. While glad that the mission to locate the Kaminoan was finally over, Zey did not relish the thought of returning to Chancellor Palpatine's office to report that she was dead. He questioned Sev about how he had obtained the head, but Sev provided no easy answers.

These events forced to Zey to confront the possibility that Kal Skirata was overstepping the boundaries of his assignment, and Zey feared that Skirata had become a spy or saboteur for the Separatists. He asked Walon Vau to keep an eye on Skirata, and report on any suspicious activities he observed. When Vau questioned his order, Zey explained that he was only trying to prevent Skirata from doing any harm to the Republic, in light of the fact that Ruusaan Skirata had been rounded up and sent to prison with a group of suspected Separatist supporters. When Vau later requested permission to extract Jilka Zan Zentis from the custody of the Republic Domestic Security force, Zey agreed to the plan because it would allow them to understand her true motives, knowing that the RDS would be unable to acquire and useful information by themselves. This was just one action that showed Zey was beginning to question the entire situation in the Republic, and it emboldened him to ask Ordo why he disliked the Jedi Knights. Ordo's explaination was simple - the Jedi had been led for too long by Yoda, and couldn't see that they had become stagnant - and prompted Zey to realize that the Republic itself had also degenerated.

When the command was issued to execute Order 66, Zey knew that the Special Operations Brigade was no longer considered part of the GAR, and that his own life was probably forfeit. He was only marginally relieved when Ordo refused to shoot him on sight, and offered him the chance to go into hiding. Before he could decide, though, Maze entered his office and demanded that Zey submit to the arrest order. Zey tried to explain that Palpatine was not the man they all believed him to be, but instead was a Sith Lord. This did nothing to deter Maze from carrying out his orders, and Zey wanted nothing to do with being imprisoned by Palpatine. Zey resigned himself to his fate, and asked Maze to kill him at once. The clone trooper obeyed this final order, shooting Zey dead.(RCHC, SWI84, SWI87, RCTZ, RCTC, RC66)

This planet, located in Farlax Sector's Koornacht Cluster, was one of the original Duskhan League worlds.(SOL)

This TIE FIghter intercepted Leia Organa and Hume over Phelarion.(CSWEA)

This warm, pink-colored river was found on the planet Ruuria.(HSL)

Z-Gomot Ternbuell Guppat Corporation
This manufacturer of unusual ground vehicles was based in the Zug System, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Notable among their vehicles was the Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike.(X3)

This Mon Calamari served as a Commander in the Alliance's Intentions division, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Known to his friends and peers and Ziggy, Zgorth'sth discovered the build-up of the Oplovis fleet, just before it was scheduled to attack Mantooine. With the Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor, and the struggle to eradicate the Imperial influence, Zgorth'sth was promoted to Captain and took command of the New Republic's Department of Threat Assessment.(RASB, AIR, SWJ15)

ZH-25 Questor
A Starfeld starship design, the ZH-25 Questor followed on the success of the Z-10 Seeker. The initial design parameters for the ZH-25 were to eliminate the flaws in the original Z-10 design while reusing as much of the original design as possible. The ZH-25 added a pair of cargo pods to the main fuselage of the Z-10, doubling the amount of cargo it could transport. Weapons systems were also improved with the use of Taim & Bak pulse laser cannons, and shielding was upgraded with the use of a Sirplex P-12 generator. The Questor measured 22.4 meters in length, and required a pilot to operate. It could carry up to six passengers and 85 metric tons of cargo.(SS)

This was the Zabrak name for the Iridonian double-bladed fighting pike.(UANT)

This was the Yuuzhan Vong word for "truth." Note that the New Jedi Order Sourcebook indicates that this term was the Yuuzhan Vong word for "glory."(VP, NJOSB)

This was the Yuuzhan Vong phrase for "the glory of the Praetorite Vong."(VP)

Zham Hlar
This was the outermost planet of the Thaere System. The Thaereian Military maintained a large compound on the planet, during the Old Republic.(LFCW)

This natives of this planet were generally considered entertainers, and their animated, story-telling puppet shows were famous throughout the galaxy.(GOF4)

This planet was located in the Anoat Sector of the galaxy, in the heart of the Ivax Nebula. Known as a mining world, Zhanox was distinguished from many other worlds by its natural appearance. Nearly every square kilometer of the planet's landmass was studded with rocky spires, making the planet look like a huge pincushion.(WOA33)

This gas giant was orbitted by two moons, Gall and Kile. It was located in the far Rim Systems. Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire notes that Zhar was in the same system as Tatooine. This contradicts Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley, but might indicate that Zhar was located in the Arkanis Sector. Also note that the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook names this planet Zahr, and places it in Cadavine Sector.(SE, SSE, SESB)

Zharan Glass-snake
This unusual reptile was almost completely transparent, making virtually impossible to see until it struck.(BP)

Zhat Bug
A particularly onboxious species of insect.(COG)

This term from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "shields".(GPB)

This Rodian served as a Lieutenant in the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Zheepho was stationed on the planet Drongar, which did little to help his chronic case of smashbone fever. Something in Drongar's ecosystem awakened the disease, which had been dormant for years, and Zheepho spent a great deal of time in the hospital.(MJH)

This ancient race of humans was native to the planet Coruscant, during the planet's earliest period of civilization. Thirteen tribes of Zhell were united under a single, and coexisted for many generations before they were conquered by the Taungs. In an epic battle, the tide was turned when an active volcano erupted, spewing lava and ash into the sky. The main Zhell city was destroyed, nearly wiping the Zhell out and leaving the Taungs victorious. Many xenoarchaeologists believed that the surviving Zhell fled to the southern polar region, where they buried themselves alive in the ice. Millennia later, explorers located these burial grounds, which eventually became known as the Ice Crypts. Others believed that the Zhell eventually won their independence from the Taungs, forcing the gray-skinned beings to flee Coruscant.(SES, CCW, NECH)

This was the fourth day of the Coruscant week.(OWS)

This man served as the Captain of the Guard, protecting the Khoonda Plains area of Dantooine during the years following the Jedi Civil War. Zherron was known as a man of action, but this got him into trouble with the local mercenaries. Instead of driving them away, Zherron's actions only served to make the mercenaries more active on the Khoonda Plains. It was The Exile who exposed Zherron's troublesome ways, after he learned that Zherron had placed surveillance equipment inside the many atmospheric sensors that were used to monitor the weather. Zherron was eventually removed from his position and replaced by Berun. However, Berun was even more inept than Zherron was devious, and Administrator Terena Adare eventually removed Berun and restored Zherron to his former position.(KOTOR2)

This small, red fruit grew on trees. At the center of a zherry was a pit that needed to be extracted before the fruit could be eaten.(OWS)

This planet, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was the site of a Black Storm Command shipyard. It was one of the original twelve Duskhan League worlds.(BTS, SOL)

This man served the Alliance as a Lieutenant Commander as a security and intelligence officer during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Zhir-Khan was part of the team headed by Alton Lochner, and was on Ord Mantell when Callandri tried to assassinate Lochner.(AIR)

Zhol kash dinora
This ancient Sith phrase translated roughly into Basic as "It was done."(PH)

Zhord, Jusani
This Zabrak female was one of the Alliance's primary supporters on the planet Talus, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Zhotta 3
Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance held a galaxy-wide congress on this planet, to help decide what the fate of the galaxy would be in the wake of the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the Empire.(MC84)

This Yuuzhan Vong individual was a creche'-mate of Nen Yim. When the Shaper traveled to Zonama Sekot with Tahiri Veila, they found that they both shared memories of Zhul and another creche'-mate, P'loh. They discovered that Nen Yim's own memories had been stolen from her, through the use of the protocol of Qah, by Mezhan Kwaad for the creation of the Riina Kwaad personality that was implanted inside Tahiri's mind. After the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy, Zhul was assigned to the Baanu Ghezh as an apprentice Shaper.(FP)

This was a friendly nickname used by Admiral Jaim Helaw to describe his friend, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti.(DSTR)

This was one of the few Derriphan which survived until the era of the New Order. Typical of its kind, Ziakas sustained itself by draining its prey of their life essense. Ziakas preferred to feed on females of human or near-human stock, and avoided Jedi and Force-sensitives because it was nearly killed by a Jedi many centuries ago. Ziakas took up residence inside The Glow Dome on Adarlon, feeding on females who were intoxicated by the incredible light show. At one time, Ziakas preyed upon Kandria A'Daasha, the owner of The Glow Dome.(WSV)

Ziamzun, Brok
This being was the brains behind the illegitimate operations of the White Thranta shipping center in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Brok had contacts in all the major smuggling centers, and moved all manner of merchandise through his facility. When he was killed by an Imperial spy who was later revealed to have been former Navy Chief Bast, it was discovered that much of his acquired goods was desired by both the Empire and the Alliance, and both sides rushed to intercept the shipments. Before it could be fully recovered, however, the cargo was broken up and sold to several parties.(SWGAL)

Zian, Tarquin
This Twi'leki male was a moderately successful smuggler during the height of the New Order. He made a brief living by trading arms to the small rebel cell on Kallistas in exchange for gemstones, which he then marketed to the highest bidder. The deal was brokered between Imperial Prefect Denglass Rinn and the Mantis Bounty Hunter Syndicate. After the capture of Pallas Quintell, Rinn employed Tarquin in the hunt for Jondrell Inx.(GG10)

In a popular, though unsettling, Corellian fable, Zibben and his brother Kribben disobeyed their parents and set out to investigate a forbidden area. They were attacked and eaten by a group of wrix.(COG)

Zibben's Path
This was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. It was named for the Corellian brother, Zibben.(SWGAL)

This Subla Ransom medium cargo hauler was owned by the Gamorrean sow, Captain Ugmush. It was crewed by Ugmush, her husband, her brother, two other Gamorrean males, a human slave named Jos, and the former Jedi Knight Callista Ming. The name Zicreex was given by the ship's former owner. Captain Ugmush had planned to rename it the Ugmush, but never submitted the paperwork to the Bureau of Ships Services. It was docked in Bagsho, on Nim Drovis, when R2-D2 and C-3PO were stranded on the planet. Threepio posed as Igpek Droon in order to gain passage on the ship.(POT, SWJ14)

Zicx Bug-bomb
This unusual weapon, developed by Goru Rainstealer, was coveted by both the Alliance and the Empire during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWGAL)

This being was one of the many Alliance supporters who were living on the planet Dathomir, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Zi'Dek system
A system mentioned in the port access codes of an old YT-1300 found in the Imperial scrap yard on Dathomir.(CPL)

This Mrissi science ship was actually a slave transport. It was first sighted over the Soco-Jarel Spaceport on Socorro, where it had been searching to the Asilyr Tribal Lands. The slavers had been hjoping to capture members of the Asilyr tribe to enslave, to be put to work in mining operations to help warn against tremors and cave-ins. The sudden disappearance of several starport guards and several Bharhulai tribesmen brought tensions between the tribes to a fevered pitch, until a team of freelance mercenaries managed to defeat the slavers and drive them away.(BSS)

Ziemba, Dartan
This Alderaanian man was married to Sona Ziemba, during the early years of the New Order. He sold children's toys in a local market, earning a meager income that only barely supported his family. Unknown to Sona, however, was the fact that Dartan was working as a spy for the Empire. Thus, when Sona relayed a story about one of her trips to the Grasslands Park with their daughter, Tula, Dartan took noticed. The story described a child who had apparently used the Force to save her caretaker from an accident. Knowing that the Empire was searching for Force-sensitive beings, Dartan quickly provided news of the incident to an Imperial contact, drawing the attention of Ferus Olin and Inquisitor Hydra. Ferus had seen Hydra signal to Dartan with a wave of her hands, but he couldn't figure out how Dartan had known that the child in the park was Leia Organa. This gave Ferus enough information to realize that there was another Imperial spy on Alderaan, working in the royal household. Ferus later discovered that Dartan had been hired by Darth Vader to hide weapons in the various shops in the market where he worked, as part of an Imperial plot to discredit the Alderaanian government and force the Alderaanians to accept an Imperial governor. The plot was ultimately foiled, allowing Alderaan to remain independent for a while longer.(LJ9)

Ziemba, Sona
This Alderaanian woman was the mother of Tula Ziemba. Sona and Tula had been at the Grasslands Park when Leia Organa supposedly tapped into the Force to rescue her caretaker, Memily, from an accident. Sona was later investigated by Ferus Olin and Inquisitor Hydra, although Ferus did his best to deflect any undue attention to the family. During their investigation, however, Ferus discovered that Sona's husband, Dartan, was secretly working for the Empire, and had relayed information about the events in the park to his Imperial contacts.(LJ9)

Ziemba, Tula
Ferus Olin met this young toddler when he was sent to the planet Alderaan to investigate a potentially Force-sensitive child, during the early years of the New Order. Tula and her mother, Sona were in the Grasslands Park when Leia Organa supposedly tapped into the Force to save her caretaker, Memily, from an accident.(LJ9)

This Hutt was a member of the Besadii kajidic, and was Durga's chief rival for power in the aftermath of Aruk's assassination. In an effort to "keep friends close and enemies closer," Durga made Zier one of his chief lieutenants, but this didn't stop Zier from questioning Durga's motives in dealing with Black Sun. He told Durga that Besadii would not fund the investigation of Aruk's death, and continued draining of Besadii funds would result in retribution against Durga.(RD)

This man served the Empire as a General in the armed forces during the height of the New Order. He was stationed on Maridun shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and was dismayed to find himself commanding well-heeled officers who preferred to strut around like birds instead of doing actual work. When he encountered Lieutenant Janek Sunber and his troops, Ziering believed that he had finally found a young officer worthy of his position. When Sunber managed to get most of the group under cover after they stumbled into an Amanin takital, Ziering commended his quick thinking. Shortly afterward, Ziering was injured in a separate Amanin attack, and nearly lost an eye when a Juggernaut exploded in his face. This allowed Captain Gage and Commander Frickett to assume control of the compound, which proved disastrous when they were unable to anticipate the attack plans of the Amanin. Ziering's injury required surgery, which prohibited him from regaining control. In the meantime, Frickett was killed in an ambush, and Gage was unable to estimate the true strength of the Amanin attack force, leaving the Imperials with little hope of survival. However, Sunber came up with a plan that allowed the Imperials a chance of survival, and Ziering promoted him to Captain for his quick thinking and on-the-spot ideas. He then approved of Sunber's retreat plans, and was astonished when Sunber's team completed them in half the time.(SWELM)

This name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "sweet" or "rare".(GCG)

This was a term of endearment used by the Zabrak.(GCG)

This term from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "signal".(GPB)

This remote planet was located in the region known as Wild Space. Although it was quite beautiful from orbit, with its three small moons moving across its face as the planet itself hung in front of a scarlet-red nebula. However, the surface of the planet was little more than arid wastelands, with scrub vegetation and several species of small animals eking out an existence among the rocks. Those beings who visited the planet's surface experienced a pale light from the world's yellow sun, and the sky was given a reddish cast because of the presence of the nebula. During the era of the Clone Wars, the planet was all but unknown to the Galactic Republic, until Senator Bail Organa received news of its existence from Alinta, a member of the Friends of the Republic, who claimed that there was a Sith fortress on the planet. They found the fortress sitting on a squat plateau beyond a ragged canyon, but its initial appearance was quite misleading. The exterior of the building was quite simple, not at all like a palace or fortress. It lacked any windows, and was roughly oval or oblong in shape. The land surrounding the fortress was barren of all but the heartiest scrub grass. Inside the building was a single, huge chamber that was designed to make any being who entered the fortress seem immediately small and insignificant. The floor of this chamber was created from black and red tiles, placed in a pattern that tricked the eye into believing that the floor was moving and slithering at one's feet. Organa and Kenobi discovered that the fortress was uninhabited, although they did find several red, crystalline holocrons that seemed to contain all the Dark Side energy that eminated from the fortress. Many of these crystals had been smashed over the centuries, but Kenobi managed to secure one of the intact crystals. The presence of the Jedi and the removal of the crystal set off a chain reaction that brought the entire fortress crumbling to the ground, and both men just barely escaped the destruction. After he was rescued, Kenobi explained to Master Yoda that the planet seemed utterly devoid of the Light Side of the Force, and that he felt empty and alone when he was on the planet. It was believed that Zigoola might have been one of the worlds that Darth Sidious had ordered Count Dooku to investigate, and that the loss of the Sith fortress on the planet was one of several failures that led to Count Dooku's downfall.(CWWS)

Ziil, Koro
This male Kel Dor served as the Master of the Baran Do Sages, during the years that led up to the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was one of the few members of the Baran Do order who studied combat techniques, and was at one time the teacher of Charsae Saal. When Jacen Solo arrived on Dorin in search of new information on the Force and its many manifestations, Koro Ziil agreed to teach him of the ways of the Baran Do. Like many of his peers, Koro Ziil sensed nothing evil in Jacen's intentions, and did not hesitate to begin his training. Years later, Koro Ziil accepted death in the traditions of the Baran Do, and apparently died peacefully. However, some three years after the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, discovered that Koro Ziil had not physically died. Instead, he had given up his life as a Baran Do Master to become the Hidden One who protected the knowledge and information of the Kel Dor civilization. The Skywalkers met Ziil in the caverns that were carved from the deepest part of Dorin's crust, where the ancient Kel Dor had forsaken his given name and was now known as hu'aac-du'ul-staranjan, a phrase that meant "the one who dwells in darkness" in the Kel Dor language. Most beings who spoke Basic simply referred to him as the Hidden One, which was a loose translation of his name.

As the Hidden One, Koro Ziil lived by the strict rules of his predecessors, and kept the Kel Dors who accompanied him in total seclusion. This seclusion was altered when the Skywalker arrived and began to question Koro Ziil about his association with Jacen Solo. He explained that he had started teaching Jacen the basics of Baran Do techniques, such as weather prediction, before moving on to combat training and the use of the ayna-seff technique. In exchange, Jacen taught Koro Ziil about lightsaber combat. He then confronted Luke Skywalker and asked him if he recognized that the Jedi Order was facing another purge, an observation he backed up with key details of the galactic proceedings that led up to Skywalker's exile: the leader of the Jedi Order has been exiled, weakening the Order and stripping it of his strength and wisdom; and the remaining Jedi were forced to accept government observers at their sides, making them vulnerable to a concerted government attack. Luke did not acknowledge the facts, but Koro Ziil knew that he had hit the mark with the Jedi leader. However, this did not stop Luke from questioning the ways of the Baran Do who lived in the Caverns of the Hidden One, especialy after Luke met a youth named Wyss who explained the philosophy of "As in life, so in death." Luke continued to press the point, until he brought out the desires of other Kel Dor to question the system used in the caves.

In order to appease Skywalker, Koro Ziil agreed to a duel between Ben Skywalker and Charsae Saal. If the younger Skywalker were victorious, then Luke would have proved his point, and the Kel Dor would begin openly debating their lives in the caverns. If Charsae Saal were victorious, Luke agreed to abide by the rules of the Baran Do and abandon his former life. Unfortunately, for Koro Ziil, Ben Skywalker bested Charsae Saal in their duel. Rather than honor the deal, however, Koro Ziil ordered that the Skywalkers be put to death, since they were too dangerous to live among them. Burra and Ithia openly voiced their displeasure with this accouncement, as did many other Kel Dors, but their words meant little to Koro Ziil, for he had already sent word to the surface that the Skywalkers were dead. No more oxygen would be shipped to the caverns, dooming the Skywalkers to eventual death. Further protests from his people only angered Koro Ziil even more, and he drew upon the Force to unleash a brilliant white form of Force lightning at Luke. When Luke caught the blast with the blade of his lightsaber, Koro Ziil called up a gust of wind to buffet the young man, but still Luke remained standing. As Luke continued to resist, Koro Ziil added more and more power to his assault, but he could not defeat the Grand Master. Eventually, Koro Ziil was forced to break of his attack because of exhaustion and fatigue, but still he refused to accede to Luke's demands. It was then that Ben Skywalker revealed that he had activated the self-destruct system within the Caverns of the Hidden One, dooming them all to death because of Koro Ziil's selfish desires. Even in the face of this destruction, Koro Ziil remained adamant in his views, and abandoned the others after Burra revealed a hidden escape route. While the others abandoned the caverns, Koro Ziil remained behind with a young servant named Wyss.(FJ1)

This small corporation designed and manufactured a wide range of optical enhancers, like the model 1000 macrobinoculars.(ROE)

Zi-Kree Sector
Officially designated as Sector 4805, this was one of the many sections of the city which sprawled across the face of the planet Coruscant. Located along the planet's equatorial latitudes, the Zi-Kree Sector sat above the area known as the Crimson Corridor. It was located in a later time zone than the Yaam Sector.(DMSH, CN1)

This was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan mythology, Zikri was a playful water sprite.(GCG, WOTC)

According to Bothan mythology, Zikri was a small, playful water sprite.(GCG, WOTC)

This name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "swift".(GCG)

A resort city of the planet Garos IV.(SWJ3, EGP)

This surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy.(GCG)

This New Republic Senator was a native of Praesitlyn, and served on the Defense Council during the Yevethan Purge.(SOL)

Zilbra, Thanta
This smuggler was fleeing from a crimelord who was trying to collect on a debt, when he crashed onto an uncharted world some thirteen years after the Battle of Endor. He named the planet and its star after himself, and then discovered an unusual fungus growing on the desert planet. He named the fungus Zilbra fungus, and made a deal with the New Republic to provide samples for biological testing. This generated a heafty profit for Zilbra and his outpost world until the star Thanta Zilbra was destroyed by the Sacorrian Triad. Zilbra himself was killed in the resulting destruction, but not before he forced his four sons and two daughters onto his aging transport and made them flee the planet.(CTD)

Zilbra Fungus
Native to the world of Thanta Zilbra, this phosphorescent fungus was valued for its ability to increase cell division and growth in animals. This property makes it a valuable substance for treating and healing wounds.(CTD)

This was one of the smaller, inhabited worlds of the Uziel System. Like many of the worlds in this system, Zilior was subjugated by the Vanqors during the years leading up to the Clone Wars.(JQ7)

Zillo Beast
This ancient creature was believed to have been wiped out by the Dugs who evolved on the planet Malastare, many generations before the onset of the Clone Wars. Dug histories revealed that the zillo beast had once been the apex predator on Malastare, until the Dugs learned the secret to killing them. The Dugs discovered the zillo beast when they began to mine the planet's core for fuel, and the creatures were able to reach the surface and wreak havoc on the Dugs. Eventually, the Dugs thought they had exterminated the zillo beasts, and became the predominant species on the planet. Zillo beasts were immense reptiles that were covered with thick, armor-like scales that made their bodies all but impenetrable. The long, supple body and limbs of the zillo beast were protected by overlapping scales, most of which were studded with short spikes to further protect the creature. The serpentine head of the creature was dominated by glowing, green eyes, and was connected to the body by a long neck. A pair of nostrils sat atop the beast's skull, allowing it to breath even when buried beneath the ground. The zillo beast had three arms, with the third arm sprouting from the center of its back, and two legs. Every limb was capable of bending along its entire length, and each hand or foot was tipped with three long fingers that allowed the creature to grasp objects and gave it stability when moving. The tail of the zillo beast was tipped with several heavy spikes that could be smashed into an object or other beast.

Modern-day Dugs believed that the zillo beast was a specter of their past, until the Battle of Malastare occurred during the height of the Clone Wars. The Galactic Republic attempted to wipe out a Separatist droid army using an electro-proton bomb, and although the weapon destroyed the electrical systems of the droids, it also created a massive, seismic disturbance that opened a huge sinkhole in the crust of Malastare. This sinkhole exposed a long-dormant zillo beast, which emerged to attack whatever it encountered. The Dugs, under the leadership of Doge Urus, wanted to kill the beast as their ancestors had done. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker tried to stop the zillo beast, but found that even his lightsaber could not penetrate the creature's armored scales. However, he did notice that the overlapping scales of the zillo beast exposed the soft tissue underneath, whenever they were spread apart as the creature moved. Taking advantage of this, he was able to convince Jedi Master Mace Windu to fire energy weapons at the gaps in the zillo beast's scales. The individual blasts from the weapon were not injurious to the creature, but the combined effect of all the blasts weakened the zillo beast to the point that it could no longer remain conscious.

This allowed the Republic's forces to claim that they had killed the zillo beast, calming the fears of the Dugs as they carried the beast away from Malastare. However, the creature still lived, and was taken to a Coruscant laboratory for further investigation. Once placed in a special facility, the zillo beast was further investigated by Doctor Sionver Boll, who hoped to learn something about its armor plating and other defenses that could be applied to the Republic's war effort. Chancellor Palpatine quickly grew frustrated with her lack of progress, and ordered her to kill the beast in order to cut into its scales and gain insights into its bodily systems. The attempt to kill the beast failed, and instead simply enraged the creature, which broke free and began to terrorize Galactic City. Doctor Boll urged the Republic's forces not to kill the creature, since it had demonstrated a certain of intelligence that manifested as an awareness of Palpatine's presence. However, the creature proved to be too dangerous, and clone troopers fired canisters of toxic gases into the creature's mouth. Unable to breath oxygen, the zillo beast eventually died, but Palpatine again ordered its body to be taken to a secure location, where he hoped it could be cloned for further investigation.(CWTV40, CWTV41)

One of Yeorg Captison's aides.(TB)

This was the shortened name of a noted Chiss individual.(UANT)

Zim Systems
This ancient manufacturer produced a variety products, from explosives to personal rocket packs.(TOJC)

This ancient, written language was used in the documentation of most of the galaxy' medical terms.(SWJ13)

This was once of the many names given to Duros females. The exact meaning of this name was lost over time, but many believed it referred to an extinct species of flower(GCG)

Zimley, Zim
This Bith male worked as the manager of the band called Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. Zim was a no-nonsense manager who believed that "the show must go on" at all costs, mainly because he was making a great deal of credits from the band. He allowed a group of security agents to work at the band's concert aboard the Sleemo Poya Jeedai as a favor to his old friend, Quoltus Firth, unaware that the agents were actually freelance mercenaries sent to protect Aquella Firth from Niklas Cories.(WOA28)

Zin, Axela
This woman, distinguished by the yellow-tan coloration of her skin, was a member of the Tribe, and a descendant of the ancient Sith Lords who crash-landed on the planet Kesh. During the years that followed the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, Axela Zin was assigned to the crew of the warship Eternal Crusader, serving under Lady Olaris Rhea. When Grand Lord Darish Vol ordered them to follow the Sith meditation sphere known as Ship to the Maw cluster, Axela was chosen to be part of the small strike team that tracked Ship to a small, jungle-covered planetoid. Lady Rhea ordered anyone who found Ship's location to report it immediately, and do everything in their power to keep Ship from leaving. Axela was among several Sith Sabers who chose to use Force-augmented jumps to clear a river that was blocking their path, but their landing triggered a nearby tree to attack them. Axela was impaled by several thorny boughs as the carnviorous tree believed that she was either predator or prey. However, the tree reacted much faster that Axela could maneuver, and it soon wrapped more boughs and vines around her body, killing her as it punctured body over and over. Axela was survived by a son who was in training as a Sith Tyro. Lady Rhea ordered Vestara Khai to keep a record of Axela's death, so that news of her sacrifice could be delivered to the son. Lady Rhea also commanded that a Master be chosen for the son upon their return.(FJ3)
This was a casino game of chance.(RM)

Zindalai, Hefsen
This Alliance supporter lived on the moon Rori, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

Meaning "disdainful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

This female Rodian worked as an office manager for the Hyperspeed Express shipping company at their office at the Bilbringi shipyards, during the years following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.(WOA29)

Zinga, Huff
This Gungan was the Director of the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility, shortly before the Battle of Naboo.(E1A9)

This was a species of avian insect that was native to the planet Kubindi. Zingbees established themselves in hives that were based around the presence of a single female, with the males of the hive being divided into social classes like workers and soldiers. Kubaz chefs discovered that zingbees had a distinctive flavor and texture, and these insects were eventually raised as a source of food. Zingbees were also noted for the exquisite honey they produced in their hives, which was a popular additive to many varieties of steeped tea.(OWS)

This was the term used to describe the stylish suits of clothing worn by males of various species, during the years following the Swarm War. Zingsuits were distinguished by their sharply-creased pleats and folds.(LF3)

This was a popular children's vehicle, manufactured during the last decades of the Old Republic. It moved about on several gimbled wheels.(YDR)

Zinn's Revenge
This modified light freighter was owned and operated by Zinn Classet. It could tranport up to six prisoners and 10 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with four heavy laser cannons.(GMK)

This raw mineral was used as a dry preservative.(AIR)

A black-blossomed flower used for Imperial wedding bouquets.(QE)

This cold, icy world was dominated by rocky mountains and fierce storms. Much of the planet's crust was buried under layers of solid ice. However, when viewed from space, Ziost appeared to be a beautiful blue-green world with a wide variety of terrain and ecosystems. In ancient times, Ziost was covered with thick forests, but it was plunged into an ice age sometime after the Sith traveled to the planet. Ziost became the second home of the Sith race after Korriban was devastated in a battle with the Rakata. Korriban was designated as the Sith tomb world, in the wake of the death of King Adas, and the Sith moved to Ziost. This led to Ziost becoming part of the Sith Empire, nearly 27,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, and the Sith continued to prosper on the planet, which later served as the base of operations for Ludo Kressh and his faction. Because of this history, many beings came to believe that Ziost was the homeworld of the Sith, and that the remnants of the Sith that survived eventually relocated to Korriban.

In the wake of the Great Hyperspace War, the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic stripped the planet of many of its Sith artifacts and documents, in an effort to keep them from being discovered by other followers of the Dark Side of the Force. In the years following the Clone Wars, all records of Ziost in public databases and astrogation charts was eliminated. After the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker was able to track the Massassi night beast to Ziost, after it was freed from its temple on Yavin 4. It was later discovered that Darth Vader trained the Dark Jedi Lumiya here. Note that Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Exile indicates that Ziost was the homeworld of the Sith race.(GAS, EGA, SWDB, UVG, NECH, OWS, LF4, EGF, FJ2)

This was the model number of Chandril Tech's high-strength, balanced droid leg system.(DWK)

Zip Product Concepts
see zZip Product Concepts Limited(NEGW)

This Toydarian once came into possession of what he believed to be an ancient Jedi Holocron, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. He had planned to sell it to Lorn Pavan, but was insulted by the human and ordered his bodyguard, Bilk, to eliminate Pavan. The whereabouts of the holocron were unknown for many years, until it showed up in the possession of Haninum Tyk Rhinann. The Elomin had stolen it from an Imperial storage facility, and turned it over to Jax Pavan, in the hope that the former Jedi Knight could use it if he ever confronted Darth Vader. Lorn Pavan's old droid, I-5YQ, recognized the holocron, and explained some of its history to Jax.(DMSH, CN1)

Zipthar Hexa-crystal
This rare crystal was mined in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, and all export of the crystals was strictly controlled by the Pentastar Alignment during the years following the Battle of Yavin. These shimmering, round crystals were formed in a prism-like lattice that bend and reflected light in unusual ways. During the height of the New Order, Zipthar hexa-crystals were considered rare outside the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, and many smugglers made small fortunes transporting them to various individuals.(SWJ4, OWS)

The bounty hunter Zardra used this alias in an elaborate scheme to collect on a bounty. Zira agreed to marry the man who was wanted in several systems, and was being pursued by a variety of hunters. The man was attacked at their wedding, and killed off several other hunters in an effort to protect his new wife, Zira. When they were safe, Zardra slapped on a pair of binders and took the man into custody.(GG10)

Zirac Ocean
This was the largest body of water found on the planet Genesia.(FBS)

Zirfan Glacier
Located north of the capital city of Rhire, this immense glacier moved along the edges of the Sennes Mountains, on the planet Rhinnal.(CCW)

This ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Riflorii System, located in the Mid Rim. A number of heavily-shielded settlements and research stations were established on Zirku by the Old Republic and the Advozsec. The orbit of the planet was severely twisted, and kept Zirku close to one or more of the Riflorii stars at all times.(GMR4)

This Ishi Tib assassin was a member of the Antar Band, working for Ujin Voli during the Galactic Civil War. A meticulous perfectionist, Zirlig joined the Antar Band some twenty years before the Battle of Hoth. He appears to be an average Ishi Tib, until one was on the wrong side of one of his operations. Then, Zirlig was revealed as a cold-blooded, highly successful killer. Zirlig was well aware of the Antar Band's rivalry with Sprax and Black Sun, and longed for the day when Ujin Voli would order him to assassinate the Nalroni crimelord.(SSR)

This heavily-tattooed Hutt crimelord managed an illegal spice-trafficking operation from the planet Coruscant, during the final decades of the Old Republic. In addition to his spice operations, Ziro controlled several trade worlds that were either owned or controlled by the Desilijic clan. His position in the criminal underworld was even more impressive because he also served as a Vigo in the Black Sun organization. His career started out on the planet Sleheyron, where he worked as a loan shark for his clan. It was on this planet that he obtained his tattoos and other bodily modifications. Eventually, though, Ziro moved his primary palace to a location in the Uscru District of Coruscant.

Ziro was known for wo things: his ability to deprive other beings of the things they wanted the most, and his endless scheming and plotting. Even his own relatives were leery of dealing with him, especially his nephew, Jabba. Jabba had reason to be concerned when Ziro agreed to have Jabba's offspring, Rotta, kidnapped and then turned over to Count Dooku and the Separatists. Ziro hoped that the Jedi would be blamed for the kidnapping, and that Rotta's death would serve to undermine Jabba's operations and ensure Ziro's place as a leader among the Desilijic clan.

Dooku, for his part, wanted to ensure that the hyperspace routes that were controlled by Jabba were not turned over to the Old Republic. He hoped to frame the Jedi Order for Rotta's kidnapping, thereby gaining sole acces to the Hutt hyperspace routes. If things didn't work out exactly as planned, Dooku had other options up his sleeve, most of which were unknown to Ziro.

Their plan seemed to go well, especially when Jabba refused to take sides during the fighting until Rotta was recovered. However, Anakin Skywalker managed to recover Rotta from Asajj Ventress on Teth, and made a bid to return the Huttlet to Jabba. At this time, Padme' Amidala personally appealed to Ziro to help convince Jabba to side with the Republic, and Ziro nearly captured her for his own schemes. Unfortunately, Padme' was able to send a message to C-3PO requesting help, and the golden droid rounded up the Senator's clone trooper guards. Ziro was quickly surrounded, and was forced to admit to his dealings before being taken away for further questioning at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. He remained in custody for several months, until Cad Bane launched a daring plan to hold a group of Senators hostage, in exchange for Ziro's freedom. Bane's plan worked almost to perfection, and Ziro was freed from prison.(CWF, CWN, CWVG, CWTV22)

Zirtran, Teebo
This man and his brother, Urbo, were the original owners of the huge space barge that forms the heart of Zirtran's Anchor. They later sold the rights to the sprawling station to a group of Geelan.(SWJ5)

Zirtran, Urbo
This man and his brother, Teebo, were the original owners of the huge space barge that forms the heart of Zirtran's Anchor. They later sold the rights to the sprawling station to a group of Geelan.(SWJ5)

Zirtran's Anchor
A space station once located in the Besberra System, Zirtran's Anchor was originally known simply as KV-29233-44B when it was purchased by Urbo and Teebo Zirtran. The brothers tried to fix up the station, but they got heavily into debt during the refurbishment. They had resolved to abandon the hulk when a group of Geelan offered to purchase it. The brothers agreed to the sale, and left with a meager profit after paying off their debts. The Geelan renamed the station in honor of the brothers. Shortly after the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order, Zirtran's Anchor suddenly disappeared. It later reappeared, empty and abandoned, near the Phosphura Belt Nebula, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Anchor was actually a series of old starship hulls welded together to form modular living areas. It was protected by a Golan battle station, and was divided into four primary regions, designated Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Epsilon. Alpha region was the core of the station, and houses most of its starship docks. Within its confines, bounty hunters lived side-by-side with the Phosphura Belt Pirates and the mysterious Kalai race.(SWJ5)

This star, located in the Expansion Region of the galaxy, was a white dwarf. The planet Zirulast was the main planet in the system.(UANT)

This planet, located in the Expansion Region, was the homeworld of the Temolak race. It was a dry, dusty world that orbited the white dwarf also known as Zirulast. It was encircled by rings of icy particles.(UANT)

This reptilian race was humanoid in stature, and had green-scaled skin and orange eyes.(TPS)

Zissu, Stuart
This young man was twelve years old when his father, Trux, was installed as Governor of the planet Delantine. He was infamous among the pilots of the Alliance, especially after the Battle of Yavin, when he won most of their salaries in a space poker game.(SA1)

Zissu, Trux
This man was chosen by the Alliance to act as the Governor of the planet Delantine, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. His other goal in traveling to Delantine was to contact the rebel cell on Romm and gather their support. However, upon reaching Delantine, Trux and his son, Stuart, were captured by an Imperial warship. Trux allowed himself to be taken so that Stuart could escape.(SA1)

Zithrom's Disease
This kidney disorder affected many elderly human males. It was kept in check through the use of Clondex, although Clondex didn't cure the disease.(TFE)

This Wookiee warrior served as a Sergeant in the militia of Kachirho, and piloted a Oevvaor jet catamaran in the First Battle of Kashyyyk, during the Clone Wars. Zittaasabba was also an expert in hand-to-hand combat.(X3)

This was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "scorching".(GCG)

Ziveri, Nerra
This Twi'leki Jedi Master was one of the Jedi who were named Headmaster of the training facility on Almas, in the Cularin System, in the wake of the Dark Jedi Conflict. During his sixty-three years as the leader of the training facility, he made sure to tell the Ritual Tale of Kibh Jeen to every new apprentice, an event that became something of a ritual at the Almas Academy. Master Ziveru also served as the watchman of the Cularin System, investigating the presense of Dark Side energy on the far side of Almas. It was Master Ziveri who trained Lanius Qel-Bertuk to take his place, before suddenly disappearing from Almas some twenty-four years before the Battle of Naboo. Before he disappeared, Master Ziveri experienced a vision of his future, but relayed no information of its contents to Lanius before leaving. Ziveri was never seen again, nor was any Jedi ever able to sense his presence in the galaxy. Note that Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force places Mater Ziveri's disappearance at fifty-three years before the Battle of Yavin, or about twenty-one yearss before the Battle of Naboo.(LFC, EGF)

This was the name of a distinguished Verpine individual.(UANT)

This was the Bocce word for the number 6.(GPB)

Zi-Zhinn Marketplace
This open-air street market was located on the seventeenth level of the Zi-Kree Sector of Coruscant's Galactic City, during the early years of the New Order. The market was always open, with many vendors working in shifts to provide round-the-clock service. The Zi-Zhinn Marketplace was located above the area known as the Crimson Corridor.(CN1)

Ziziibbon Truffle
The recipe for this tasty candy was known only to Gab'borah, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The candy itself was easily distinguished by its bright green color, which was broken by red and yellow threads, indicating its multiple blended flavors.(BF4)

This species of genetically-bred, insectoid avians was created by DarkStryder. Originally designed to be scouts, the Zizimaak eventually escpade from DarkStryder's service and developed their own civilization. The Zizimaak hated DarkStryder, and established friendly relationships with the Charr Ontee and the Yapi. They fed on the Segmi, and had little or no connection to the Ta-Ree energy which permeated Kathol. When the crew of the FarStar arrived on Kathol to defeat Imperial Moff Sarne and DarkStryder, the Zizimaak willingly lent their assistance.(E)

Zizimaak Archipelago
Located on western hemisphere of the planet Kathol, this chain of islands was the native lands of the Zizimaak.(E)

This alien was a member of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative team sent to capture Janissa Locrin. He led the team which eventually caught her.(GG11)

An Alliance Nebulon B-2 frigate destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

Zkygret District
This was one of the more upscale sections found in the cityscape of the planet Coruscant.(EAP)

Zlarb learned at an early age that a life of crime was an easier life than legitimate work because he didn't have to put in 70 hours a shift but got paid fairly well. He started working as an enforcer for Ploovo Two-for-One, eventually becoming one of Ploovo's bodyguards. However, he soon saw that Pllovo's lack of ambition meant that the bodyguard work was a dead end. He broke off with Ploovo, and went into the slave trade. As a human, Zlarb found it easy to work as a slaver, but he was eventually caught by Magg, who was working for the Corporate Sector Authority. Zlarb figured his career - and probably his life - was over, but Magg proposed a partnership. At first, Zlarb had no reason to trust Magg, but their relationship grew. Magg's inside information, coupled with the underhanded slave dealings the Authority was involved with, meant Zlarb had steady work. Zlarb was also responsible for establishing a relationship with the clans on Ammuud, who supplied permits and ship charters for the vessels sued by the slavers. Thus, when the Mor Glayyd threatened to expose the slavery ring, Zlarb was forced to poison him in order to keep him silent. Zlarb was later hired by Magg and the Authority to obtain a number of Lurrian individuals for work on illegal genetic experiments. Zlarb, in turn, hired Han Solo to meet him on Lur and transport the captured geneticists to their final destination. Zlarb was supposed to deliver his Lurrian slaves to the planet Bonadan. Han had a rule that he never transported slaves, and the odds were against him until Bollux and Blue Max set off the Millennium Falcon's fire extinguishing systems, temporarily disarming Zlarb and his thugs. This allowed Han and Chewie to subdue the thugs and free the Lurrians, who eventually killed Zlarb and returned to their planet. Zlarb was a practitioner of the Malkite poisoning techniques, and was found to be carrying one of their tool kits after his death. This allowed Solo and Fiolla to implicate him in the murder of the Mor Glayyd, adding further evidence to the mounting collection against the slavers.(HSR, CSA)

Zlash, Mister
This heavily-muscled, well-educated assassin was living in the Cularin System during the height of the Clone Wars. Mister Zlash was one of many beings in the system who were glad to see Cularin finally freed from the control of the Thaereian Military, and believed that Cularin would prosper despite the growing threat of the Clone Wars. He often argued the relative merits of defeating the Thaereians with his friend, Mister Haque, who feared that the timing of the defeat of the Thaereians - coupled with the continuing Clone Wars - would spell even more trouble for Cularin. When Governor Barnab Chistor began undermining the efforts of the Thaereians, he found himself the target of Haque and Zlash, who were being funded by an unidentified Senator who was also working for the Separatists. Just as Mister Haque was about to execute Chistor, Mister Zlash announced that the Senator had been executed for treason, and was therefore unlikely to pay them. Mister Haque released Chistor, begging the Governor's apologies for having roughed him up. To show that they harbored no more ill intents, Haque and Zlash offered to take Governor Chistor to breakfast at a renowned Ithorian restaurant. Chistor could only stammer his acceptance, glad to still be alive.(LFCW)

This Toydarian thief was active on Cloud City, during the early years of the New Order. Shortly before Lando Calrissian won the outpost in a card game, Zlato and his alien partner were hired by Baron Raynor to "steal" his wife's pendant and lure Calrissian into the match.(T3)

Zlato's Place
This tavern, located in one of Coruscant's busiest residential cityblocks, was owned by the Sljee known as Jeseej. The restaurant always seemed to be half-full and operating at a loss, which was fine with Jeseej, since Zlato's Place was actually a front for his forgery and fortune-telling businesses. Many beings who visited Zlato's assumed that it was owned by a Toydarian, since all of its wait staff was Toydarian by race, and most of its menu was based on Toydarian specialities.(WOTC, CCW)

Zlorr Uluj
This name was common among the members of the Squalris race.(GORW)

Zmitt, Gavin
This man worked as a cartographer in the offices of Grand Moff Tarkin, during the height of the New Order.(SWI89)

This battered J9 worker drone was rebuilt and reprogrammed to serve as a translator and personal assistant to the Jedi Knight Ambaln, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Known as Zeeno, the droid was denoted by the Jedi symbol painted on the back of its head. Z-N0 was extremely loyal to the Jedi Order, and became confused when Ambaln split with the Order to start his own cadre' of Jedi Knights. When Ambaln fled into the watery depths of Lobaoc's shallow seas, taking a young Jedi candidate with him, Z-N0 returned to Coruscant to provide any information it could on Ambaln's plans.(WOA16)

This was a common, though archaic, female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a Sullustan female of royal blood.(GCG)

This was the codename of an Alliance agent who witnessed the destruction of the base on Dankayo. Agent ZNT-8's logs helped an Alliance team of operatives recover the datapacks stolen by the Elusive.(SH)

This name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "agile".(GCG)

This man was the New Republic Commander of the Adamantine when that ship accompanied the Borealis on Leia Organa-Solo's mission to the Chorios Systems to meet with Seti Ashgad. He eventually succumbed to the Death Seed virus, like the rest of his crew.(POT)

Zobberan Hound
This large, vicious animal was used by many beings as a guard creature. Although dim-witted and not very bright, zobberan hounds were capable of learning simple commands and actions. The average hound measured three meters in length, and resembled a large, eight-legged insect.(IA)

This Tynnan was in the Tynna Central Government Building when it began to collapse, just before the Clone Wars. Zobyteeg served as a General Council Assistant at the time, researching political and legal precedents for government actions.(HNN5)

This ancient Hutt negotiated with the Nimbanese Krovalis clan, during their attempt to regain status as a data holding family under the Bureau of Ships and Services. The Krovalis offered Zochaeb and the Hutts free access to the information in their data holding in return for their freedom. Zochaeb agreed, and petitioned the BoSS to allow Nimbanese clans to reclaim their membership. The Hutts' persuasion eventually got the Krovalis clan its own data holding, and the Hutts received a wealth of free information about the galaxy.(GG12)

This pickled vegetable was considered a delicacy among the Hutts.(TF)

This was one of the larger urban centers found on the planet Exarga.(HNN5)

This Snivvian worked as a dock worker at the Mos Eisley spaceport, during the height of the New Order.(MEAS)

This being, a native of the planet Tammuz-an, was dispatched to Tyne's Horky to recover Mun Julpa, during the early years of the New Order. The former adviser to the crown-prince, Zolag had to work against the bounty hunting droid, IG-88, in order to reach Mon Julpa first. With the help of Jann Tosh and his droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Zolag managed to return Mon Julpa to his homeworld. They were met there by IG-88, who was working for Zatec-Cha, and who quickly captured them and took the crown-prince's royal scepter. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates this being's name was Sollag.(DCAR, SWDB)

This unusual predator was native to the planet Merisee. A nocturnal hunter, the zolall was a hairless, slippery, smooth-skinned creature which could glide through the air by filling specialized sacs in its abdomen with air. These creatures had floppy, triangular wings, but they were ineffectual for flying. Zolalls could control their flight by moving their long tail. These creatures used their sharp fangs to inject a poison into their prey, and the poison was actually "harvested" by the assassins of the Loag for use as a weapon. Zolall were somewhat trainable, and many of the Loag used them as watchbeasts at their bases.(PG3)

This planet was the homeworld of the Clawdite and Zolander races. Many species which were native to the planet had the ability to camouflage themselves by altering their skin color, a trait which was dormant in the sentient Zolander race. Note that this planet was also called Zolander in the Star Wars Databank.(SWI60, SWDB, SWI70)

Zolan Icelander
see Zolander(SWI60)

This alien race was native to the planet Zolan, living in the frozen arctic regions to which they became adapted over the generations. Unlike the Clawdites, the religious Zolanders were known for their warrior caste and martial prowess. Many centuries before the onset of the Clone Wars, the Zolander people discovered that their sun had begun sending out stronger and stronger emissions of radioactivity. Scientists tried to trigger a long-dormant gene in the Zolander skin cell, hoping to activate a natural protection against the radiation. Unfortunately, the experiment failed to elicit the desire results. Instead, it triggered an ability to alter one's physical appearance, thereby creating the Clawdite race over the succeeding generations. The Zolanders ostracized the original Clawdites, and waged many civil wars to keep the changelings at bay. The Zolanders' hatred of the Clawdites deepened when the Empire blockaded Zolan and prohibited any travell off-planet, in a effort to keep the Clawdites under contro. As soon as the Empire was defeated at Endor, full-scale civil war broke out on Zolan. The Clawdites, however, were better prepared for war, and quickly subjugated the Zolanders. Note that Star Wars Insider, issue 70 indicates that radioactive bombardment from outer space triggered the change in the Zolanders, rather than a failed experiment, resulting in the creation of the Clawdite race. This explanation is also provided in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species, contradicting the Star Wars Databank.(SWI60, SWDB, SWI70, NEGA)

This Galactic Alliance frigate was part of the Fourth Fleet, during the Alliance's conflict with The Confederation.(LF6)

Zollarcos, Treta
This Professor of Astrogation taught at the New Republic Astrographic Studies Center during the years following the Battle of Endor. Professor Zollarcos was a key resource in learning more about the worlds of the Hapan Cluster, when Leiua Organa began negotiating with Ta'a Chume for assistance.(CTD)

This was the name of the Vangaard Pathfinder owned and operated by Yurdak Fav. It was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon.(AIR)

This was one of the many aliases adopted by the BLX General Labor Droid designated BLX-5, during its lifetime. This use of various aliases helped ensure that BLX-5, which was most often known as Bollux, didn't receive regular memory wipes.(NEGD)

This was the name of a group of Cloakshape fighters which were assigned to protect the Loose Cannon. They were part of the pirate group which tried to horn in on the Azzameen family's operations byt stealing bacta.(XWA)

This was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which was added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names were arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings were arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Zom indicated a rock, cliff, or mountain.(GCG)

Zom, Lerat
This Zabrak thug lived on the planet Corellia, during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

This planet was the primary world in the Zoma System.(RF3)

Zoma Gawanga
This was the name given to the vast ocean which encircles the entire eastern continent of the planet Ylesia. The name was Huttese for "western ocean."(TPS, RD)

Zoma System
This star system was the site of an Imperial satellite station, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War.(RF3)

This was a name that was common among the Defel race.(UANT)

This particularly nasty Defel was a former assassin-for-hire who ended up on Reuss VIII during an assignment. He liked the idea of fighting in the Dool Arena, and retired from the assassin business to fight full-time.(WSV)

This was one of the most common names given to male Corellians.(GMR9)

This was the Ferroan name of the material part of the planet Zonama Sekot. The name 'Zonama' referred to the physical make-up of the planet, as compared to the 'Sekot,' or living part of the planet. When the conflict between the Galactic Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong came to an end some thirty years after the Battle of Yavin, Sekot realized that Zonama was actually a form of seed, cast out from the original planet of Yuuzhan'tar many millennia before. Yuuzhan'tar, realizing that the ur-Yuuzhan Vong were going to destroy themselves with war and conflict, stripped them of the Force and send Zonama into the void, hoping that its offspring would evolve over time and serve as a possible home for a more enlightened Yuuzhan Vong civilization. This hope was eventually fulfilled when the Galactic Alliance, acting on the advice of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, allowed those Yuuzhan Vong who surrendered their weapons to live on Zonama Sekot. Sekot then took Zonama and fled into the Unknown Regions, where the Yuuzhan Vong could evolve without interruption.(RP, UF)

Zonama Sekot
This planet was located in the Gardaji Rift, at the edge of the Tingel Arm, some thirty years before the Battle of Yavin. Zonama Sekot was just over 11,000 kilometers in diameter, and because of its proximity to three stars, a special three-pointed compass was developed by the original settlers. Old Republic records of some 200 years earlier indicate the system was nothing more than proto-materials, but many believe this was just a mix-up in the Republic's databases. It orbited a yellow star which was gravitationally bound to a red giant and a white dwarf, creating a unique triple-star system. The two other stars created a spectacular pinwheel of light in the planet's sky. Despite this unusual arrangement, the system was hard to find, being surrounded by the gases of the Gardaji Rift.

The natives of the planet worked hard to keep their planet's location a secret, and visitors were accepted only by invitation. Zonama Sekot was unusually strong with the Force, and had been settled by several groups over the years, and the people of the planet were known for their incredibly fast starships. The planet was covered with an incredibly dense jungle which seemed to move and adjust to the planet's position.

Zonama Sekot was settled some sixty years before the Battle of Naboo by two peoples, a group of Ferroans and a group of Langhesi. The original Magister of the planet, Leor Hal, placed the Ferroans upland, and the Langhesi in the lowlands, in order to maintain peace and use their skills to the planet's advantage. The name of the planet was first given by Leor Hal, and in the Ferroan language meant "World of Body and Mind": Zonama, indicating the physical world; and Sekot, representing the living world. It was also referred to as the Green Land by many beings who visited the world.

The planet was, in essence, alive, although the original Magister believed that it was simply the will of the Potentium being manifested in the planet. He was unaware that his connection to the planet had actually awakened its own individual identity, with the Sekot controlling everything from weather to growth and death. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the planet was attacked twice. The first time, a group of Far Outsiders arrived from outside the known galaxy, looking for a new homeworld. Zonama Sekot seemed to be the perfect choice, since it was alive in a way that was similar to long-lost Yuuzhan'tar.

With its new identity, Zonama Sekot tried to negotiate with the Yuuzhan Vong. However, anything the Yuuzhan Vong planted was destroyed by Zonama Sekot's native lifeforms, and the Yuuzhan Vong believed that they had been tricked. They launched an attack, which Zonama Sekot was able to repel with the help of the Jedi Knight Vergere. However, great portions of the southern hemisphere were damaged, and were still healing a year later.

The second time, Wilhuff Tarkin tried to take control of the planet, hoping to present it and its wondous factories to Chancellor Palpatine. The natives managed to hold off Tarkin's small force. Unknown to everyone, under the guidance of the Sekot, the Ferroans and Langhesi had built huge hyperdrives into the planet's crust, and simply took the entire planet into hyperspace to avoid Tarkin's fleet. The planet was not seen again for many decades, having moved across the galaxy was search of a new home. It eventually settled in the Klasse Ephemora System, hidden behind a cluster of hyperspace anomalies.

It was rediscovered during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy by Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Knights, as well as a Yuuzhan Vong attack force. Zonama Sekot managed to repel the Yuuzhan Vong, and allowed the Jedi to land. It then placed the Jedi through a series of trials to determine their true reasons for arriving on the planet, and eventually agreed to accompany the Jedi back to the galaxy to assist in the war effort against the Yuuzhan Vong. The sudden appearance of Tahiri Veila, Corran Horn, and the Yuuzhan Vong Nen Yim, Harrar, and Yu'shaa, nearly destroyed any hopes of actually winning the war.

The group had traveled to the planet after Tahiri made a promise to locate the world for Hul Qat, the Shamed One who had found her on Dagobah. Yu'shaa, who was actually Nom Anor, managed to set an incubator deep within the neural network of the planet's hyperdrive system, hoping to set off a overload and destroy the planet. However, Sekot itself managed to locate the incubator and disable it. Rather than exploding, Zonama Sekot jumped deep into hyperspace, without any idea of where it was going. These jumps caused immeasurable damage to the planet's surface, killing off landmasses and forcing the inhabitants to flee underground.

When Sekot finally regained control, it made its decision to continue with its attempt to end the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, making a hyperspace jump to the planet Coruscant. Brinigng itself into a position to eclipse the planet's sun, Zonama Sekot used its gravitational force to destroy the Rainbow Bridge and push Coruscant's remaining three moons out of position. The sudden appearance of the planet forced the Yuuzhan Vong military leaders to break off their attack on Mon Calamari and return to the Core to protect Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the Citadel. Zonama Sekot remained out of the main fighting, and forced those Jedi who had bonded with a Sekotan starship to only fly defensively.

When Sekot realized that Shimrra had sent a dying coralskipper, infected with the Alpha Red virus, to destroy the planet, it reverted back to its original plan to "fight without fighting." All Sekotan ships were rendered useless, and Sekot deployed a swarm of grappler craft to bring down any ship it found in its airspace. The Magister Jabitha explained to the Jedi still on Zonama Sekot that the planet had chosen to bring the Yuuzhan Vong home, rather than harm them further. With the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi, the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered to the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi Knights convinced the fledgling Galactic Alliance to allow the surviving Yuuzhan Vong to live on Zonama Sekot, which was more their homeworld than any other race. The Alliance agreed, and after many of the Yuuzhan Vong returned from their postings to arrive on the planet, Sekot took Zonama and fled into the Unknown Regions. There, Sekot reasoned, the planet and the Yuuzhan Vong could become reacquainted without outside interference.

The planet remained isolated for many years, until the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order launched the Ossus Project. A group of Yuuzhan Vong, led by the Shaper Nei Rin, used their biotechnologies to help terraform planets that had been destroyed or damaged during the war. The goal was to restore life to these planets, and to improve the perception of the Yuuzhan Vong in the galaxy. When the Ossus Project failed and the Sith re-emerged in the galaxy, Zonama Sekot fled into the deepest parts of the Unknown Regions in order to remain safely hidden. This left many Yuuzhan Vong, such as Nei Rin and her companions on Ossus, trapped in the galaxy at large.(RP, DW, FH3, FP, UF, SWLG)

This was the name used to describe the collective group of Ferroan and Langhesi colonists who settled the planet Zonama Sekot.(RP)

This Selonian male was one of the many Jedi Knights who fought for the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. Zonder was the Padawan learner chosen by Barriss Offee, just before they were dispatched to Felucia to capture Shu Mai on Felucia. Their mission was part of the Republic's plan to capture all the leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, in an effort to force Count Dooku to surrender. Zonder, along with Ekria and Drake Lo'gaan, managed to intercept the communication of Order 66 to Commander Bly on Felucia.

Interestingly, they found that it had been sent on a secure Republic link, but with encryption used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Unfortunately, they discovered the message's true intent too late, and were forced to stand by as Aayla Secura was cut down by Bly and his clones. After escaping from Felucia, Zonder, Ekria, and Drake returned to Coruscant as refugees, then slipped into the Jedi Temple. There, Ekria erased all information on them from the computer banks of the Jedi Archives, allowing them to continue to operate undercover. The Padawans then tried to blend in by getting normal jobs, but Zonder was sent to a work crew while Drake was taken to a COMPNOR meeting. He was placed on the work detail that was to be sent to Byss to complete the building of the Emerald Splendor Estates, unaware that the entire group of aliens destined for Byss was to be executed.

Drake discovered the treachery at a COMPNOR meeting, and set out to rescue his friend. With the help of Ekria, they infiltrated the transport vessel and freed Zonder and a handful of other beings, before Inquisitor Tremayne could capture them. Once back on Coruscant's surface, the three young Padawans had to go underground again, hoping to avoid the notice of the Empire. They risked exposing themselves when they attempted to help Kodo Finn escape from the machinations of Prince Xizor, after Finn inadvertently provided information on Xizor Transport Systems berthings to TaggeCo. Ekria and the other Padawans convinced Xizor to let Finn go free, in exchange for information on TaggeCo.'s own shipping schedules. Unknown to the Jedi, Xizor already knew of TaggeCo.'s operations, and was planning to use information about them to his own advantage.

Zonder's freedom was short-lived, however, as he was captured and transferred to Xizor's own private holding facility. Xizor then exchanged Zonder with Tremayne, in order to gain the Inquisitor's assistance in bringing down Darth Vader. Tremayne tried to interrogate Zonder, but the Selonian's will was too strong. Vader himself stepped in to continue the interrogation, releasing Zonder from his shackles and giving him a lightsaber. Although Zonder knew his skills with the lightsaber were not good, he accepted Vader's challenge. Unknown to Zonder, though, was the fact that Vader had activated the Selonian's comlink, and transmitted their duel to Drake and Ekria, who had to watch helplessly as Vader cut Zonder down.

Drake and Ekria later confronted Vader, and although both only barely escaped through a clever ruse, they were able to recover Zonder's body and bury him on his homeworld of Selonia.(ROF, EAR, EAP, EAEG)

This man was part of the hunting party arranged by Jameson and Lajar Weqill. Unfortunately, Zonder was killed by a pack of crazed draagax.(COG)

Zone 19
This area of Farlax Sector was located on the edge of the Koornacht Cluster, nestled between the Cluster and the Core. It separates the planets Wakiza and Doornik-319.(SOL)

Zone 90 East
This area of Farlax Sector was located near Doornik-319. Leia Organa-Solo sent a number of X-Wing, B-Wing, and E-Wing squadrons there to cover for losses suffered during the Fifth Battle Group's unsuccessful blockade of the planet.(SOL)

Zone Control
This weapons manufacturer produced the Viper grenade launcher and other after-market add-ons for blaster weapons, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They also produced security scanners.(CFG, ROE)

Zone Control
This was the control center of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, located on the planet Thrantin. From this facility, the control team could monitor the progress of teams of students as they moved through the various environments found on the planet, during training and testing missions.(AIR, OWS)

Zone Defense Delta
This was one of the standard defensive starfighter arrays that were employed by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the New Order. As with other forms of sone defense, starfighter pilots were allowed to move around within the formation, but had to stay within a certain zone that they were assigned to defend.(DSTR)

Zone of Self-Containment
Developed by Jenna Zan Arbor from a base on Vanqor, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, this drug caused almost immediate unconsciousness when breathed by most humans and humanoid races. The drug was a liquid that was colorless and odorless, so it could be administered to prisoners without their knowledge when they were brought into a facility and bathed or given a drink of water. The drug acted quickly, putting victims to sleep and altering their mental conditions. Upon waking, victims found that anything that was bothering them no longer seemed to matter. Everything was right with the world, and any urge to fight against the things that bothered them was swept away and replaced with a sense of calm and peace. One interesting side effect of the Zone of Self-Containment - and part of Zan Arbor's continued research - was that the drug limited a Force-sensitive being unable to commune with the Force on any but the most basic levels. This was borne out when Anakin Skywalker was captured on Vanqor and drugged, some years before the Battle of Geonosis. The Jedi traced the Zone and Zan Arbor to Romin, where they discovered that Granta Omega and Roy Teda were supporting Zan Arbor's development efforts. The three criminals were trying to find a way to disperse the Zone without attracting attention, and had nearly perfected a water-borne delivery mechanism when they were forced off Romin. They nearly succeeded in developing a system at the Blackwater Systems facility on Falleen, but this facility was also discovered by the Jedi.(JQ7, JQ8, JQ9)

Zone Runner
This was the term adopted by Imperial stormtroopers to describe those rebels who used their footspeed and agility to infiltrate a convoy or depot to place explosives on or near vehicles. Zone Runners were particularly effective against the early Juggernauts and troop transports, which moved about with minimal security. Zone Runners ran in among the vehicles, placing their explosives and fleeing before the devices went off. Although Zone Runners were effective, they led a dangerous existence. Since many were part of independent resistance cells that operated with Alliance funding, they used homemade or substandard explosives on their missions. Many Zone Runners were killed when the explosives they were carrying went off in their backpacks, before they could be deployed.(SWRAG)

Zone Supplies, Limited
This manufacturer produced a variety of pressure plate trip mechanisms for the Empire.(CFG)

Zone Twelve
This was one of the many sectors of the Alliance's Echo Base, located on the planet Hoth.(E5, TGD)

This was the name of a Corellian sport that found a following at the various Imperial academies, during the height of the New Order. Zoneball involved two teams trying to place a ball into their opponent's goal. It was played in a low-gravity chamber, and the goals were often several meters above the ground. Junior leagues would use lower goals.(IJ, MBF, LF1)

Zones of Territory C2
This collection of terrains and climates was located on the planet OM813. Students of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School had to pass through each and every section of this area in order to graduate from the survivalist course offered by Barosa Warren. In addition to the various jungle, desert, aquatic, flatland, and mountainous terrains contained within C2, there were multiple types of individual terrains as well. There were heavy-gravity mountains, ammonia seas, glaciers, swamplands, and even a zero-gravity chamber.(AIR)

This planet was the primary world in the Zongorlu System. It was the homeworld of a race of sentient plants who were also known as the Zongorlu. According to Galactic Republic propaganda during the era of the Mandalorian Wars, Zongorlu was a planet that was wracked by hurricane-force winds that scoured the planet with magnetic storms. Their reports claimed that much of the planet's surface was covered with deep cracks and open lava flows, and the atmopshere was laden with sulfuric chemicals and acid rains. This propaganda was part of a plot to lure the Mandalorians away from Taris, in an effort to eliminate part of their invasion force. In order to make it appear as if Zongorlu had seen its fair share of the fighting, much of the system was littered with starship debris and evacuation suits, which were added to existing debris that had been in the system for decades.(OWS)

This race of sentient plants was native to the planet Zongorlu. The average Zongorlu was a lumpy collection of leaves and nodules that moved slowly across the ground, covering no more than a meter each day. According to Galactic Republic propaganda during the Mandalorian Wars, there were nine distinct tribes of Zongorlu, each of which was populated by fierce warriors. These tribes maintained vacation grounds on the planet Serroco, and these camps were filled with younglings when the Mandalorians bombarded the planet. These Republic reports, provided by Captain Goodvalor, helped to drawn Koblus Sornell and his strike force to Zongorlu, where Sornell discovered the truth about the Zongorlu race. Those Zongorlu who greeted the Mandalorians reacted with what amounted to shocked indifference to their appearance, and largely ignored the invaders.(OWS)

Zongorlu System
This star system included the planet Zongorlu.(OWS)

Zonju V
This desolate planet was located on the far rim of the galaxy. Its surface was dominated by canyons and ravines dotted by sparse vegetation.(JKA)

Zonnos the Great
This Hutt was one of the most esteemed leaders of the Anjiliac kajidic, during the centuries leading up to the Clone Wars.(TF)

Zonnos the Lesser
This was a name used by other Hutts to describe Zonnos Anjiliac Priare, the eldest offspring of Popara the Hutt. The name was a reference to Popara's own father, who was known as Zonnos the Great.(TF)

Zonoma Sekot
see Zonama Sekot(SWLG)

This small fruit was used in a variety of ways, including the making juices, pies, and a creamy drink. Zoochberries could also be served in their raw or macerated state, as a topping for hotcakes or cereal.(GDV, OWS)

Zook, Kai
This woman, a native of the planet Chandrila, was the wife of Imperial Corrections Officer Omar Zook. About a year before the Battle of Yavin, Kai and her three children were devastated when they learned that Omar had been killed aboard the prison barge Purge. After answering questions from Imperial authorities, Kai was surprised when Zahara Cody arrived at her doorstep, to deliver the letters that Omar had written during his last hours.(OWS, SWDT)
Zook, Omar
This man served as an Imperial Corrections Officer during the height of the New Order. A native of Hanna City, on the planet Chandrila, Zook was stationed aboard the prison barge Purge when the ship disappeared. It was later discovered in the Unknown Regions, where the crew and the prisoners had fallen victim to a strange disease. Zook was among those who were believed to have died aboard the Purge, and he was survived by his wife, Kai, and their sons.(OWS)

The members of this near-human were distinguished by their high, arching brows, wide mouths, and long, thin noses.(FJ3)
Zoom II
This model of speeder bike, which was manufactured by Incom Industries, was similar in shape to the Aratech 74-Y.(SWSB, WG)

This sport was popular among the Galacians, especially the Hill People.(MOC)

This modified transport was used as a salvage ship by the Toydarian pilot Reti.(WOTC, JSF)

This unusual species of bird was native to the planet Naboo. Zoorifs were distingiushed by their four-pointed feathers, which became popularized in women's jewelry.(CVD)

Developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, zoosha was a sheer fabric that was also quite soluable, literally dissolving in water.(VD2, CVD)

This verb from the Bocce langauge translated into Basic as "to shoot".(GPB)

This parasitic creature, distinguished by its ravenous appetite, was native to the planet Barab I. The zo'oxi were known to attack any living creature, including Barabels and their herds of thedyklae, in the search for sustenance. The Barabels kept shartuuks near their lairs, because the shartuuks fed on the zo'oxi.(FJ3)
Zor Vlahu
This gas giant was the fifth planet of the Hoth's Brand System, located in the Teraab Sector of the Colonies Region of the galaxy. It was orbited by twenty-two moons.(SWMW)

This woman was one of Krayn's most trusted lieutenants, some four years after the Battle of Naboo. Zora and Rashtah the Wookiee were the point beings in many of Krayn's hijacking missions. Zora had joined Krayn's band a year before, and it was later revealed that Zora was a pseudonym, adopted by the Jedi Knight Siri Tachi. Siri had been sent on a mission to infiltrate Krayn's organization, and he had no idea that she was connected to the Jedi. When the slavers' ship was infiltrated by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, who had been accompanying a Colicoid convoy, Zora managed to trap Anakin aboard the ship while forcing Obi-Wan's small shuttle to abandon him. Zora claimed Anakin was nothing but a slave, then confiscated Anakin's lightsaber. Later, however, she revealed that the Zora identity was developed to get her inside Krayn's organization, and that she was still a Jedi Knight.(JQ)

Zorad, Kiros
This native of Arda-2 was under the control of Mag Doum, to whom he owed a great deal of money. Doum ordered Kiros to control Leia Organa while she was on the planet trying to resolve the puzzle of the T-6 diodem. Kiros and his son, Zon, tried to contain Leia at the Qualo's palace, but were forced to hide her in the Colla-Di caves after Luke Skywalker tried to rescue her. After Leia and Zon escaped from the kdak and Luke rescued them, Kiros decided to fight back against Doum. He exposed the criminal in front of the merchants and executives of Tun Wala, but was abducted by Imperial forces who had descended on the planet. Kiros was killed trying to attack Darth Vader.(CSWEA)

Zorad, Zon
Kiros Zorad's son, Zon accompanied Leia Organa into the Colla-Di caverns, after she had been captured on Arda-2. They were attacked by a kdak while inside the caverns, but they managed to squeeze into a small passage and escape. Zon was an excellent pilot, and took Cova's place when the Tun Walans fought back against the Empire. He flew an X-Wing against the Imperial fleet, but took severe damage trying to rescue his father. He then crashed his damaged ship into Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, sacrificing himself to drive off the fleet.(CSWEA)

This Ewok was a former shaman, who was exiled from his tribe when he became an evil sorcerer. Zorak seduced Teebo into becoming his apprentice, preying on Teebo's own frustration at the pace of his training under Logray. Logray, upon learning of Teebo's plans, set out with Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara to rescue him from Zorak. Zorak, however, captured the rescue party. This action broke the "spell" in which Teebo had been living, and he defeated Zorak in combat and freed his friends.(ECAR)

A planet.(JQ)

Zorba Express
Zorba the Hutt's ancient, bell-shaped starship. It was in frequent need of repairs.(ZHR)

Zorbia I
This was the innermost world in the Zorbia System, located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy.(GMR9)

Zorbia II
This temperate planet, the second world in the Zorbia System, was located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. It was home to a colony of humans whose language was an obscure derivation of the Corellian language, which led many xenoarchaeologists to believe the Zorbian population sprang from a long-lost Corellian colony. The Zorbian population had records which dated back more than a thousand years before the Galactic Civil War, predating the Old Republic's earliest excursions into the Moddell Sector. The planet's inhabitants were known as pirates and criminals who largely preyed on each other, although occasional ambushes in other parts of the sector were not uncommon.(GMR9)

Zorbia III
This was the third and outermost world in the Zorbia System, located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy.(GMR9)

This was the term used to describe the human population of the planet Zorbia II. Many xenoarchaeologists believed that these humans had a distant relationship to the Corellians, since their language seemed to be an archaic derivative of the Corellian language.(GMR9)

This alien being was a noted podracer during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. However, Zorcha never seemed to be able to defat Sebulba.(T14)

This was a noted figure in the history of the Hutt race.(UANT)

Zord's Atmosphere Baths
This spa, located on the backwater world of Formos, provided a variety of steam and atmospheric gas baths for the beings who passed through the sector.(MCI1)

Zorkiss, Boss
This fictional character was immortalized in a series of trading holocards.(GG11)

Zorm, Dasar
This man was considered the biggest racketeer on the planet Namore, during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that he was on the payroll of Imperial Prefect Gerom, but nothing was ever proven.(HR)

Zorn, Duan
This man was a corporate drone who worked for the Kazellis Corporation. When the corporation was nationalized by the Empire, Zorn stole the demostration freighter Longrunner and fled Kathol Sector, hoping to make a living as a freetrader. When he failed to pay his starport fees on Nigel III, Zorn was arrested on two counts: the original theft of the Longrunner, and his failure to make his payments.(SS)

This Ithorian was somewhat of a rogue, having plotted to take control of the galaxy during the early years of the New Order. He wore a form of Ithorian battle armor, and protected himself with a group of guard droids. This show of force was yet another example of his roguish behavior.

Zorneth was an expert in the fields of animal husbandry and botany, and was a contemporary associate of Klorr Vilia. When Vilia believed that he had created the universal herb, he invited to Zorneth to taste it. Zorneth, a dedicated vegetarian, declined this initial taste, because Vilia had used the new herb - known as savorium - to season a cut of meat. Vilia then consumed the first taste, and was affected by the bliss-inducing properties of the herb.

Zorneth took Vilia into his care, and eventually sorted through enough of Vilia's notes to deduce how savorium was propogated. Zorneth then realized that the affects of savorium would create a mindless workforce that could be exploited by the evil powers in the galaxy. He took Vilia into hiding, and began dosing groups of warring peoples to test the strength of the herb. The results were astounding, and Zorneth tried to keep it secret. However, a small sample was stolen from Vilia's lab, and a group of addicted Smilers was created. Zorneth moved to protect them, creating a Caretaker Virus to coerce droids to protect the Smilers around them.

It was about five years after the discovery of savorium that Zorneth realized he could use it to subjugate the meat-eating species of the galaxy, paving the way for the peaceful vegetarians to control the stars. He began growing large amounts of savorium aboard his herd ship, and jealously protected it.

It was during this time that Zorneth employed C-3PO as a translator and R2-D2 as a worker. The droids helped Zorneth defeat Dictator-Forever Craw, who had kidnapped Vilia in an attempt to steal the secret of savorium. However, Craw's forces pursued Zorneth's fleeing herd ship. This caused several of Zorneth's droids, including PDA6, to activate the self-destruct programs Zorneth created for use if capture was imminent. Zorneth pursued Vilia into the savorium grove as his ship's defenses destroyed the grove. Both Vilia and Zorneth were consumed in the explosion. Note that The New Essential Guide to Alien Species indicates that Zorneth survived the explosion, and was brought to trial by a jury of his Ithorian peers.(DRO, NEGA)

This Ithorian surname was believed to mean "historian", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race.(GCG)

This red-skinned, insectile alien was native to the planet Sooma. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, Zornog found himself the object of King Gokus' anger, when it was discovered that Prince Plooz of Alzar had stowed away aboard a freighter and ended up on Sooma.(MDCAR)

This was one of the largest settlements established on the planet Zonju V.(JKA)

Zorp House
This opulent, diplomatic residence center was located in the rebuilt Galactic City, on Coruscant, during the years following the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. More than 300 stories were found within its walls, providing residences for a great many diplomats who were living both temporarily and permanently on the capital planet. A set of floors was even set aside to house the support staff that worked in the facility each day, so that they didn't have to travel far to get to their jobs.(LF3, LF4)

This was one of the most powerful Advozsec families, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Most of the family was killed when the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed Riflor.(GMR4)

Zossi Belt
This asteroid belt was located between Jun and Weken, the first and second worlds of the Faarlsun System.(WBC)

This woman was a bounty hunter who preferred to wear Ubese battle armor. She often worked on retainer for Pok Nar-Ten, but usually made her services available to the highest bidder. Few beings ever saw her real face without dying, a mystique she cultivated to add to her prowess. Note that the Ultimate Alien Anthology indicates Zo'Tannath was an actual member of the Ubese race.(PSG, UANT)

This common, albeit archaic, Zabrak surname meant "physician" - or, more literally, "fate guardian".(GCG)

A Cavrilhu pirate captain from whom Niles Ferrier stole a number of patrol ships. Ferrier sold the ships to Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Zothip vowed to get revenge on Ferrier. Zothip was born on the planet Bestine, but settled his operation in the Amorris System. Zithip got his chance when Moff Disra offered him a supply of clones from Imperial storehouses in return for the production of a supply of Preybird-class starfighters. Zothip agreed to the deal, and used his clones to augment his pirate ranks. Using flash imprinting to give the clones the necessary characteristics, Zothip was able to send out a large force of pirates in a relatively short time. When the Cavrilhu tried to intercept a New Republic convoy at Iphigin, however, Luke Skywalker discovered the clones on one of the raiding ships. He went in search of the clones, infiltrating Zothip's base in the Kauron asteroid belt. It was at this time that Major Tierce, acting outside of Disra's approval, cut off the supply of clones in order to shore up Imperial defenses. Zothip agreed to continue working with Disra, and was in charge of the small fleet that tried to intercept Admiral Pellaeon at Pesitiin. The short battle resulted in the loss of one of Zothip's Kaloth-class battle cruisers, and Zothip travelled to Bastion to obtain compensation for the loss. Unfortunately for him, Karoly D'ulin was trying to tail Han Solo and Lando Calrissian when she stumbled upon the pirates. She followed them to Moff Disra's apartments, where Zothip demanded twenty million credits from Disra. Disra declined, and Zothip and his men tried to attack. Major Tierce managed to stop several of the pirates, and Karoly took out several more. Zothip tried to kill Disra, but Karoly buried a knife in his back and split his spine.(DFR, DFRSB, SOP, VOF)

This elegant - and expensive - restaurant was located on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic.(MJH)

This was the fourth of seven seasons experienced on the planet Guiteica.(AE)

Zoun Mauler
This vicious predator was native to the planet Thonner, and was named for the fact that its primary territory was on the islands of the Great Zoun Archipelago.(GMR9)

This noted Snivvian poet was captured and enslaved by the Thalassian Slavers, but was eventually rescued by Old Republic forces. He later wrote, "There were two things in this existence that will always be - the void between the stars and the munificent Galactic Republic."(RESB)

An Alliance modified Corvette captured during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

This Twi'lek was one of Jabba the Hutt's many minions. Z'ozpheratu was placed in charge of organizing the first Galactic Moon Festival, and worked with Aponte to stage scary events in the cities of Moenia and Mos Eisley.(SWGAL)

This group of Carrack-class cruisers was destroyed at a TIE Defender base during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

ZQ Infantry Droid
Developed by Sienar Intelligence Systems, this droid was created to serve as infantry support during ground battles. In this capacity, the ZQ was well-designed, and was considered one of the most deadly battle droids ever produced. Measuring about a meter in height, this cylindrical ZQ moved about on a repulsorlift engine and was armed with a heavy blaster cannon, a light blaster cannon, and a miniature concussion missile launcher. After the Battle of Endor, the Empire denied having any ZQs in active duty, despite their presence on many battlefields.(FTD)

Zqar, Romm
This Yuuzhan Vong Commander was the representative dispatched by the Warmaster, Tsavong Lah, to accept Borsk Fey'lya's surrender at the conclusion of the Second Battle of Coruscant. Romm Zqar was sent instead of Lah himself, as the Yuuzhan Vong anticipated trechery on the Bothan's part. The alien invaders were correct, as Fey'lya set of a series of huge explosions, killing himself and the entire complement of Yuuzhan Vong warriors who had captured him. Romm Zqar died in the blast. Zqar's command ship and two smaller craft were also consumed in the kilometer-wide blsat radius, along with some 25,000 Yuuzhan Vong warriors.(SBS)

This model of Narmox navigation computer was used on the Z-95 Headhunter.(TSC)

This Sirplex shield generator was used on the B-Wing during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(XW, TSC)

This Verpine was a member of the support team for Wedge Antilles' Rogue Squadron. He was from the asteroid Roche G42. He was in charge of keeping Rogue Squadron's X-Wings in tip-top shape, and he worked hard to keep from tinkering with the ships. His Verpine mentality often got the best of him, though, and small modifications were always showing up. As luck would have it, Zraii's modifications often improved the Rogues' performance.(XWN)

This was the name of a distinguished Verpine individual.(UANT)

This Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "hot-tempered."(GCG, WOTC)

This New Republic Navy Lieutenant was one of Etahn A'baht's chief aides during the Black Fleet Crisis.(TT)

Zrgaat, Creev
This was the name of a distinguished Togruta individual.(UANT)

This young being was a student at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic.(YDR)

A group of modified CR90 Corvettes used by the Alliance, but destroyed during the Galactic Civil War.(TIE)

Zronta Grazer
A beast native to the planet Pii 3.(SWJ6)

This was a model of airspeeder popular on Corellia. Inspector Sassich bought a red one when she was named chief of the Corellian Security Force.(IJ)

The berries of this plant were edible, and were often mascerated and cooked into a sauce which complimented all sorts of poultry, especially uln bird. The zsajhira was native to the planet Socorro, where it thrived near underground water reserves. Perhaps the best-known use of the zsajhira berry was in the fermentation of Socorroan raava.(SWJ12, BSS)

Zsing, Thak Val
This grizzled, red-haired man was the leader of the Desert Wind terrorist group, which opposed the tyranny of the Five Families on the planet Ord Cestus, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. His grandfather was once a prisoner of the Cestus prison facilities, and he passed on a great deal of knowledge about the underground lair of the Five Families to his son and grandson. Thak Val Zsing took control of Desert Wind nearly thirty years before the Battle of Geonosis. A former history professor at one of Cestus' outlying schools, he found himself unemployed when the Families cut off all funding for social programs and utilities to the area in which he taught. In addition to his own hardships, Thak Val Zsing witnessed the troubles forced upon the families of his students. Rather than sit back and accept his fate, he began training soldiers for Desert Wind. After surviving the attack that left Desert Wind decimated, Thak Val Zsing hid out in the desert for many years, biding his time in order to once again regroup. He saw his chance when Jedi Master Kit Fisto and an ARC trooper known as Nate began recruiting locals for a chance to strike back at the rulers of Ord Cestus. He did his best to keep up with the new recruits, but deep down Thak Val Zsing was tired of fighting. He recognized that he was losing leadership of Desert Wind to Master Fisto, but he also realized that Desert Wind was finally striking back against the Five Families. After a successful terrorist attack on a power supply facility, he grabbed a bottle of Chandrilan brandy and got drunk. He was so inebriated that he failed to raise any alarm when he noticed a group of plastidroids and JK-series security droids infiltrate their base, fearing for his own life, and his lack of action led to the deaths of many Desert Wind fighters. In the aftermath of the raid, his mind snapped. He was eventually rescued, but was never the same again. He remained quite cognizent of his surroundings, however, and was one of the first to notice that the Five Families had retreated to their hidden bunker when the Nexu arrived in orbit around Ord Cestus. He agreed to assist Jangotat in infiltrating the compound, then decided to redeem himself by strapping an explosive device to his chest and entering the complex first. When he was surrounded by battle droids, he detonated the explosive, clearing the way for Jangotat to enter.(TCD)

A pudgy, balding man with a large gray moustache, Zsinj was a native of the planet Fondor. As an Imperial warlord who rose to power in the wake of the Battle of Endor, Zsinj controlled the Quelii sector. He served the Empire as Captain of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Iron Fist before the Battle of Endor destroyed the Empire. Zsinj decided to become a rogue, and fled Imperial service to carve out his own empire. In time, Zsinj proclaimed himself a Warlord and commanded one of the more potent forces opposing the New Republic. After several years, Zsinj managed to obtain possession of a Super-class Star Destroyer, which he renamed Iron Fist in honor of his first command. He began raiding New Republic supply convoys, and was a thorn in the New Republic's side. It was discovered that he was not in league with Ysanne Isard and her bid to control the Empire. In fact, Zsinj often tried to thwart her activities. It was during this time that Zsinj began wearing the all-white uniform of a Grand Admiral, even though he had never held the position in Imperial service, nor was he officially aligned with the Empire. A devious man and conniving man who held a great deal of emphasis on appearances, Zsinj often would drink non-alcoholic beverages with his subordinates, feigning inebriation to see how his people would react. Han Solo agreed to take a fleet and search out Zsinj in an effort to bring the warlord down and end his reign of terror. Zsinj remained one step ahead of the Republic's forces for several years before they managed to destroy the Razor's Kiss, a second Super-class destroyer being built at Kuat Drive Yards. Zsinj used the parts recovered from the Razor's Kiss to form the Second Death, and used the mock-up during the Battle of Selaggis. Zsinj was nearly defeated at Vahaba before fleeing to Selaggis, where Solo nearly destroyed him. In a bold move, he fled the battle behind a screen formed by Orbital Nightcloak satellites, then detonated the Second Death in order to fool Solo and the Republic into believing that the Iron Fist was gone. Zsinj himself fled the battle in a shuttle, completing the illusion. He then went into hiding at Rancor Base, on Dathomir, where he began planning his next assault. At the Battle of Dathomir, Zsinj tried to force the New Republic into action by setting up an orbital nightcloak to freeze the planet and kill its inhabitants. The Republic's forces were augmented by a fleet of warships from the Hapes Cluster, and their combined forces were able to defeat the nightcloak and destroy the Iron Fist. Zsinj, who was on board the ship when it was destroyed, was killed.(CPL, WG, IF, SOC, NECH)

This was one of the most challenging and dangerous races ever held on the Echnos Exhibitions Dome, rivaled only by the BlastBoat 2000.(SWJ4)

This was one of the strongest Trandoshan clans who operated a slaving ring in the Kashyyyk System during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Zssik clan was usually at odds with the Blackscales, a conflict that came to a head on the Avatar Space Platform when members of both factions were unable to contain their aggression and launched into a full-scale riot. Imperial forces eventually stepped in to detain the two groups, but only after a group of freelance operatives managed to help several Wookiee slaves escape.(SWGAL)

Zteht, Kolka
This being was an artist who was living on the planet Tatooine during the height of the Galactic Civil War.(SWG2P)

One of the most scenic planets in the galaxy. It was famous for its volcanic islands, wide beaches, and clear waters.(MMY)

This was one of the most common names given to female Corellians.(GMR9)

Zu woohama
This was the codephrase that was chosen to allow a being to gain control over the droid 10-4TO.(CN1)

This corporation produced droids during the last century of the Old Republic.(SWJ7)

This Jawa, noted for his exceptional height, was part of the tribe that captured R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Because Zubwen was nearly twice as tall as his companions, the settlers and moisture farmers of the planet often referred to him as The Tower.(E4VG)

This large, tusked, porcine creature was native to the planet Tatooine.(ROD)

A Gand bounty hunter employed by Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon. He descended from a long line of successful findsmen, and was one of the few young findsmen who left Gand to find work in the galaxy. He had a uncanny knack for finding his quarry, which he attributed to his adherence to elaborate and arcance rituals. Zuckuss joined the Bounty Hunters Guild shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and was partnered with Bossk on several training missions. They failed to recover Nil Posondum from Boba Fett, then failed to intercept Fett when he tried to join the Guild. Zuckuss was also involved in the acquisition of Oph Nar Dinnid from the Shell Hutts, another mission that resulted in failure. It was during this time that Zuckuss was also working directly for Cradossk, who hoped to eliminate his son Bossk before the younger Trandoshan could kill him. However, Zuckuss was also working for Bossk, and double-crossed Cradossk after returning from Circumtore. Several years after, Zuckuss had earned enough credits to purchase a heavily-modified starship known as the Mist Hunter, built by a consortium of Gands he led. He was hired by Jabba the Hutt, and was eventually paired with 4-LOM on many bounty missions. During one such mission, a female acquisition struggled to escape, and pulled off the mask Zuckuss wore to keep in the ammonia atmosphere he breathed. The reflexive breaths of oxygen he inhaled severely burned his lungs, and left Zuckuss disabled. Thus, he and 4-LOM began accepting Hunts on the side, trying to obtain enough credits to pay of new lungs. For this reason, Zuckuss and 4-LOM brought down Imperial Governor Nardix for the Alliance. This placed tem on the Empire's Most Wanted list, but Jabba retained them anyway. Jabba sent the two to Darth Vader as unofficial emissaries to the Empire, and they entered the Hoth System as the Battle of Hoth was concluding. The pair disabled the transport ship Bright Hope, in hopes of appeasing the Empire. After accepting the Hunt, they attempted to capture the survivors on the Hope, to turn them into the Empire for their combined bounties. However, the Alliance personnel managed to turn the two hunters from Imperial service. Zuckuss worked with 4-LOM and Toryn Farr to rescue the crew of the Hope, and they fled to the Alliance rendezvous point beyond the galactic core. There, the Alliance healed Zuckuss' lungs while accepting the two hunters into their ranks. General Rieekan enlisted the two hunters in the rescue attempt on Han Solo. They worked with several other hunters to intercept Boba Fett on Gall, but failed to recover Solo's body. Zuckuss himself was captured and used as Fett's stand-in, during the delivery of Solo's frozen body to Jabba the Hutt. Fett dressed the Gand in Mandalorian armor, and put 4-LOM's inert form on a repulsorsled. When they emerged from Slave I, Jabba's minions attacked them, only to discover their true identity as Fett held them off. Zuckuss managed to recover 4-LOM's body and have the droid restored to action, but a memory wipe was requried in order to get it working again. The operation left 4-LOM without any of its previous programming, and their collaboration was effectively finished. Zuckuss chose not to rejoin the Alliance, instead returning to bounty hunting. He did work together with 4-LOM once more, during the capture of Drawmas Sma'da, but only because 4-LOM needed someone to assist it in the capture.(E5, EGC, CCG4, MTS, SE, SEC, TBH, MA, HM)

This long-nosed alien tried to steal the two gemstones which protected the Red Nebula from destruction, several years before the Battle of Yavin. Zud had been part of a group of smugglers and mercenaries gathered by Klysk to help locate the stones, but chose to keep them for himself. Zud and his two companions were killed by the guardian of the stones, a huge simian beast. The creature then captured Chewbacca, believing the Wookiee to be her offspring.(LTA2, MC50)

This female Falleen was a noted judge and legal expert, serving the Galactic Alliance Judiciary Branch during the years that followed the Second Galactic Civil War. Judge Zudan presided over the trial of Luke Skywalker, who had been arrested and charged with a number of crimes related to Jacen Solo's rise to power. The trial was quite swift, since Skywalker pleaded guilty to all charges, and Judge Zudan allowed him to leave through a back door in the Ninth Hall of Justice, so that he could avoid the media. In the days that followed, Judge Zudan presided over the case of Valin Horn, who had been afflicted by a strange malady and had run amok in the streets of Coruscant. Horn had been extradited from the care of the healers at the Jedi Temple, and was in the custody of the Galactic Alliance Security force during the trial. After reviewing the case and hearing from various parties, Judge Zudan ruled that Valin was not competent to stand trial. However, she refused to allow an apparently uncontrolled Jedi to remain active, even if he were in prison, so Zudan ordered Valin to be encased in carbonite until such time as a treatment could be found for his condition. She ordered that Valin be checked periodically to ensure that his condition was stable, but that was the only concession she made to the Jedi Knights who witnessed the trial.(FJ1)

Zudii, Zalizar
This smuggler once ran afoul of the Bharulai tribe on Socorro.(BSS)

This star was the central body in the Zug System, located in the Core Worlds.(PH)

Zug, Finux
This was a distinguished Lannik individual.(UANT)

Zug, Myk'Chur Finux
This Lannik was part of the Red Iaro delegation ostensibly sent to Malastare to negotiate a peace treaty with Prince R'cardo Sooflie IX, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Zug was the only surviving member of the Red Iaro to have faced Jedi Master Even Piell in battle. The Jedi was forced to kill the other six members of Zug's squad before Zug himself fled the scene of the battle. Zug did managed to take some consolation with him during his flight, since he had managed to take out Master Piell's eye during their battle. Zug later became an ally of Gran Senator Aks Moe, a position which he hoped would aid him during the negotiations. Senator Moe also promised that the Red Iaro would have the cooperation of the Malastare government during the negotiations. Zug was behind the plan to kill the Jedi mediators during the Vinta Harvest Classic podrace, but the plan failed when the Jedi escaped. Zug was forced to capture Prince Sooflie and hold him hostage. When the Red Iaro's plans to kill the Prince failed, Zug tried to escape them by igniting his rocket backpack and fleeing the Prince's hotel. Unfortunately, he took off into the midst of the Vinta Harvest Classic podrace, and was killed when he was sucked into the intake turbines of Sebulba's podracer.(ETM, CN1)

Zug System
This star system included the planet Aargau.(BF3)

This Swokes Swokes was one of the twelve Caliphs who lived in the city of Thousand Thousand, on the planet Makem Te, during the height of the New Order.(GORW)

Zugga, Groff
This being was the leader of the Galactic Spice Mining Guild during the last decades of the Old Republic, and oversaw the spice-mining operations of the planet Mon Gazza. Zugga was known to make deals while betting the podracers.(RAC)

Zugga Challenge
Named for Groff Zugga, this was once the Outer Rim Territories' hardest podracing course, and hosted an annual event on the pro circuit during the Old Republic. It was run on the Mon Gazza Speedway, with several additional twists and turns added.(RAC)

This bald, beady-eyed Imperial Commodore was in command of Trioculus' Imperial strike cruiser.(LCJ)

This Jawa phrase translated loosely into Basic as "get out of my way."(T15)

This man was one of the many Mandalorians who were stranded on the moon Dxun, in the wake of the Great Sith War.(KOTOR2)

A material that can be vaporized and used as a destructive ray. Luke Skywalker and the Planetary Pioneers use a zukonium ray to deflect the moon that threatened to destroy the New Academy for Space Pilots.(MM)

This was the name of the Gand pilot in Requiem Squadron, under the command of Antar Roat. In reality, Zukvir was really Ooryl Qrygg. Roat, played by Wedge Antilles, explained the Gand's presence in an Imperial squadron as simple necessity. Requiem Squadron required the best TIE Defender pilots, and Zukvir had shown surprising aptitude and skill with the ship.(IR)

A planet.(AIR)

Zuliria Museum of Antiquities
This musuem, located on the planet Zuliria, was known for its collection of primitive and outdated weaponry. It the forefront of its collection was its display of bladed weapons and swords.(AIR)

Zulirian Swordmasters
This group of bladed weapon and sword collectors was founded on the planet Zuliria by Ther'das. Over time, the members found that they were quite gifted swordsbeings and combatants, and despite their original mission of being "dedicated to the further research and study of ancient melee weaponry and extinct orders of swordsbeings," they began using their knowledge as vigilantes.(AIR)

This was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names.(GCG)

Zuma Regions
This was the term used to collectively describe the Inner and Outer Zuma regions of the galaxy.(GMR9)

Meaning "faithful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual.(GCG)

This name was common among the Feeorin race.(UANT)

Zuni Cluster
This area of space was located near the planet Vernet.(SWJ15)

Zun-qin, Kotaa
This Yuuzhan Vong Shaper was part of the crew of the Stalking Moon. Kotaa Zun-qin refused to cooperate with Corran Horn, after the Jedi Knight took control of the scout ship.(EVR)

This was a common name given to Zabrak males. It referred to the sound made by the wings of an insect that was native to the planet Iridonia, which was known for its speed.(GCG)

This insect, native to the planet Iridonia, was noted by the Zabrak for its speed and survival instinct. Many Zabrak were amazed at how difficult it was to actually kill a zur.(GCG)

This Zabrak pirate served as the Captain of the Raptor, fighting for the Stark Commercial Combine during the Stark Hyperspace War. Captain Zur died when the Raptor was destroyed over Troiken, in the waning moments of the War.(SHW)

Zur, Tir'arr
This was the name of a noted Ranth individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Caaraz.(UANT)

This lesser-known manufacturer of medium transport cargo haulers produced ships which have a smooth, organic look to them.(SWJ8)

Zuraco Cargo Hauler
This 87.3-meter-long ship was known for its tough hull plating and superior sensor package. These craft required a crew of four, and could transport up to six passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo. Models produced during the New Order were unarmed, to help Zuraco gain more favor with the Empire.(PP)

Zural, Maska
This vicious warrior was the leader of the First Sun Mobile Regiment, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Like other leaders of the paramilitary unit, General Zural refused to admit that the First Sun unit was a pro-Imperial unit, despite the fact that more than sixty-five percent of its contracts were paid by the Empire. After a group of First Sun soldiers were executed by Moff Nile Owen for executing a group of captured rebels, shortly before the Battle of Endor, Zural and his leaders began to weed out their Imperial contracts. This led to Imperial reprisals in the form of fewer calls for assistance, and the First Sun Mobile Regiment shrank as entire squads left for other units. In order to gain a measure of revenge against the Empire, General Zural tried to strike a deal with the Provisional Government of the New Republic, but the New Republic's leaders refused, citing the efforts of the First Sun Mobile Regiment during the Galactic Civil War. Zural took his remaining soldiers and set out to make a living as a mercenary unit.(SWJ15, OWS)

This Neimoidian verb meant "to surrender" when translated into Basic(GPB)

This fruit was used to create a bluish-colored syrup. It grows on a thorny bush that was native to many worlds throughout the galaxy.(IJ, IR)

This given name was common human males across the galaxy.(GCG)

Zurga Pass
These low foothills were located outside the city of Tamazall.(GG11)

This Falleen represented his people and his homeworld to the Galactic Senate during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. However, Senator Zurros was one of the more corrupt Senators of the time, and had been playing the Republic against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to fill his own coffers with credits. Count Dooku ordered Quinlan Vos to assassinate Zurros as a display of Vos's loyalty and dedication to the Separatist cause. Vos, still a Jedi Knight despite his outward appearance, decided that he couldn't kill the Falleen. Instead, he cut off Zurros' topknots and recorded a plea for mercy from Zurros. Although Dooku was initially displeased that Vos did not return with Zurros' head, he realized that Vos's handling of the matter was much better. As Vos stated, Zurros would have been replaced by another Senator who was probably just as corrupt. With Zurros still alive and convinced of the threat to his life, Dooku had instead gained a new ally.(J4)

A male phlog, mate of Dobah and father of Nahkee.(ECAR)

This dark-skinned man was a Jedi Master who was charged with training students in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. His primary student was his own Padawan learner, Tu'ala. Tu'ala often questioned the reasons that one person - especially a Jedi - would sacrifice themselves to save another. Tu'ala reasoned that all beings were equal in the Force, and that no one should have to die to protect another life. Master Zuth cautioned her that she was forgetting that each being had their own destiny, along with their physical form. When an assassination attempt was made on several galactic Senators on Coruscant, Master Zuth and Tu'ala were the only Jedi on the scene. Master Zuth was killed, but not before he revealed to Tu'ala that there was a third thing that made beings unique in the Force: one's love for other beings. Tu'ala realized that she did love Zuth, and her knowledge of the Force deepened.(T14)

This tortured Snivvian painter lost his parents to Thalassian slavers, and joined a group of Iotran bounty hunters in an effort to strike back at the Thalassians. He eventually took up the bounty hunting trade himself, and was known by the monicker Snaggletooth. It was said that each time Zutton caught a bounty, he painted a picture dedicated to his target. His abilities attracted the attention of Jabba the Hutt, and Zutton performed a few jobs for the crimelord. Among them was the chore of trailing his own brother, Takeel, which rankled in Zutton's mind. He took out his frustrations by painting expressionist works of art depicting Jabba, hiding them in the hold of his ship, the Longest Winter. During the search for the accounting droid CZ-3, Zutton was ordered to shoot the droid with his blaster, blowing it to pieces after it provided Jabba with data on Opun Mcgrrrr's activities. Note that the Star Wars Customizable Card Game describes Zutton as an artist who was driven to live out the stories he creates. Also note that the Jedi Knights Trading Card Game claims Zutton was a holojournalist.(GG12, CCG2, SWJ11, JKG)

This beautiful woman served the Empire as one of its most effective interrogators, during the Galactic Civil War. Her technique was nothing short of stubborn, and she was known for her ability to quickly determine a prisoner's limits. She then pushed the prisoner almost to their limit, before backing off and allowing them to rest. Subsequent sessions were harder on the prisoner, who more often than not broke down and told Zuud everything she wanted to hear. Zuud was assigned to the interrogation of Jorin Sol on Kalist VI, about eight months after the Battle of Yavin, in an effort to extract information on the location and movement of the Alliance's primary fleet. She came to believe that there were Alliance agents hidden on the base when she learned that Captain Roshuir's mission to Thila had been part of a trap. Her suspicions were borne out when she had Sol moved to a landing platform, ostensibly to have him transported off-planet. This forced the Alliance team, led by Luke Skywalker and Sergeant Basso, to alter their plans to rescue Sol. Although the Alliance team was ultimately successful in rescuing Sol, their success played into a larger scheme that Zuud had planned.(SWEWW)

This male Falleen was part of a small group which worked for Jib Kopatha, during the height of the New Order. Led by Xora and Zuur, the Falleen saw Kopatha's regular meetings with Darth Vader as a way to kill the Dark Lord, in revenge for his decimation of the Falleen. Although Xora wanted to act swiftly, Zuur urged caution. They saw their chance when Vader arrived at Kopatha's asteroid, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Xora lured Vader to an auxiliary hangar, where the rest of the band lay hidden. Xora tried to shoot the Dark Lord, but his skills were too swift. He knocked her to the ground, prompting Zuur and his companions to emerge from hiding. Although they had surprise and numbers on their side, the Falleen were not match for Vader. He quickly eliminated them all, putting an end to their chance for revenge.(SWEV)

This Neimoidian command translated into Basic as "Surrender!"(GPB)

A vicious, aquatic carnivore, the zuxu inhabited the lakes and rivers of the planbet Ganlihk. Zuxu were unusual in that they could breath on land or in the water, and their fins were actually webbed stumps which could be used like legs. Zuxu secreted a protective oil to keep their skin moist whenever they were out of the water. The mouth of a zuxu was long and pointed, and was filled with sharp teeth. Their ability to live out of the water for several hours gave the zuxu an advantage over other fish, in that it could hunt for food in an area which supported little aquatic life.(ND, COG)

This Advozsec word translated into Basic as "home", but derived from an ancient word that meant "cave".(GMR4)

Zuzz, Rorand
This Ugnaught served as a medical technician for the Old Republic, and was stationed at the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. It was Rorand who supplied information to Den Dhur about the inevitable mutation of the bota plant. Rorand had obtained the information from Rachott.(MBS, MJH)

This was one of the many habitable moons of the planet Qoribu. Zvbo served as the home of the Alaala hive of the Colony.(DN1)

This was one of the few Tchuukthai ever to be encountered off their native homeworld.(WOTC)

This gemstone was found in the deeper parts of the oceans that covered Mon Calamari.(GCG)

This was a common name among Quarren females. It referred to a gemstone found in the depths of Mon Calamari's oceans.(GCG)

Produced in the city of Algarine, this cake-flavoring additive had a thick, cinnamon-vanilla scent. The Drovian race, following contact with the Old Republic, became somewhat addicted to zwil, and sucked it into their systems via small, spongy plugs set into the mucous membranes with which they breathe. A more potent form, which became known as Drovian Zwil, eventually made its way to other races.(POT, CCW)

This was the Bocce word for the number 2.(GPB)

This was the model number of Czerka's wrist-mounted flame projector.(EGW)

This lot of bacta, contaminated by Ashern rebels on Thyferra, was discovered after it had made its way to Coruscant and infected almost two million Imperial subjects. Ysanne Isard, while ordering the lot destroyed, made sure much of it made it to the black market, hoping that some of it would find its way to the Alliance. The contaminate in the bacta was shown to have deadly effects on individuals suffering from blastonecrosis.(XWN)

An Incom airspeeder often described as "more practical" than the ZRX-29.(IJ)

This former Imperial combat droid was repaired by Kligson aboard his space station, and chose to remain on Kligson's Moon afterward. Z-X3 was originally built by TaggeCo as part of Project Droid Trooper, and was a prototype combat droid that could operate in hostile environments were stormtroopers could not. Z-X3 was rejected and discarded, until it was repaired by Kligson. The droid then became the chief of security aboard the station, using his immense size and formidable appearance to quell any rebellious notions other droids might have. Z-X3 was humanoid in stature, with crimson plating and a head that resembled a stormtrooper's helmet. When Luke Skywalker arrived at Kligson's Moon just after the Battle of Hoth, Z-X3 discovered that the damaged warbot he brought still had its weapons head intact. The droid planned to use this head on another warbot Kligson had captured, creating a new combat droid which he hoped could be used to liberate he and his fellow droids from Kligson's control. Z-X3 shot Kligson himself, after Kligson was alerted to the revolt by R2-D2. However, Z-X3 was not aware that it had actually shot an android duplicate of Kligson, and was eventually destroyed in the massive battle that followed.(MC47, NEGD)

Z-X3 Droid Trooper
This was considered by many droid experts to be the second generation of the L8-L9 combat automaton, produced by TaggeCo in conjunction with Imperial General Rom Mohc during the early years of the New Order. The Z-X3 stood just under two meters in height, and bore a striking resemblance to the stormtroopers of the Imperial army. Like the L8-L9, the Z-X3 was designed as a robotic replacement for organic stormtroopers, able to carry out military actions in environments that were dangerous to humans. The Z-X3 was created as part of the Droid Trooper Project, and lacked weaponry in its standard form. This allowed a Z-X3 unit carry a blaster weapon into battle, or a Briletto AAP-IV blaster box could be attached to its chestplate. While the Z-X3 met its design goals, many Imperial leaders still worried about the usefulness of a droid army, having witnessed the problems encountered by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. After a production run of less than 100 units, the Z-X3 project was scrapped. Those units that survived were either recycled or put to use in remote Imperial garrisons.(NEGD)

This Imperial Captain was placed in command of Fuel City, on Sulon, during the Empire's occupation of the moon.(RAG)

This was a common name within the Tarasin culture.(UANT)

This Outer Rim world, located in the Chorlian Sector, was one of the central world of the Zygeria Slavers Guild. A battered space station orbited the planet, distinguished by the twelve pired docking bays which radiated from its central section. Note that the name of this planet is sometimes spelled Zygerria.(GG9, WOA26, TCW1)

This humanoid race was known more for its legacy of slavery than anything else. Native to the remote world of Zygeria, the Zygerians developed their slave trade over centuries, and they eventually enslaved many Outer Rim planets. The people they captured were sold for huge profits, giving the Zygerian leaders the resources and the boldness to begin trading in those systems that were under the control of the Galactic Republic. This brought them to the attention of the Jedi Order, which was asked to put a stop to the predations of the Zygerians. The Jedi swiftly smashed the Zygerian syndicate, but the Zygerian people were able to recover from this defeat and rebuild their empire. In short order, they had established the far-reaching Zygerian Slavers Guild, which provided a ready source of slaves as well as bounty-hunting services. When the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy, the Zygerian queen sided with the Separatists.

The average Zygerian was distinguished by their sallow skin and red hair. The ears of both male and female Zygerians were large and pointed, although the males had a pair of short tusks that protruded from their chins, and were physically much larger than the females. The forehead of the male Zygerian was studded with small horns, while the females of the species had just two small knobs above their eyes and two smaller knobs on the bridge of the nose. The nose of an average Zygerian was flat and pig-like in appearance. Note that the name of this species can also be spelled Zygerrian.(GG10, WOA26, TCW1)

Zygerian Conference
see Zygerian Slavers Guild.(SWJ10)

Zygerian Slaver Syndicate
see Zygerian Slavers Guild(GG10)

Zygerian Slavers Guild
This formerly-secret guild went public after the Empire legalized slavery under decree A-SL-4577.607.232. Membership in the guild was very disciplined, and members had to pay yearly dues in order to be allowed to take slaves. Each permit was issued for the capture of slaves in a given area of space. The Guild also branched out into bounty hunting, primarily as a means to obtain slaves. However, the Guild recognized no laws, and often resorted to outright banditry to further its own needs. Han Solo and Chewbacca once single-handedly attacked one of their slave transports and managed to free the slaves and drive off the Zygerians. They were so disgusted with the Zygerians for transporting slaves, that they turned the ship over to the freed slaves, cargo and all.(GG9, GG10, HTTE, SWSB)

This was another common spelling of the planet Zygeria.(TCW1)

This is another common spelling used to describe the natives of the planet Zygerria.(HTTE, SWSB, WOA26, TCW1)

Zygerrian Freighter
This was the generic term used to describe the distinctive transport vessels used by Zygerrian slavers. These ships were distinguihshed by their immense, Y-shaped hull, with the main fuselage forming the base of the Y. The arms of the ship were connected by a stabilizing fin, atop which were mounted a pair of laser cannons.(TCW1)

Zygerrian Royal Palace
This was the opulent residence of the Most High Queen of the planet Zygerria.(TCW1)

A terrorist group working the outer edges of the galaxy that reached its height during the Clone Wars, but was suppressed by the Empire.(DE1)

An alien race.(TME)

Zygian Savings and Loan
This banking institution was headquartered on Treylon II, and had branch offices scattered throughout the Outer Rim. A branch was located in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine.(GG7)

Zygian's Banking Concern
This was the primary holding corporation which controlled several financial businesses, inlcuding the Zygian Savings and Loan.(MEAS)

This was a common name among the Lepi people.(UANT)

This was a race of blue-skinned humanoids, distinguished by their unusual nostrils, which hung down either side of their faces.(BFS)

This Kel Dor was one of the senior Jedi Masters who served on the Jedi Council, during the final years of the Great Galactic War. When a Sith attack on Coruscant coincided with cease-fire negotiatsons on Alderaan, Master Zym was contacted by Master Dar'nala, who relayed information about the situation. She explained that the Sith were holding Coruscant hostage, as a way to ensure that the negotiations would be carried out on terms that were defined by the Sith. Without direct communications to Coruscant, Master Zym was forced to agree that the Sith held the advantage. He also directed Master Dar'nala to reprimand her former Padawan, Satele Shan, who had confronted the Sith during the negotiations. In the wake of the negotiations for peace, which were carried out even through Lord Angral murdered the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Master Zym ordered Dar'nala and Shan to take on a mission to make sure that the Republic's troops in the Outer Rim Territories were withdrawn in an orderly manner. He did not openly explain that the mission was meant to keep them both away from the politcal arena, during the implementation of the peace treaty. In the days and weeks that followed, Master Zym did his best to work with the Republic's leaders to bring about a cease-fire, and work toward meeting the requirements of the peace treaty with the Sith. He received a message from Commander Lesl, who had returne from Dantooine with important information. However, after meeting her at the ruins of the Jedi Temple, Zym discovered that she believed the meeting had been called by himself. They were both caught unaware when the bounty hunter Braden suddenly appeared, then drew his blaster and shot Lesl in the chest from point-blank range. Zym drew his lightsaber and demanded that Braden stand down, then used the Force to shove Braden against a wall in order to incapacitate him. Unfortunately, when Braden's body hit a wall, it triggered a rocket launcher in one of his gauntlets. The weapon fired directly at Master Zym, catching him in the chest and killing him almost instantly.(TOP1, TOP2)

Zynt'aia Spice Guardians
This band of spice pirates made their home in the Linear Miasma, located near the Forest Moon of Endor, during the height of the New Order.(SWGAL)

This was an expletive used by Debret Nightmoon.(SWJ5)

This was a form of droid lubricant that was developed during the height of the New Order. It found a black market following when the flow of spice was limited by the Imperial occupation of Kessel, and many drug addicts turned to chemicals like zypolene to feed their habits.(SWGAL, SWG2P)

Zyra Street
This wide thoroughfare was found in the Yaam Sector of Coruscant's Galactic City. During the early years of the New Order, Bellus Boulevard intersected Zyra Street near the Magra Monad.(CN1)

A Massassi temple of fire.(DLS)

The Massassi priest who ordered Exar Kun captured on Yavin 4, Zythmnr was later alchemically altered by Kun in a series of Sith experiments. Zythmnr came to worship Kun's powers, and actually welcomed his painful transformation under the various magicks used by Kun to change his appearance. Zythmnr's example was taken up by many other Massassi warriors, providing Exar Kun with a steady stream of subjects.(DLS, DSSB)

This man was one of the many settlers who worked the fields of the moon Sulon, during the early years of the New Order. It was in farmer Zytho's braal field that a reconnaissance droid from SoroSuub corporation landed and learned of the high mineral content of Sulon's crust. Within months, many farmers had been bought out and shipped off to a remote desert world, while SoroSuub began stripping the moon of its resources.(RAG)

ZZ-4Z (ZeeZee)
Han's housecleaning droid on Nar Shaddaa, Zee-Zee was a JV-Z1/D gentlebeing droid manufactured by Serv-O-Droid. Zee-Zee was first placed in service to one of the Deans of the Spacers Academy. He was willed to the next 17 deans, and picked up quite a large body of embarrassing trivia on all of them. One of the Deans was Horace Wyrmyr, who didn't particularly like droids. Zee-Zee later provided Mako Spince with the codes to the physics lab from which he stole the antimatter he used to destroy the Academy's mascot moon. Wyrmyr, upon learning that Zee-Zee had leaked his secret codes, ordered the droid recycled. After he was expelled, Mako recovered Zee-Zee, but he eventually lost the droid to Han Solo in a sabacc game. Han didn't know what to do with the droid, but kept it as a way of keeping his small apartment clean. ZeeZee was a bit eccentric, and basically did exactly what Han told her to do. When he left Nar Shaddaa after winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian, Han asked Zee-Zee to keep the place as it was when he left. The old droid did exactly that for many years, not allowing one, single, misplaced item to be returned to its proper place. Nothing was cleaned up, but was left as it was when Han left.(DE1, DESB, RD)

ZZ-class Freighter
This long, thin freighter design was distinguished by its slope-nosed forward section and its cross-shaped engine section.(BFS)

see zZip Motor Concepts(OWS)

zZip Motor Concepts
This division of zZip Product Concepts Limited produced a number of repulsorlift vehicles, during the height of the New Order and the early years of the New Republic.(AEG, OWS)

zZip Product Concepts Limited
This combine produced all manner of goods for sale to the wealthy of the galaxy, from personal tools to transportation. zZip was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. One of its more infamous commodities was the gladiator walker, used in many illegal sport battles across the galaxy.(CSA, SWJ8)

This Zanibar was the leader of the mercenary group which worked for Grappa the Hutt on Genon. He warned Grappa that the victims he provided to the Zanibar as payment for their services were not coming fast enough, and that Grappa had better be careful. When Kir Kanos traveled to Xo to rescue Mirith Sinn, Zzzanmxl and his troops managed to capture Kanos. He then returned to Genon with Kanos, and asked Grappa to mediate the transfer of the bounty on Kano's head with the Empire.(CE2)

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The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia (2024)


Is the complete Star Wars Encyclopedia canon? ›

Star Wars Encyclopedia is a series of canon reference booklets published by De Agostini in Spanish, Altaya in French, and Fanhome in English.

How many books are in the Star Wars Encyclopedia? ›

The Star Wars Encyclopedia collection is complete in 91 books.

Are Star Wars books no longer canon? ›

Since 2014, the official Star Wars canon includes all of the movie episodes, The Clone Wars film and the television shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars Resistance, as well as any books, comics, and video games published after April 2014.

What Star Wars is not canon? ›

Basically, everything except those items marked with an "Infinity" logo (i.e. the Star Wars Tales comics) is considered canon. There is a hierarchy -- the movies, novelizations, radio dramas come first.

What is the longest Star Wars book? ›

The Living Force is the longest Star Wars novel ever written by Miller, who also called it the "most fun" of his Star Wars books. Miller went onto describe the book as "the spring break of a lifetime" and that it was "best spring vacation read in the galaxy."

Is Boba Fett's book complete? ›

The Book of Boba Fett premiered on December 29, 2021, and ran for seven episodes until February 9, 2022. The finale episode had the highest viewership for a Star Wars series on Disney+ at that point.

How many Star Wars books did Lucas write? ›

Lucas never actually wrote a single book. The books that had his name were actually written by Allan Dean Foster and based on early drafts of the scripts. He's actually written a lot of novelizations of movies, including several for Star Trek and the novelization for Episode VII.

Are any Star Wars Legends books canon? ›

Was Star Wars Legends Once Canon? Yes, Star Wars Legends was once canon — but it's complicated. For the most part, Star Wars books, comics, and video games published prior to September 2014 are Legends.

Is there a Star Wars encyclopedia? ›

The Star Wars Encyclopedia is a 1998 reference book published by Del Rey Books and written by Stephen J. Sansweet, the director of content management at Lucasfilm Ltd. and science fiction author.

Are the Star Wars Republic Commando books canon? ›

Star Wars: Republic Cammando is not canon to modern Star Wars. However, a lot of the characters and themes that Republic Cammando created have been redeveloped and reintroduced into the Star Wars Canon.

Why did Disney make Legends non-canon? ›

To prevent the planned sequel trilogy from being beholden to and restrained by the plotlines of the Expanded Universe works, the choice was made to discard that continuity. On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm rebranded the Expanded Universe material as Star Wars Legends and declared it non-canonical to the franchise.


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